You might be surprised to learn the real reason why your relationships aren’t working out. Have things gotten so bad in your relationship that you can’t help but blame each other and demand that the other person change? Well, this typical pair dynamic keeps you from finding a solution to the real problem.

Perhaps the reason you’re dissatisfied in your relationship is that you wish your partner would show more consideration. Maybe you wish they would be less self-centered and more considerate of your needs. Do you wish the relationship didn’t revolve solely around them?

Are you unhappy in your relationship because you strive so hard to satisfy your partner’s demands but end up resenting them for not recognizing yours? Do you become irritated when they ignore your feelings?

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Do you attribute the reasons you’re unhappy in your relationship to your partner?

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You might believe that you will be content if your partner changes. In reality, rather than altering your mate, you need to find happiness yourself. The most effective strategy for resolving marital discord may be to better understand who you are and what hinders you in relationships.

Your attempts to satisfy your wants through your partner may be the real source of your relationship’s dissatisfaction. You might believe that if you do what they want, they will satisfy all of your wants and make you happy. Perhaps you feel unworthy of your relationship and so do not feel worthwhile inside. As a result, you make sure they are happy with you in order to feel worthy in their eyes.

You avoid the precise thing that makes you unhappy in relationships whenever you turn to anything outside of yourself to make yourself feel better. In reality, the more you sacrifice yourself to please others, the more you end up feeling abused or taken advantage of when your needs are not met.

You might not be conscious of it, but you might be so intent on pleasing your partner that you’re trying to avoid feeling bad about yourself. However, this tendency may keep you from feeling content in relationships and could be the true cause of the failure of your relationships.

Perhaps you believe that the reason you’re unhappy in your relationship is that your partner continually nags or scolds you, making it impossible for you to win their approval or make them happy. You have thus made an effort to win their favor and offer them what they desire, but nothing seems to be sufficient.

What Feels Like a Healthy Relationship?

It can be challenging for people to let go of a few relationship drawbacks and realize that they are truly in a healthy and happy relationship because dysfunctional, toxic, and unsafe relationships are frequently discussed.

Because of this, it’s also crucial to understand what feelings are healthy in a relationship and what benefits you may anticipate from being in a relationship every day. Here are some crucial traits of a fulfilling relationship:

  • Respect for personal space and privacy is shared.
  • Your partner and you are aware of one another’s requirements.
  • You may spend quality time with friends and family with your sweetheart.
  • You feel confident enough to convey your thoughts and feelings.
  • With your lover, you feel secure and comfortable both physically and emotionally.
  • You get to spend valuable time apart while yet enjoying the time you have together.
  • You’re able to settle disputes without offending one another.
  • Being open and honest with your partner feels natural.
  • If a partner commits a mistake and admits it, there is forgiveness.
  • You and your partner can tolerate some troubles and issues with one another.

What Constitutes The Basis Of A Sound Relationship?

Every successful and enduring relationship is built upon solid pillars. As a single person in a relationship and as a couple looking forward to a life together, there are some qualities of a relationship that allow you to build upon and continue to thrive.


It is advantageous when people respect each other’s boundaries and routines.


This is a crucial component of any successful relationship.


Building trust with your partner is crucial for a fulfilling relationship.


Everything you and your partner do together must have consent.

Unhappy Relationships’ Root Causes

According to Romanoff, the following are a few causes of relationship unhappiness:

Reminiscing about the good old days or periods in their relationship when things were simpler and they weren’t as stressed out might lead to people being in unhappy relationships. Instead of focusing their efforts on being present and resolving current difficulties, people cling to these memories.

Partners who attempt to alter one another are another important component that contributes to unhappy relationships. The other person will start to feel as though they have to defend every choice they make and action they do in front of their spouse.

Different core values and beliefs: Partners who do not share these beliefs may have been able to manage the early phases of their relationship, but as they get to know one another and how they interact with the world, conflict will grow.

Partners may experience a sense of being held back in their relationships. They could think they have to decide between sticking with their spouse or moving forward and achieving their own objectives.

Signs of a Relationship That Isn’t Happy and Leaves You Stuck

Because of the complexity of relationships, it can be challenging to identify the root of your unhappiness and what needs to be changed. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

Opening up to your spouse about your concerns can be simple in some situations, but in other situations, it could be required to swap partners or work alone to clear your head.

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1. Your home life is making you sad.

You will have good and bad days no matter what you do in life. Your partnership is the same as any other. However, you must feel at ease in your own home, notwithstanding whatever is happening there.

There is an issue if you always dread returning home since your significant other is there. Perhaps you already know about it, everyone is arguing, or someone just needs some privacy.

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It’s time to accept that you’re not the exception to the rule when your desire for solitude develops into an unquenchable fixation over the course of months and years.

You need to look yourself in the mirror and take whatever steps are necessary to make yourself happy because you’re dissatisfied in your relationship.

2. You don’t feel at ease being who you are.

When you two first started dating, do you remember all the things you learned about yourself? Your first attraction to your partner was based on how they made you feel when you first met.

It’s not the end of the world if they stop making you feel that way. Your relationship is just bringing you down if they make you feel insecure about being who you are. You must choose how to respond to that.

You must feel confident in your own skin. This entails feeling at ease in your own skin and with the way you move, breathe, look, walk, and do everything else that makes you who you are.

Know that you are capable of doing better if the person who is meant to love you doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. Not even one in a billion exist.

3. You are unable to quit spying.

Any connection needs to be based on mutual trust. Respect is the only way to earn someone’s trust.

No matter how hidden and secure you think your online activities are, I can locate you anywhere. It’s unlikely that you’ll use a password that I can’t figure out. I could put a remote key logger on your gadget without ever touching it if we had already met in person.

Finding your information online hardly ever requires a secret society. Anyone with a dumb device that supports Wi-Fi can cyberstalk you. I’m just the only moron in the community who can admit it.

Now that everyone is snooping, it’s time to talk about your own habits. Because they don’t trust us, governments spy on us. You don’t trust your partner, which is why you’re spying on them.

4. You are reluctant to commit.

It will never happen if you have been dating for more than a year and aren’t engaged.

Dedication is crucial. People will invent countless justifications for why they should not be committed.

You must put a ring on it regardless of who you are if you like it. Find a gemstone to put in an engagement ring, then wed the person. Have a child (or adopt one, if you can), or regard your partner’s family as your own if you can’t legally get married or you don’t believe in it for one reason or another. It’s a significant emotional and financial commitment.

Don’t waste any more of your valuable life on the relationship if, after some time, you are still not ready for either one or the other. You should be motivated by your connection to move forward. Make it an open relationship and refer to it as multiple dating if it’s not going anywhere.

5. You envision living a happier life devoid of your spouse.

It’s a sign that you don’t enjoy being with your spouse and that you’re in the wrong relationship if all you can think about is living a happier life without them. You need to leave because you are miserable.

Your dreams should include your partner. Nothing wrong with wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone. Try to recall your prior aspirations before the realities of life, love, and the quest of human accomplishment destroyed your heart.

When was the last time you had a crush on the cute kid in class? You would secretly fantasize about getting married to them and embarking on an adventure since that is how life ought to be. Why are you in that relationship if you’re not at least planning experiences together?

6. You dislike your lover rather than love them.

When a relationship starts to fall apart, you start to hate your spouse for all the qualities you used to adore in them.

Your companion has at least climbed to position No. 2 on this list by the time you get to this stage. Your partner interprets your dissatisfaction with them as criticizing them for being who they are. It’s preferable if the relationship ends as swiftly and gently as possible if you’re both dissatisfied in it.

7. You pursue old emotions.

It’s acceptable to reflect on the past, but if all you do is long for the past, that’s a warning sign that you’re not on the right track.

You need to talk openly about your discontent since, at the very least, you are dissatisfied. Even if the relationship doesn’t necessary need to end because of this, it may use some flare.

You never know how your lover will respond when you are open with them about what you’re looking for. Good or terrible, the risk itself is worthwhile.

Think about it and keep your relationship.

It takes time and effort to maintain happy relationships. It’s time to discuss your current relationship with your partner if you feel stuck in it. Avoid ignoring these indicators of a bad relationship since they will only get worse with time and hurt both you and your spouse.

The most frequent cause of couples’ continued dissatisfaction in relationships is their desire to change their mate.

You might not be satisfied in your relationship because you think your partner is to blame for the issues. Maybe you tell yourself that you would be pleased if they weren’t so egotistical. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

Instead of taking charge of yourself and negotiating your own demands in the relationship, it’s possible that the underlying reason you’re dissatisfied in your relationship is that you want your spouse to change. You allow others to get their way and your wants to go unmet when you give up on yourself in relationships. You will continue to feel miserable in relationships if you keep placing the blame for how you feel on your partner and refuse to accept responsibility for yourself. Relationship problems might result from blaming others rather than seeking change inside.

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