When do boys start to miss you after a breakup? This is the ultimate question every woman asks herself after a broken relationship. It doesn’t matter who dumped you at the end of the day: it’s natural to wonder when you’ll start crossing your ex’s mind.

I’m sure girls have spent a long time trying to find this out, but the truth is that there is no common solution. Regardless, there are certain instances in which every man, whether he admits it or not, will think of his ex-girlfriend.

When you’re going through a breakup, you may be wondering when a man would begin to miss you. We promise you that this is a common emotion, whether you’re attempting to win the breakup game or just want to put your thoughts to rest. You’re not going nuts because you’re experiencing these feelings.

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Missing them, in fact, makes you human. However, deciphering the indications can be difficult because men send out a variety of confusing signals. When it comes to getting over a breakup, men are especially perplexed since they will do everything they can to avoid showing that they miss you.

How do you make a guy want to be with you?

It’s a difficult question to answer when you’re wondering when a man starts to miss you. He already misses you if he loves you. Everyone, however, is unique. Some people may not miss others straight away, but it hits them a week later. Others will miss you right away, but you will quickly recover.

As a result, there’s no way of knowing when someone will begin to miss you.

There are, however, ways to make them miss you even more!

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You don’t have to sit on your couch and hope he misses you one day. Instead, try a few of these things, and chances are you’ll get a response from him that demonstrates how much he misses you… and how much he misses you!

1. When you give him some breathing room

First and foremost, you must give a guy some space in order for him to miss you after a breakup. There must be a void between the two of you in order for his longing for you to fill it. There’s nothing for him to miss if there’s no room!

This is true in almost any situation, but it’s especially true if he stated a need for distance throughout the split. As a result, you must show respect right now.

It not only shows him that you respect his demands, but it also demonstrates that you have enough self-respect to not be waiting for him with baited breath.

Even if you do get back together, having enough space in your relationship is crucial. “You need spaces in your closeness to sustain your relationship,” observed poet Kahlil Gibran. So, if you haven’t already, make sure you start giving him some significant space right now.

2. When he notices you exercising

When you put in the effort to get in shape, the physical effects are clear, and let’s face it, physical attraction is extremely essential to males. When you take the time to get in shape, you gain a slew of other advantages that make you more appealing to an ex.

Other advantages that many men find appealing include:

  • Independence — doing anything on your own demonstrates that you aren’t waiting for your ex.
  • That extra swagger in your step is noticed when you’re confident.
  • It’s always motivating to watch someone else motivated to take care of themselves.
  • Emotional fitness — working out builds inner strength and demonstrates that you are self-sufficient.
  • Self-respect — respecting oneself demonstrates that you love yourself.
  • It’s a terrific way to show your ex that you’re not sitting on the couch eating gobs of ice cream waiting for him to call if you’re using this time away from him to get in better physical shape.

But there’s a snag:

If you’re going to upload images of yourself working out on social media, think carefully. According to a study published in Psychology Today, uploading fitness photos does not make you more desirable to the other sex.

The authors of the study note that there is “evidence supporting the idea that self-promotion can have detrimental impacts; the trade-off between expressing favorable attributes and being viewed as a braggart is quite delicate.” So work out to reap all of the benefits, but avoid pushing it. Whether you point it out or not, your ex will notice.

3. When you don’t connect with him (especially on social media), being mysterious is one of the best methods to get him to think about you.

If you’re giving him more space while still “simply saying hi” or “checking in” to see how he’s doing, there’s no mystery because he knows you’re thinking about him.

Have you been contacting him by phone and text? Remember, there must be a vacuum of space in which his longing can be filled, and this applies to every social media communication as well! Giving your ex space may seem difficult and counterintuitive, but it is one of the most effective ways of reintegrating them into your life.

You must, however, do so in a very specific manner. You don’t want to cut off all communication completely. You must speak to your ex’s subconscious and make it appear as if you don’t want to speak to them right now.

4. When he sees you attempting new things

As I indicated above, mystery is important, and another approach to get him curious about you — and hence possibly miss you — is to try new activities you’ve never done before.

What is something you’ve always wanted to attempt but haven’t had the opportunity to? Climbing rocks? Do you want to take dance lessons? Sky-diving?

It’s the ideal time to give it a shot. Also, if you did something to sabotage the connection, this is a terrific method to demonstrate that you’re improving.

And, yes, posting a photo or video of yourself doing this new, fantastic thing on social media isn’t a bad idea. Even if you haven’t followed him on social media, he could still be lurking there. When he sees you doing new things, it piques his interest and keeps the mystery and intrigue alive in his mind.

5. When he notices you forming new acquaintances

When we break up with someone, we have a natural propensity to think they will remain the same. And, let’s face it, that’s really boring. When you’re splitting up, nothing is more enticing or desirable than more of the same. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

However, when you begin to try new activities and meet new people, it demonstrates to your ex that your life will continue to go on with or without them. And sometimes that’s all it takes for an ex to recognize that he doesn’t want your life to continue to evolve and morph into something different without him.

When he notices you socializing with people he doesn’t know, it triggers a curiosity loop in his mind. Who is this mysterious figure? What brought them together? I’m curious how long they’ve been hanging around.

We have a natural drive to remain curious until the loop is closed as humans. Plus, meeting new people makes you smile more, and males perceive women who smile much more appealing, according to a study published in the American Psychological Association journal Emotion.

6. If he notices you flirting with a different man

Similarly, when your ex catches you flirting with another man, his jealousy can spiral out of control. But here’s the thing about jealousy: getting your ex jealous isn’t the same as making him want to get back together with you.

“Jealousy in a relationship can be more about your own weaknesses than your partner’s behavior,” April Eldemire, a licensed marriage and family therapist, writes on The Gottman Institute blog. For example, if you’ve experienced traumatic events in the past, you can be prone to jealousy.”

If he only wants to get back together because he’s envious, that’s not a good place to start a relationship again. The greatest spot to start over is when he’s had time to reflect and understand how much better his life is with you in it.

Allow him to be a little jealous if he notices you flirting with another man, but don’t expect it to save your relationship.

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7. Are you looking for guidance that is tailored to your situation?

While this article focuses on the most common symptoms that men begin to miss you, it may be beneficial to consult with a relationship coach about your specific circumstance.

You can obtain guidance tailored to your life and experiences from a professional relationship coach… Relationship Hero is a website where highly qualified relationship counselors assist people in navigating complex and challenging love circumstances, such as determining when males begin to miss you. They’re a well-liked resource for those suffering similar difficulties.

8. When you’re too preoccupied to see him

Making a guy feel like you’re already moving on by filling your life with new things that don’t include him is one of the easiest ways to make him miss you.

He can feel himself being squeezed out of your life when he asks if you want to hang out and you truly seem like it will be difficult to find the time.

He realizes that he’ll either have to put in some effort to be a part of your life, or he’ll have to watch the door close on his chance to be a part of it.

9. “Can we still be friends?” he inquires.

If your ex says he still wants to hang out and see you (and – this is crucial – actually asks you to hang out), it’s safe to assume he still wants you in his life in some form.

This is particularly true after 8 weeks. He may be too afraid to tell you how he feels, so asking, “Can we still be friends?” is a safe and easy method for him to achieve what he wants without putting himself out there.

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10. When he notices you helping others

Many men find it attractive when you show that you care about other people. It demonstrates to them that you have a huge heart and can see beyond your own life and breakup.

According to new research into altruistic behavior and attractiveness, altruism may have evolved over time since it was one of the qualities our forefathers sought in a spouse and mate.

“With the expansion of the human brain, the expense of rearing children would have skyrocketed, so it would have been critical for our forefathers to find mates who were both willing and capable of becoming good, long-term parents.” “It’s possible that displays of generosity offered accurate cues to this, leading to a relationship between human altruism and sexual selection,” says Tim Phillips, a psychiatrist at the University of Nottingham and Institute of Psychiatry.

Have you considered donating your time to a local charity? Is there a major charity event coming up that you might be able to assist with?

11. When he continues to defend you

Is your ex still willing to defend you? Is he not just protecting you from physical injury, but also from any unfavorable situations?

Just because you’re no longer together doesn’t mean he’ll lose his protective instincts. Men have a natural protective instinct when it comes to the women they care about. According to a study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, male testosterone makes them feel protective of female safety and well-being.

If you still want to be safe and protected, this is a definite indication that he misses you and wishes to see you again.

There’s a fascinating new notion in relationship psychology that’s causing quite a stir right now. It explains why males miss their ex-girlfriends and wish to renew the relationship.

12. When he’s having a bad day emotionally

Are you getting booty calls in the middle of the night? Is he dealing with a challenging situation at work or at school? When men don’t feel good about themselves, they may begin to miss you.

Who can blame him, after all? We’ve all been in the situation where we’re feeling low on ourselves and try to reconnect with an ex in order to feel better, more attractive, more desirable, more carefree.

According to Todd Baratz, a relationship and sex psychotherapist, missing an ex can be more about losing who you were in the relationship or missing being in a relationship than it is about missing your ex specifically.

Reconnecting from an insecure place where he’s attempting to satisfy an emotional need is a tough, if not impossible, way to move ahead in a healthy partnership. So, ask yourself if you actually miss your ex or how you felt about yourself when you were in a relationship.

13. When he texts and calls you on a regular basis

Is he randomly texting and contacting you in the middle of the day? Is he the one that calls to check on you “simply to see how you’re doing?”

Then that’s a fairly clear indication that he’s at the very least thinking about you, if not actively missing you.

When a guy frequently reaches out to you in the middle of the day (i.e., when there’s no chance he’s buzzed from drinking) to say hello, it’s quite likely that he actually misses you.

Is it true that he texted you on your birthday? He’s missing you, and the birthday text is a clear giveaway.

14. On social media, while he’s orbiting you

Is he responding to your movies, tales, and photos? Does he appear to be lurking in the shadows of your life, present but not quite present?

If your ex is still interacting with you on social media on a daily basis, it could be an indication that he’s still trying to contact with you despite the fact that you’re no longer together.

And, once again, you want to create space between the two of you right now so that he has enough room to miss you.

15. When he inquires about you among your friends

Another indirect clue that he may be missing you is when he inquires about your well-being among your pals. The more inquiries you ask, the more probable he is missing you.

But, as with social situations, it doesn’t matter until your ex takes action. He could simply be testing the waters with your pals to see whether you’re still intrigued. If they say something along the lines of “You should call her,” that could be the signal he’s searching for.

16. If he notices you with another guy

And nothing creates a larger curiosity loop than your ex seeing you with another man. Who is he, exactly? Is it a case of dating or hooking up? What is there about him that she admires? Is this a severe situation?

Yes, we all know that a smidgeon of jealousy can elicit sentiments of longing for your ex. According to one study that looked at monkey mating patterns, jealousy has evolved as a brain function to enhance social bonding and monogamous relationships.

Male monkeys have been witnessed “mate-guarding,” in which they physically prevent other male monkeys from talking to their female girlfriend and get physically agitated when separated from her.

When it comes to envy, the study reveals that some biological and evolutionary factors are at work.

So jealousy is a great tool; take advantage of it. But use it with caution. Try this “Jealousy” text if you’re feeling a little daring.

17. When he hangs out at your favorite hangout spots

Do you continually running into your ex at the gym, your favorite coffee shop, or out late at night? If that’s the case, it’s unlikely to be a coincidence.

Believe me when I say that if a guy wants to avoid you, he knows exactly how to accomplish it. So if you run into him on a frequent basis and he always appears delighted to see you, you can pretty much assume he’s not deliberately attempting to avoid you.

18. When he notices you changing and growing

Whatever the reason for your breakup, it was because something wasn’t working in your relationship.

Showing your ex that you’ve matured and changed so that the difficulties that were previously a problem are no longer a problem is one of the finest methods to convince him to want to get back with you. This isn’t something you can just tell him (for example, “I’ve changed.”) “Do you think we can get back together now?”).

This is something he needs to witness through time, as well as in your acts and behavior. His longing for and desire to be with you can be renewed when he notices a shift and change in you.

19. When he expresses his longing for you.

If your ex says he misses you, believe him when he says he does. Clearly. But here’s the thing: you have to judge if he’s truly missing you because he loves, respects, and admires you as a person or whether he’s just down in the dumps and hoping you might cheer him up.

If it’s the first, this is the kind of missing that might help you rekindle a new and better relationship. Second, it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s unhappy again – with himself or with you – and it’s not something your presence in his life will ever repair.

So you must determine whether he truly misses you as a person or simply misses how you make him feel about himself. They’re not the same thing at all.

20. When he sees you having the time of your life.

If you want your ex to miss you, none of the things listed above will be the magic bullet. Because, at the end of the day, he sees you as the best version of yourself – the one he initially fell for – and that’s a combination of many of the traits listed above.

Taking care of one’s own needs. Experimenting with new ideas. Getting to know new people Taking care of others. As a human, I’m progressing. These are the kinds of things that will remind him of why he fell in love with you in the first place.

If he notices that you’re actively being the best version of yourself that you weren’t when you were together, he’ll start to ponder if you should get back together.

So concentrate on doing everything you can to help YOU live your best life, since that is what will make him miss you the most, and it will also put you in the perfect frame of mind to decide if you truly want to return to the relationship.

So, at what point does a man begin to miss you?

When he sees you happy and doing better than he is, he begins to miss you. Men are known for their egos, and even if they don’t acknowledge it, winning a breakup is all they desire on the inside. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

When they see you’re doing better than you were with them, they miss you. That’s how you persuade him to miss you, especially when you’re prospering and gleaming in ways he hasn’t seen before.

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