Finding the right guy might be difficult. After all, tall, dark, and attractive guys appear to be what women desire. When it comes to living with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, though, some women prefer a man who lacks certain characteristics.

Women value guys who can make them laugh, care about their family and friends, and support them through life’s ups and downs more than their physical appearance.

It’s why so many women fall for guys who aren’t normally on their radar: these guys have it going on in terms of boyfriend and even husband qualities that women secretly seek in Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome, and are frequently disappointed by.

What Qualities Do You Look for in a Man?

You can use a variety of criteria to evaluate a man, ranging from physical characteristics to spiritual views. Your concentration may be on physical traits in the early stages of relationship.

Many studies of what women want in a man suggest that they prefer guys who are taller than they are. Beyond the physical, financial possibilities are frequently considered — but they may not be as important as they once were.

Women from all over the world were polled on topics ranging from appearance to education to religion in a global study. “What are the attributes of a good man to marry?” is the question. Each country had its own set of rules. Our friend and relationship expert Amy North is teaching a magical set of words that will force any man to feel a level of desire for you beyond Love. The moment you said this magical set of words to a man, he will feel an emotional connection to you so powerful and his heart will be bound to you and only you. Click on the link to check it out for yourself.

Characteristics of a Good Man

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We’ve all done it at some point: compiled a list of all the qualities we’d like our ideal mate to possess. While it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to check off every box on the list, it’s a good idea to think about what you’re looking for in a person before you meet someone. It will be lot easier to recognize boyfriend material if you’ve given some thought to the attributes to look for in a man. Here are some characteristics to keep an eye out for:

1. He is a wise man.

A smart guy is the ideal match for any women. When I say smart, I don’t necessarily mean a bookworm, but rather a guy who is also streetwise.

Smart people think quickly and solve problems quickly. They’re innovative and creative. They have the ability to create a beautiful setting out of nothing. In other words, they can quickly adapt and see the big picture.

2. He Values the Same Things You Do

The importance of value compatibility in a partnership cannot be overstated. If you and your man share the same ideals, you’ll be able to agree on a lot of things. Some disputes and conflicts will be easily avoided.

You’ll agree with me that various people have varied choices, aspirations, options, priorities, and so on… As a result, finding someone who shares your values could be difficult.

But if you can find a man who is at least slightly compatible with you, everything else becomes a lot easier.

3. He understands how to de-stress.

Another attribute to look for in a decent man is whether he is the type of man who can sense tension and relieve it before it becomes something serious.

Check if he knows how to position a well-timed joke that cracks you up when a small fight is brewing between the two of you, for example. To put it another way, if he detects your negative emotions and finds a method to make you laugh, he’s the wonderful guy.

4. He Is Concerned About Your Friends And Family

It’s worth having a man around who loves you enough to appreciate your family and friends.

In fact, one of the best ways to determine how much a man loves and respects you is to see how he treats other individuals who are linked to you.

It’s fantastic to have a partner that is close to your father and adores your mother. It’s also wonderful to have a boyfriend that gets along with your pals so well. It allows you the ability to interact with others without having to peek over your shoulder.

5. He’s a defender

While excessive protectiveness can be harmful, having a protective man as a companion can be rather adorable.

Every woman desires a man who provides her with physical and mental security. A man who recognizes her flaws and works with her to overcome them. A man who can read her insecurities and make her feel confident in herself. In other words, a man who makes her feel like she’s the most beautiful lady on the planet. Above all, a man who makes an effort to keep her safe!

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6. He understands that you are a working woman.

If you are a woman who genuinely enjoys her job and wishes to continue doing so, one attribute of a decent man to look for is one who respects and supports your professional choice.

As you may be aware, not every man enjoys the career-woman situation. Some males simply refuse to believe it. According to them, a woman’s role is to stay at home and care for her children as well as her husband’s needs…

Other men, on the other hand, would prefer a career-oriented woman. That’s the kind of guy you should be dating. He’ll undoubtedly fit into your lifestyle and help you in any way he can to ensure you have the time and space you need to pursue your dreams.

7. He Values You And What You Have To Offer

Sure, finding a partner who respects you for both who you are and what you are might be challenging. Such a man notices the unique features in you that other men (perhaps your ex-boyfriends) overlook.

If you happen to come across such a man who actually values your influence, don’t let him leave. He’s probably the right person for you.

8. He has complete emotional control.

Emotional balance is an uncommon quality in a man that you should look for. The truth is that most people are emotionally uncontrollable. They are easily hurt and are prone to allowing their emotions to control them.

Understanding that he can be happy if he wants, regardless of his partner’s actions or inactivity, is one of the qualities a decent guy should possess.

Any woman should have a man who is self-disciplined enough to manage his emotions. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

Unfortunately, many women place a higher value on exterior qualities than on inside qualities. And occasionally, they fall in love with or marry a beast with uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

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9. He recognizes that relationships need a lot of effort.

Of course, every relationship will have its ups and downs.

The most important thing is to be with a man who understands that relationships go through ups and downs. A man who is willing to put in the effort to make things work out in the end.

10. He’s Your Number One Supporter

When it comes to the qualities of a decent man, have you considered whether your boyfriend is your biggest supporter? Is he on board with your plans? Does he join you in celebrating your small victories? Is he proud of you as a person, more importantly? Is he okay with you glowing in your own unique way? Is he frightened, or is he merely intimidated?

A good boyfriend for you should be someone who supports you… Your admirer… Your marketing guru!

11. He Demonstrates Courtesy

I’m sure you’ve heard the catchphrases that begin with “courtesy requires…” Another characteristic of a decent man is that he should be courteous.

Simple actions like holding the door and allowing you to go first are examples of gentlemanly behavior. Drawing out a chair for you or making you feel important by introducing you to his friends.

Of course, such actions do not automatically indicate whether a man is nice or bad. You shouldn’t demand or expect them from him, either. Perfect if he does it on his own volition.

12. He’s a straightforward individual.

What do women seek more than honesty in a relationship? (Of course, there’s also love, and caring, and chocolates, and…but you get the idea.)

The truth is that many girls are a little uncomfortable with guys who are truly very honest most of the time. But that doesn’t change the fact that these are the best men on the planet.

One of the benefits of an honest man is that you can trust everything he says and rely on his statements without having second thoughts.

13. He is self-assured

It’s crucial to understand the difference between confidence and arrogance.

A confident man understands what he brings to the table. He is captivating and intelligent, and he is well aware of it… But he doesn’t let those characteristics get to his head.

A self-assured man (who understands what he has to offer) does not beg to be liked. If he realizes that he isn’t welcome, he simply takes a step back. Men who are self-assured are rare gems that any reasonable woman should desire.

14. He is aware of what integrity entails.

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of a good individual. When their partner is just around the corner, many guys may easily conform and act well. What matters most is what he does when no one is looking!

When you’re not in the same place as your man, can you trust him to do the right thing? If you can, you’ve got a good man on your hands, girl.

15. He Is Mentally Mature

Nothing is more irritating than being in a relationship with a childish man. Having the necessary mental and emotional maturity is one of the requirements of being a MAN in a relationship.

If you feel like you have to continually monitor your partner’s actions, he isn’t macho enough. And the truth is, you can’t fix such a man on your own. Furthermore, it won’t be long before things become vexing.

16. He Is Upbeat And Makes Sure You Are As Well

Being optimistic even in the face of a major threat is what it means to be positive. Any woman in a relationship with a negative man will almost certainly become infected with negativity. And the other way around.

You should be grateful if you have a boyfriend who makes you feel good about yourself and about life in general. After all, the goal of a partnership should be to bring happiness and bliss to both parties.

17. He Is A Good Person

It’s as easy as that: a good man is usually kind. To everyone, not just to you!

Do you have a man like this in your life? If that’s the case, you should be thankful. If not, then it is a quality of a good man to be on the lookout for.

18. He Is Appreciative Of Your Presence In His Life

A man who appreciates you for who you are is the ideal partner for you. He is eternally grateful to the stars for allowing him to meet you. A good man will treat you as if you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to him.

19. He Isn’t a Blame Game Player

It’s unusual to come across a man who always admits his mistakes and apologizes.

Unfortunately, many males enjoy putting the blame on others. They always find a way to pass the blame on their partner or to someone else! To say the least, such a connection is quite poisonous.

20. He Gives You The Time You Deserve

Every woman craves attention, and this is not an exaggeration. A good man, without a doubt, understands this. And he’ll lavish you with all the love and attention he can muster.

Don’t fall for excuses like “I’ve been really busy, I’ve been enslaved by work, I barely have time for myself…” The truth is that if a man truly cares about you, he would always make time for you. No matter how insignificant.

Try to remain objective when looking for a good man.

As you can see, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding what to look for in a man. Some characteristics are subjective, but others, such as honesty and loyalty, are necessary.

Don’t let your desire to perceive a man’s best characteristics blind you to his flaws. Avoid projecting characteristics into him that aren’t present. When a guy checks off the crucial items on your list, try to remain objective so you can move forward with confidence.

Finally, finding a suitable partner is not impossible. All you have to do is look past the surface characteristics (that glitter like gold). Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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