It might be challenging to handle and difficult to process the idea that the person you’re dating no longer finds you attractive.

The root cause of your feelings, however, might not always be related to your relationship or your partner’s attraction to you.

If you’re beginning to think that your spouse is losing interest in you, here are nine things you might want to think about doing. Relationships can have natural ebbs and flows that alter over time, much like the ocean. Because of this, it’s usual for couples to feel close in some phases before going their separate ways in others. But how can you know whether your lover is actually losing interest in you versus just going through a normal ebb?

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Does My Partner Still Like Me?

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1. You feel like your partner is a roommate

According to therapist Dr. Lexx Brown-James, LMFT, if a spouse begins to behave more like a roommate, they might be losing interest. If you share a home, this could appear as a mood that could be described as “frosty.” For instance, they won’t want to share a couch or eat breakfast together. If you don’t live together, you can notice a decline in intimacy, such as fewer embraces or a lack of enthusiasm for setting aside time for a date. Even if most relationships become more comfortable—and occasionally less passionate—after the early honeymoon period has passed, maintaining a platonic lifestyle isn’t necessarily a good indicator.

2. You Haven’t Seen Someone Recently

Similar to this, if you used to practically fall asleep every night, it can be cause for concern if your spouse suddenly seems less interested in having sex. It’s crucial to remember that as a relationship progresses and, again, after the honeymoon period has passed, many couples experience less frequent sex.

Stress at work and health problems could also be factors. However, because it might indicate a lack of interest in a relationship and, in certain instances, can also be an indication of infidelity, it will be crucial to discuss your worries as soon as possible.

3. They Leave You Out Of Their Plans

They might be busy, for sure. You both are certainly free to pursue your own interests. Relationship expert Chris Seiter warns that if your partner stops taking you into account while making plans for the week, there may be a lack of interest.

4. You Attend Special Events Alone

Couples can’t always make it to every celebration and holiday together. However, if you used to spend Christmas at their place and they now want to travel alone, that is unquestionably a warning sign, according to Brown-James. The same holds true if they don’t invite you to an event they’re hosting at work. These signs may indicate a lack of interest or commitment in your married life.

5. Your Partner Is Constantly Downcast

It’s common for couples to occasionally become irritated with one another. However, if they seem especially upset or avoidant, it can be a hint that your spouse is considering leaving. Think about how they act in other parts of their life to confirm whether their mood has anything to do with your relationship.

If they just act cranky around you and not among their friends, family, or coworkers, it is a warning sign, according to Brown-James. Even while romantic relationships are frequently the most intense and difficult kinds of relationships and are therefore more likely to cause “moods,” persistent irritability may be a sign that there is a hidden wish to leave.

6. Your conversations feel rushed.

According to Heidi McBain, LMFT, a certified marriage and family therapist, there are several reasons why a conversation could feel uncomfortable, particularly if you recently argued, expressed strong emotions, or went through a difficult time together. According to McBain, your partner may be acting awkwardly because they have lately shared something vulnerable with you and are unsure of how to act around you at the moment.

7. They Make Fewer Calls Or Texts

While there are many reasons a partner can temporarily stop texting, including a hectic schedule, according to Brown-James, it is frequently an indication that they are losing interest and won’t make messaging a priority.

How to Respond If You Feel He’s Losing Interest

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Up until it’s not, everything between you is beautiful. He reduces how frequently he calls or texts you, and when he does, he rarely says anything interesting. When you do hang out, he’s constantly busy and always coming up with reasons to leave early. When you believe he is losing interest in you, there are several ways to verify your suspicions. So, should you attempt to rekindle his interest in you or should you completely fade him out? Do these things instead of neither.


Shutting down is the worst thing you can do if you believe he is losing interest in you. All because of a guy, you stop caring about your life, your goals, your passions, and your work. Your life, however, cannot stop for him simply because he is acting dubious. Instead of spending the entire day gazing at your phone, get out and continue living your life. Unshameful plug Visit Sweetn, the first app for dating self-care. It enables you to find the ideal mate, make sense of your romantic life, and establish the kind of relationship you deserve. Click here to view it!


Your initial thought could be to try to get closer to him, but in all honesty, doing so might make him pull away even more. Give him what he requests since he is pulling away and clearly needs some space. If you text a guy every five minutes, he can’t miss you, after all. A little missing can be exactly what the relationship doctor ordered because people occasionally take their partners for granted.

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Now that he’s taking a break, this is the ideal time for you to do the same and evaluate your relationship. There are clearly problems there, so determine what is wrong with your relationship and whether or not you are truly happy. Now is the moment to concentrate on you because you may have lost sight of your goals and simply gone with the flow.

5. Determine whether you still really want him.

The clarity that distance gives is astounding. Including your lover as well as your connection. Things like his snarky remarks or emails to his ex that you once put up with may now feel like huge, unavoidable dogs. You might even be perplexed as to why you were even with him. How strong is your interest in him, despite your perception that he is losing interest in you?

6. BE RAD.

However, you don’t want to look back and regret it, especially if he had a valid reason for acting strange, such as a depressed episode or the loss of a loved one. You might be tempted to be rude and ask him what the hell he’s up to. The last thing you want is to turn like the crazy person he was dating, even if he is being sneaky and ghosting you. Don’t let him enjoy the reward.


Instead of trying to convince him of your superiority, you might be tempted to show him what he’s missing. Go out and be the lovely woman you were when he first met you because actions speak louder than words.


To see if he responds to you, try to text him once as a test. Ask him to hang out or something else that requires an answer. If you’ve been dating for some time and don’t really go on date nights anymore, this might also be a fantastic option. Watch his response; it will reveal a lot.


You must retreat if he doesn’t respond to your approach. Although the ball is in his court, you must constantly remind yourself that you won’t wait around for him to pass it to you indefinitely. You’re not the kind of woman who hangs around for a man who doesn’t appreciate what he has, so set a timetable by which you’ll move on. No way.


It’s not the right moment to feel sorry for yourself or believe that you’re not a good girlfriend since he’s moving on from your life. That will only make you feel horrible, and you have nothing to do with what he’s doing. Don’t allow other people determine your worth; instead, try to recall all the wonderful things about yourself. You are still valuable even if you believe he is losing interest in you.

11. Find a fresh spark.

Finding a shared passion you both love and that would fuel your partnership could be a terrific approach to revitalize your relationship while you’re tending to the fires of your life. Anything that gets you both enthusiastic, like going hiking or taking a weekend trip. This could be a successful attempt to get back on track, but keep in mind that he must share your enthusiasm for the concept. Being on the beach enjoying a cocktail while he is at the bar making advances toward other ladies is not fun.


Even when you do your hardest, the guy will occasionally keep slipping away until he is fully gone. Let him go if you observe that happening. It’s like you’re Bear Grylls and your partner is the mountain simply sitting there if you’re working so hard to make things work and he’s doing nothing. Delete his number, forget about him, and carry on. Never chase any man, ever.


Even if it’s disappointing that things didn’t work out, you may still go on to stronger connections with men who genuinely appreciate you. Take all you can from this broken relationship and look forward to a successful future.

Why a guy might initially be losing interest

There’s a reason this happens with so many guys so soon, as annoying as it is to feel like you have to work your tail off to keep him committed in and focused on you. Here are some potential reasons why he might not be as invested as he once was.


This is the most likely reason why, if you think he’s losing interest. It’s not that he no longer cares about you or that you aren’t just as amazing as you ever were; rather, it’s that he has become accustomed to you so much that he has forgotten all the wonderful qualities that made you the woman he fell for in the first place. If it makes sense, he isn’t uninterested; rather, he simply forgets all the reasons why he is.


Yes, men do enjoy a good pursuit. For this reason, whatever how childish it may sound, you must cooperate with him. He craves the unreachable, so when you start pursuing him rather than making him put in all the effort, he instantly loses interest. He checks out since you’re no longer a prize and you’re easy to acquire. Is this how it ought to be? Obviously not. Is it? Awfully, sure.


There is no use in dragging this out. Things obviously did not go well if he was all over you and seemed crazy about you, and then you slept together and he lost interest. It’s not a coincidence that the two are connected if you were sleeping with him before and the sex was amazing but you notice that his loss of desire has corresponded with the decreased frequency of sex or just less thrilling bedroom sessions. When they aren’t experiencing the pleasure or feeling the passion they desire, it is really difficult for men to remain engaged.

17. He discovered someone else that he likes better.

It’s awful yet true. It’s possible that there is now another person on the scene who he likes far more than you if he suddenly distances himself from you and doesn’t seem bothered if he sees you from day to day while you were casually dating (or even exclusively dating). Of course, he ought to be telling you this straight up, but perhaps he’s too cowardly to do so.


The choice could be limited to this. Perhaps he didn’t have that much interest to begin with rather than losing it. Though he thought you were great and enjoyed getting to know you, he never felt really invested in you, so he doesn’t think it’s a huge problem that he’s lost interest in you now. Perhaps it would be wiser to give up and go your separate ways.

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When you’re very into a guy but he doesn’t feel the same way, or worse, when he initially appears to feel the same way before slowly fading away into oblivion while you’re still in your feelings, it may be really frustrating. It would be a mistake to put the responsibility on yourself for not doing enough to keep him interested in you. It’s not your fault if you made it clear to him that you liked him, put yourself out there, and really tried, only for him to ignore you or take it for granted. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that if he isn’t interested, there are many other guys who will be. They won’t commit the error of failing to notice the remarkable woman who is right in front of them.

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