Relationships can be challenging at times, and it’s not uncommon for couples to lose love feelings and have to decide whether to stay together or split up.

If you’re in this situation right now and aren’t sure if you want to keep the relationship going, keep in mind that partnerships go through several stages.

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Signs That Your Relationship Is in Trouble

The following are red signals indicating your relationship may need to be re-evaluated:

  • You have ceased to converse. It could be an indication of a lost connection if you used to share aspects of your day with your partner and ask their opinion on things, but now you don’t.
  • Your mindset has shifted. It could be an indication that your attitude toward your relationship has changed if you feel like you’re treating others the same but your partner differently than normal.
  • You reduce your availability. You have the impression that you are withdrawing from your lover or that you are not physically sensitive to them.
  • You are oblivious to your partner. It could be an indication that things have changed if you used to inquire about their schedule or check-in during workdays but now feel uninterested.
  • You haven’t argued in a long time. Perhaps you don’t think it’s worth your time to debate. Alternatively, you may believe that you are unaffected by the difficulties that are brought up.

While these are a few red signs to be aware of in yourself, they do not always indicate that your relationship is gone. There are a few things you can do if you’re prepared to put in the effort to rekindle that spark.

Is It Normal to Experience a Loss of Romantic Feelings?

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It’s quite normal to feel more or less in love with your lover at different times. At the same time, having stillnesses in a relationship that make you feel lost or doubtful about its future is terrible.

You may still “love” your partner and wish to collaborate with them. However, it appears to be inaccessible for some reason.

If you’re having trouble in your relationship, you’ll have to determine if you want to put in the effort or look for something else.

Rekindle the flame: how to rekindle your love for your mate

What if you adore your other half but are no longer ‘in love’ with him or her? Here are eight ideas for rekindling the fire.

Perhaps you’ve lost sight of what made you fall in love, or you’ve reached a stale stage of relationship. Is it, however, realistic to expect to be in love with someone for decades? “Love, intimacy, and sex change throughout time, and there are different degrees of connection,” explains Kate Moyle, a sexual and relationship psychotherapist. “I believe that expecting consistency is unrealistic.”

Keep your expectations in check.

Of course, you long for those heady days when you first met and couldn’t take your hands off one other. Your lives, however, were different back then. Maybe you didn’t have kids, or your job was less demanding, or you had more money to spend. “Because you didn’t know each other that well,” Major explains, you hadn’t yet discovered the aspects about your relationship that irritate you. “You can’t go back because you now have a better understanding of your spouse and what it’s like to be in a long-term relationship with them.” According to her, it all depends on how you define “in love.”

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Keep an open mind.

Take a fresh look at your mate. “You can wake up one morning and realize, ‘We haven’t actually done it for a year, I wonder why that is,” Major adds. Have you lost your ability to be curious about what’s going on in your relationship, or has life rushed by you, obliterating any opportunity to pause and reflect?”

Make your relationship a priority.

What you may have sacrificed in terms of excitement and novelty in a long-term relationship, you should gain in terms of stability and comfort. “Some of it is tedious – life admin – but we have to cultivate the relationship as we do everything else,” Moyle explains. “Whether it’s scheduling a meeting or making sure you’re actually talking, it has to be prioritized.” You must construct bridges if you have drifted apart.”

Go a bit further.

“Saying, ‘I don’t fancy my partner any longer,’ can be a sign of specific sexual issues or a sign that something in the relationship isn’t working,” adds Major. “When you delve a little further, the things that people claim [they are upset about] turn out not to be what they are unhappy about at all.”

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Open open your mind.

Everyday duties, as well as larger life events such as redundancy, caring for children, or caring for aging parents, can strain relationships and lead to a breakup. “There are times in any relationship when you can’t focus on your partner because you have other things on your mind,” Major explains.

Concentrate on the end result.

It’s difficult to tell your partner you’ve lost interest in them. “The truth can be a little risky,” Woodward Thomas admits. “So you always want to lead with the future that you’re committed to developing when you’re going to say something that could be possibly delicate.” So you may say something like, “I’d like to discuss something that’s a little difficult, but I’m doing so to bring us closer together.” Setting the tone for the talk with a positive aim will help it get off to a better, kinder start.

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Begin right now.

According to Moyle, it’s never too late to recapture the spark, but it’s better to do so sooner rather than later. “There are more things to deal through, potential resentments and negative feelings if you wait,” says the author. It’s usually better to address sexual and relationship issues early on, but it’s frequently the most difficult thing for couples to do because they don’t want to upset the status quo.” There’s a danger that starting these conversations won’t yield the results you expect.

Recall who you fell in love with Woodward Thomas advises developing a “gratitude list” of all your partner’s positive qualities “so that you remember the complexity of what it means to be a human.” Everyone has areas in their lives where they are unhealed, as well as times when they are needy and ugly. They do, however, have noble moments and appear as the knight in shining armour on occasion.

Perhaps your partner has changed and is dissatisfied with it. “I believe that sometimes when we fall out of love, it’s because our spouse isn’t loving themselves enough – and you’re simply picking up on it,” Woodward Thomas explains. “They’re rejecting themselves, and you’re rejecting them as well.” You may ask them what’s really going on and give them an opportunity to communicate in a vulnerable way. You remember who they are and speak to them with love and respect. You are the one who builds them up.”

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