Do you know that the guy you’re dating isn’t totally committed? He can claim he doesn’t desire a relationship with you, yet he still wants to be around you. Even if he doesn’t like you “like that,” he might tell you or at least act as though he does.

You are completely perplexed by his acts and wonder what he is thinking. And he probably gives you the impression that you’re a yo-yo, continually being dragged in and pushed out.

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He claims he is not yet prepared for a relationship.

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If a guy tells you he’s not ready to date, he might be going through a breakup. He might have lately experienced infidelity and suffered from low self-esteem. We are unaware of his personal struggles and his psychological state.

We only know that he is not emotionally prepared for a relationship and that forcing him to make a commitment would not make him do so. He’ll get the impression that you depend on him far more than he does and that he should spend even more time to determine whether you and he are compatible.

You see, guys typically aren’t very expressive about their concerns when it comes to communicating.

They tend to carry their struggles inside and ponder about them repeatedly until they eventually go away rather than speaking them out loud. They react the way they do because society and their parents taught them to be brave and not act like girls.

Don’t expect guys to be girls, whatever you do. They are different in that they won’t always tell you what’s upsetting them when it comes to communication. Most of the time, they’ll keep their ideas, concerns, and anxieties to themselves and leave you to resolve them.

You question, “If he doesn’t desire a relationship, then why does he keep me around?”

Even if he doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you, a guy might keep you around for a variety of reasons.

1. He is alone.

Being drawn to a couple is a natural human desire. For many of us, being alone is not a pleasant experience. As a result, if a man tells you that he doesn’t want to date you, he may be keeping you around because you make him feel less lonely.

If he knows you are there for him whenever he needs you, why would he prefer to be alone? He enjoys spending time with you, after all, so why not

Although he is aware that he doesn’t want to pursue a meaningful relationship with you, he keeps you close by to avoid being alone because he is unable to find someone to take your place.

If you’re being honest with yourself, you don’t like being alone either, therefore you’re probably willing to let things continue in this manner.

Therefore, even if he isn’t 100% into you, the reason your guy keeps you around might not be because he wants you specifically but rather because he doesn’t want to be by himself

2. He is unconfident.

A man who claims he doesn’t want a relationship with you yet continues to hang out with you is probably insecure.

An insecure guy has trouble making decisions that are clear-cut. He declares that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, but he later becomes unsure about his decision. He continues to linger, holding out hope that something will turn out differently, continually doubting himself, and drawing you into his inner turmoil.

Guys with more confidence make more certain decisions and are more likely to carry them through. The confident guy will make a choice and head in that way.

Additionally, a man who keeps you close without proposing a relationship can be a man who is uneasy about his position in society. He can feel much more unwelcome and insecure if he’s single. He stays because he finds it intimidating to try to find someone else to date. Even if it’s at your expense, the knowledge that you are interested in him makes him feel better about himself.

Is your man unconfident? If so, that may be a major factor in why he won’t let you go, even if he isn’t ready to give you his all either.

3. He enjoys sharing a bed with you.

None of you will be surprised by this. Males desire sex but do not require it. When a man claims he doesn’t want to date you yet keeps you around, he may be doing so solely for sex.

One of my clients left his wife and sought a divorce. He continued to visit their house and have sex with her in spite of this. When I questioned him as to why, he responded, “Why wouldn’t I take any opportunity to have sex?”

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This man is a fine man, but he just didn’t understand that, for many women, sex is about emotional connection as much (or more) than about the physical act. As a result, by having sex with her, he accidentally sent her a message that he might still want to make things work between them.

He stopped having sex with her once he realized that it was making her think they might have a chance. Although he didn’t want to be leaving her hanging, he knew he had to do it or he would be leading her on.

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4. He remains by your side out of habit.

The habits that relationships foster in us are an intriguing feature of relationships. Habits are the routine activities you and your partner engage in. Maybe it’s watching Netflix on a Wednesday night or making pancakes on a Saturday morning – whatever you enjoy doing with your partner on a regular basis or as a type of ritual.

Those times and places become vacant when you aren’t together, and they could be challenging to replace.

If your guy says he wants to hang out with you but isn’t interested in a relationship, it’s probably because he has routines with you that he doesn’t want to give up.

If your boyfriend keeps you around, it may be because he finds it difficult to break those patterns because they have become so embedded in his way of life.

He won’t let you go either as a result, which simply makes you feel confused and sad.

5. He wants to maintain his flexibility.

Many men keep their options open by claiming they don’t want to be in a relationship but aren’t ready to let you go.

They may be aware that they don’t (and probably won’t) want to date you, but they still enjoy spending time with you enough to leave their choices open in case no suitable match appears.

What if you learn that your guy has a new girlfriend? He knows he can reply, “But we aren’t in a relationship, so…,” when you confront him about it.

He may move on guilt-free because this is not only true, but he has previously admitted it to you in the past. If you are not in a committed relationship, he feels that he has done nothing wrong and that it will be simple for him to end things at any time.

How to handle it

It can be even more difficult to move on when a guy claims he doesn’t want a relationship with you but still won’t give you the opportunity.

You may grieve, accept the loss, move on, and get over a guy if he leaves your life. But if he keeps turning up with his attractive face, you’ll keep falling for him, and the suffering will go on.

So, consider carefully why your guy might be around. Is he acting in this way because he’s lonely, can’t break the habit, or simply wants to get laid? Is he experiencing self-doubt about his position in the world and wants your support to feel more confident? Alternatively, it’s possible that he’s using you as a stand-in until he finds someone better.

In the end, trust a guy if he claims he doesn’t want to be in a relationship.

Guys who are interested in you will pursue you until they succeed or until they decide to give up. Guys who straddle the line between friendship and a relationship are the ones who won’t ever commit to you.

Your choice to go and hunt for someone who would appreciate how beautiful you are and view a relationship with you as the best thing that could possibly happen to him is up to you.

You have no choice but to respect a guy’s choices if he likes you but won’t commit to a relationship. He has chosen not to date you, thus you cannot persuade him to date you or entice him into doing so.

He’s not into you and isn’t emotionally ready, so project self-respect and go with pride.

Avoid focusing excessively on the reasons he doesn’t want to date you. It will only drive you crazy and cause your self-esteem to crash if you think about it day and night. The only thing you need to be aware of is that he cannot commit to you at this moment and that it would be ineffective for you to wait for him.

It’s far better to maintain living your life forward and find some fresh partners who are available right now (not next month or next year). Life is too short to spend it with people who are broken-hearted, melancholy, emotionally immature, or underdeveloped with unresolved childhood difficulties.

If he doesn’t desire a relationship, what does it mean?

A man may not necessarily imply that, just because he claims he doesn’t want a relationship with you, he doesn’t want a relationship with any other girls either.

In fact, guys frequently give the justification that they “simply want to be single for a while.” When the female they have no feelings for pleasantly surprises them by asking them out on a date, they utter this phrase.

Guys who claim they desire to be alone for a while rarely do so for very long. They typically start dating someone else the instant someone fresh expresses romantic interest in them.

Therefore, don’t take a guy’s “I just want to stay single for a bit” justification literally as he probably doesn’t intend it that way.

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