At some point or another, everyone has heard the advice to just go with the flow. Other times, the advise makes you want to scream and rip your hair out. Sometimes, the advice is fantastic and works out.

What exactly does it mean to “go with the flow” in a relationship, though?

Our lives revolve mostly around our relationships. Is it possible to go with the flow of life and still devote the time and energy necessary to make your relationship successful? They demand a lot of work and patience.

I wish to discuss my ideas on going with the flow with you. In this post, we’ll examine the hazards associated with taking a “laid back” approach to relationships as well as how going with the flow might improve your relationship. Our friend and relationship expert Amy North is teaching a magical set of words that will force any man to feel a level of desire for you beyond Love. The moment you said this magical set of words to a man, he will feel an emotional connection to you so powerful and his heart will be bound to you and only you. Click on the link to check it out for yourself.

What does it mean to follow the flow?

I can quickly get the definition of “flowing with the flow” on Google. It denotes “doing what others are doing or agreeing with others since it is the simplest course of action.”

Now I know why the phrase might make some individuals want to scream and yank their hair out.

Relationships are challenging. While other couples require time to modify, rearrange, and negotiate their way into harmony, some couples find their flow pretty quickly.

In my relationship, I started applying the concept of going with the flow, and while it doesn’t solve every issue that occurs, it does enable me to react to circumstances more healthily.

Founder of Ideapod Justin Brown talks about how to enter the flow state in a video that I’d like to discuss here.

In Brown’s words, “all you need to do is give up responsibility, give up focusing on where you need to be in the future and just truly live that present” is how so many individuals approach going with the flow or trying to reach a flow state.

How can being “Go with the Flow” help your relationship?

1. In control of your expectations

Every one of us has internal expectations. Our parents, society, and religions have all ingrained expectations about how we believe the world ought to be in us since we were little.

It’s normal to have some expectations, but the risk comes from how we handle them, particularly when it comes to our partners. More chances to try something fresh

You’ll naturally be able to embrace the unknown after you learn to let go of your idealized relationships and excessive expectations. This might range from a straightforward date to the kind of person you end up with.

We can all think of an instance when this has occurred at some point. Your date with your partner is planned out well, but due to unforeseen events, everything falls through.

Depending on how you respond, the evening may be irreparably wrecked or it may be possible to adjust and make improvements.

2. Less anger and tension

Continuing from the last point, letting go of things beyond your control can significantly reduce your stress levels and promote new, unexpected creativity.

We continually balance our responsibilities in both our personal and romantic life. The majority are under our control, and we are familiar with how to handle the circumstances we face every day.

But occasionally, life likes to put a wrench in the works, frequently one that is out of our control. In relationships, this is frequently a partner’s behavior or behaviors that we can’t alter yet nevertheless find annoying.

You’re already one step closer to reducing your stress load when you can distinguish what is under your control and what isn’t.

3. More time to focus on what matters

When you learn to let go of the little things, you have so much more time, energy, and thought to devote to the things that really matter. This can be challenging since it can be difficult for two mature individuals to merge their lives because you both have to become used to one another.

Your relationship will feel less cluttered and stressful if you develop the habit of looking at the bigger picture and letting small differences or situations go.

4. You get more tenacious.

Bouncing back from setbacks gets a lot simpler once you can actually follow the flow. You’ll find it less painful to deal with things you can’t control since you’ll already be accustomed to focusing on what’s essential to you and what you can control.

5. Acceptance of the things you can’t change

Have you ever been conscious of the fact that something is beyond your control but nevertheless succumbed to your emotions? Although it’s a simple trap to fall into, it actually has no effect on the issue at hand. And the issue with this approach is that it leaves you always at the mercy of circumstances that are beyond your control.

You’ll be less likely to think logically and reasonably if you allow your emotions to rule your thoughts. When it comes to relationships, if it happens frequently, it could make or break things.

6. You become adept at seizing the day.

If you succeed in actually going with the flow, you’ll unavoidably open the door to being more in the present. You’ll be able to concentrate on what is happening right then and there rather than fretting about little details or worrying about an external issue that you have no control over.

This entails spending more time—quality time—with your partner or family. You’ll be able to enjoy your time together more since you won’t be distracted by your thoughts and feelings.

You’ll be able to concentrate entirely on the issue at hand and not on the little things that frequently serve as a distraction when there are conflicts or tensions in the relationship.

Being in the present moment enables you to keep things in perspective, think clearly, and focus all of your energy and attention on your spouse during each moment.

7. Between “flowing with the flow” and “disregarding your feelings” is a thin line.

There is a narrow line between being easy-going and losing yourself in the process, but it can be a terrific way to approach relationships and make the most of your time with your significant other.

Going with the flow is all about developing a connection with your partner in which you are both deeply aware of yourself and one another and open to change. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

If you’re willing to go with the flow and adapt to what’s sent your way, you can deal with the challenges and obstacles that will unavoidably arise along the way much more easily.

8. It does not imply that you should discount your emotions, needs, or wants.

Going with the flow is sometimes seen as being laid-back, carefree, and content to follow the crowd. This way of thinking can result in your desires not being fulfilled, your needs not being met, and your feelings being hurt.

Your basic needs must be satisfied before you may feel secure and happy enough to keep the connection progressing, as they must for all humans.

12 suggestions for appreciating the moment on how to embrace the moment in a relationship

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1. Let go of your standards and ideals of excellence.

It can be difficult to learn to let go of all the standards and ideas of perfection you’ve developed. The effect that these expectations may have on your relationship, however, is even more difficult.

Our expectations for relationships are frequently influenced by our childhood; much of it is shaped by observing how our parents interacted with one another.

I didn’t really understand how much I viewed my boyfriend the way my mother viewed my father until a few years into our relationship. And it wasn’t fair nor realistic.

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But I wouldn’t have been aware of these perceptions and standards of how I regarded my relationship until I deliberately set about changing my mentality.

2. Recognize that you cannot influence people.

It is inevitable that you and your partner will operate in different ways. You believe the dishwasher should be loaded one way, while your partner prefers to load it another way. This is a traditional source of conflict in relationships.

No matter how big or little the problem, we are powerless over our spouse. It frequently results in resentment and unhappiness to try to stop or change your partner from doing something that feels natural to him or her.

It’s crucial to give up part of your control in your relationship when you go with the flow.

3. Acquire the ability to let go of the past

Although it’s easier said than done, you’ve definitely heard the advice to “let it go” without truly understanding how to do it.

Some things are easier to let go of than others, but you must practice letting go of every event you’re hanging onto if you want to feel a true flow in your connection.

You’re not only preventing yourself from embracing the future when you do this, but you’re also punishing yourself for things that have already happened and cannot be reversed.

In relationships, mistakes will be made, but the only way to build a solid, loving partnership is to put the past behind you and move on.

4. Appreciate the moments you’re “in the zone.”

There are times in my relationship when we operate more smoothly than other times. Have you ever experienced one of those days where everything just seems to fall into place and you and your spouse click?

Why do you believe you two connected so well? I’ve asked myself this question a lot. Why is it that despite how well we got along last weekend, this weekend we just can’t seem to get along?

I’ve come to understand that there will undoubtedly be bumps in the road as we’re both learning the art of flowing.

5. Express your emotions honestly.

You’ll both be able to find your flow if you’re honest with yourself and your spouse about your sentiments. Sometimes we may believe that our significant other simply understands our emotions, but they are not mind readers.

And how could they possible know if we aren’t honest with ourselves about how we’re feeling? Make it a habit to communicate with your partner your thoughts and feelings, good or unpleasant.

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6. Maintain a Journal

As stated in the bullet point above, maintaining a journal can be a terrific method to document your journey into flow.

If you’re a scatterbrain like me, you’ll value having your thoughts and feelings put down somewhere to later reflect on. It’s a terrific method to order your thoughts.

7. You need to start noticing trends after some time

Humans have a propensity to repeat their responses, feelings, and emotions in response to circumstances. We can only start to change these patterns once we become aware of them.

8. Recognize and embrace change

Even though change might be frightening, it can also result in significant advancement and novel experiences. You will be able to manage certain changes, but not all of them. I am aware of how frightening that can be, but you must learn to roll with the punches if you want your relationship to flow healthily.

It’s critical to stop seeing change as a threat and to instead embrace it as a necessary aspect of life. When the world puts us to the test, it’s a terrific way to develop resilience and perseverance. We need to be adaptable to survive in life and in relationships.

9. Take a broader perspective

Knowing that you’re doing it to work well with your spouse is one of the most crucial aspects of going with the flow.

Why do I want to follow the flow, you could ask? What is it about your relationship that you want to modify or better if you’ve chosen to consider going with the flow?

Is it so you can be a calmer, more dependable person? Or is it for your partner’s sake and the health of your relationship?

Not all forms of going with the flow involve letting go of all your obligations. Setting objectives and changing your thinking will help you reach them.

10. Believe in your relationship

There is a component of trust involved with each of these items. To be able to adapt, you must have confidence in both yourself and your spouse. How can you ever relinquish control, accept change, and embrace the unknown without it?

However, trust can be challenging, particularly if you have experienced hurt or betrayal in the past. You must therefore be absolutely certain of your motivations before starting this flow trip.

Without trust, it will be extremely difficult for you to give up power to your spouse, and it will be difficult for you to be open about your feelings and vulnerabilities.

11. Let go of your worries and uncertainties

You must confront your anxieties and insecurities in order to build trust. Only after that can you begin to alter your perceptions and let your connection flow naturally.

Are you afraid because of a past relationship? Are your insecurities related to tragedies from your youth? Whatever the reason, they just prevent you from accepting who you really are.

12. Work on controlling your emotions.

We experience a perpetual emotional rollercoaster when it comes to relationships. If we don’t control them, we can easily become overwhelmed by our emotions, which can swiftly prevent us from going with the flow.

Here’s when emotional control enters the picture.

And to make matters worse, when we aren’t conscious of our feelings and ideas, we often respond to events in ways that we wouldn’t have otherwise if we had better control over our emotions.

Enjoy how life is going around you.

Going with the flow in your relationship should be fun, strengthen your connection with your spouse, and let you fully appreciate the present. If you look closely, you can observe how animals connect with one another, how nature flows, and how humans persist despite obstacles to pursue their hobbies.

This whole thing is a type of flowing. Without giving way to fear, the world around us moves forward and continues to flow. Your sense of being grounded and your awareness of the world around you will help you realize how doable flowing with the flow can be.

You will be able to use this flow in your relationship more as you become more conscious of it.

Last thoughts

There is no way to predict how long it will take you to learn to flow in your relationship because learning to flow is a lifelong process.

Remember that none of the aforementioned goals can be accomplished in a single afternoon. You may occasionally become discouraged and even consider giving up. It may take some time because you are successfully altering how you think and how you handle your emotions.

All the effort will be worthwhile once you are able to flow with your relationship. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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