If you have a Gemini man in your life with whom you wish to pursue a relationship, you could be at a loss as to how to end up making him want you. However, knowing that he is a Gemini provides you with an excellent tool for encouraging a budding relationship with him.

If you’re wondering how to make a Gemini man miss you, you need to know the hidden emotional weaknesses of his zodiac sign that you can use to your advantage. Anna Kovach, a relationship astrology expert, reveals a step-by-step formula that will make him yours in her guide 30 Day Love Challenge with a Gemini Man.

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When a Gemini man misses you, he will tell you with complete seriousness one day and then ignore all of your texts the next. The truth is that he is not lying about these emotions; he simply cannot start deciding which one he is experiencing the most.

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How To Make A Gemini Man Miss You

Here are a few techniques for making a Gemini miss you. It is not necessary to employ all tactics concurrently. Indeed, it may be far more effective to test one or two of these concepts independently in order to determine whether your methods are having a positive effect.

1. Provide him with space and time.

It’s one of the most difficult things to do once you have a crush, but one way to make a Gemini man miss you is to give him just little time away from your company and attention. By being too accessible to him, this can be difficult to arouse the desire necessary for a Gemini man to develop emotions of affection or lust.

2. Be as gregarious as he is.

Geminis are highly charismatic individuals who enjoy socializing and being around others. To make a Gemini man miss you, you must therefore possess the very same level of charisma as he possesses. He prefers extroverted, vivacious, and confident women – three characteristics he is so drawn to that he will undoubtedly miss you when you are apart.

3. Strengthen your emotional bond

To make someone miss you, you must have an emotional bond and a strong bond such that when you are apart, both of you experience overwhelming feelings of longing. To facilitate this for both you and your Gemini guy, talk to him as much as possible about his feelings while attempting to give him space. He will grateful for the time he is given to discuss his emotions, which he finds difficult to discuss with the majority of people.

4. Make eye contact with him

Due to their sociable nature, Gemini men are inveterate flirts. To pique a Gemini man’s interest in you, it’s a good idea to flirt with him whenever you’re in his company. Are you having trouble connecting with your Gemini man? Get the relationship advice you need from astrology expert Anna Kovach in her 30 Day Love Challenge with a Gemini man guide. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll know exactly what to say and do to make him yours in just 30 days.

Signs that a Gemini Is Missing You

The most effective way to determine whether or not a Gemini man misses you would be to look for a clue. Here are some telltale signs that a gemini man is interested. Keep an eye out for these signs the next time you’re around this type of guy.

He will be considerate and romantic.

When a Gemini man is truly interested in you and wishes to spend the entire lives with you, he will be extremely sweet and affectionate. He will sweep you off your feet, pull out a chair for you when dining out, handle the check, and shower you with flowers and chocolate.

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With a Gemini man, every day is Valentine’s Day. There will be much holding hands, hugging, and kissing.

He’ll make a fool of himself around you.

A Gemini man enjoys being silly in general, but you’ll get a glimpse of his lighter side. He’ll even attempt to elicit a sense of humor from you.

When you’re with him, there will never be a dull moment. When a Gemini finds his perfect match, being silly is a sure sign he’s taken with you. A gemini man enjoys having fun, and being able to take action silly with one another demonstrates that you are a great fit.

He will present you with gifts.

Something you should know about a Gemini man is that he will shower you with gifts regardless of whether you expect them. He’ll continue to astound you with gifts you’ll adore and certainly wouldn’t expect.

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He will communicate with you at all times.

With a Gemini, you’ll have never had to worry regarding hidden things, as he will always reveal them. Whether it’s via text messages, phone calls, or even email, he will always interact with you in the most convenient manner possible.

While the Gemini is not the most outspoken sign, when he is certain of his feelings, he will express them. Not only is he willing to tell you how he feels directly, he is also unlikely to be shy about it.

He’ll want to accompany you wherever you go.

When it comes to pursuing out or going anywhere, the Gemini gentleman will want to accompany you. He may even want to accompany you to the grocery and on other errands.

Gemini men typically maintain a hectic schedule in order to maintain their mental stimulation, so don’t be surprised if he enjoys accompanying you shopping. Additionally, if you don’t have plans one day, he may go and doing his own thing to keep himself occupied.

He will lavish you with compliments.

As with any good love story, a relationship with a Gemini man is characterized by an abundance of verbal affection. Gemini men enjoy receiving compliments!

But if you’re a Gemini woman who enjoys doing the same, it’s safe to say that this relationship would be filled with constant conversation and compliments.

With you, he will act spontaneously.

As previously stated, Gemini men are extremely curious and adventurous. This means he may not begin each day with a predetermined itinerary, but may instead create his own journey and also have fun along the way.

If he invites you to join him on one of his unexpected adventures, this demonstrates that he desires to spend time with you, even if he is unsure of the details.

He will bolster your confidence.

If he truly cares about you, he will be considerate and encouraging. While Gemini is not the most observant sign, they do show a great deal of concern for those close to them.

He may not have prepared a lengthy encouraging speech, but he will demonstrate his support for you inside his own Gemini fashion.

He initiates contact with you.

Gemini men are not afraid to pursue their desires, and this includes romance! If he is truly interested in you, he will make an effort to contact you.

This may manifest itself in the form of a text message, a social media follow, or the initiating of plans with you.

Even if a Gemini is constantly surrounded by family and friends and attending parties, they may miss the person for someone they have romantic feelings. A Gemini man will demonstrate this by contacting you frequently when you are not in each other’s company.

And although Gemini men are not typically confrontational, their body language will indicate whether they are interested. If his body position is open and he leans toward you, this really is his way of communicating that he is interested.

The Gemini man will express love creatively, whether it is through physical contact, constant contact, showering you with gifts, or simply having a good laugh.

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The great thing about Gemini men is you’ll be able to tell whether they’re interested or not.

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