When you break up with your ex and want to get back together, the most important thing on your mind is how to get them back.

When you want to get back together with your ex, you’ll have to be very careful about what you say to each other. If you want your ex to want you back, you can’t just say one thing.

Your ex should hear things that are sweet from you.

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In order to get him back and make him want you all over again, you’ll need more than just baking him some cookies. You’ll also want to fix the things you can. Most likely, he won’t want to come back if you haven’t changed but should have.

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1. “I’m glad we tried it. You mean everything to me

If you say this, you can say what he means to you. How would you say this? It’s a nice way to say that you are glad that you were with him when you were able to be. You’re also telling him that you still love him.

2.”A lot of the time, it’s hard not to think about you

In a cute way, you are telling him how much he means to you. You also think about him so much that it is hard to think of anything else.

3. ”No one has ever made me happy like you have,.

If this is true, it’s a great way to show him that you want to be more than just friends. You have never been as happy as you were when you were together.

4, “I should have fought even harder for us and never given up!”

I love this one because it tells you that you made a mistake by ending everything you have.

5: “I’m so grateful to have had you in my life. I love you.”

The best thing you can say to your ex is this: You are telling him that even though things are over, you still feel lucky to have had the time you did.

6. “You still mean the world to me in every way. I love you.”

Aw! Aww, this is so cute! Because he still means the world to you, you’re telling him how important he is to you, no matter what the future holds.

7. “I have the best memories of us together,”

This gives him a chance to ask you about the memories that are most important to you. After this message, he will think about you. He might even start to think about how happy he was when he was with you.

8. I sometimes think we’re still together

Have you ever been through this? A sure thing! It’s bad to wake up and find out it was all a dream. Believe that he will come back after giving you a message like this.

9. “You are so much more important to me than I ever thought.”

When you tell your ex that he is important to you, you should say this.

10. “Do you remember when we had fun?” I always think about them.

I think it’s smart to ask your ex a question like this. It will make him want to talk to you, and you can find out what he thinks about the relationship’s current state.

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11, “I’ve done some self-discovery and changed. I’d like to talk about more

If you’ve been to therapy and learned what went wrong, this is what you should say to your ex. Take this offer with a grain of salt. You never know when he might accept. You might want to write down what you would say to him when he said this.

12. “No one will ever be as good as you. You’re the best.” There is no one like you.

It’s clear to him that not only do you think he’s the best, but you can’t find anyone even close to him. This is not a bad thing, either!

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13. “You will always be in my heart.”

This is a great way for him to respond in a positive way. Because you are speaking from the heart, he may be moved by what you say to him.

14. “I love you very much and always will.”

Let him know how you feel about him, and he might say the same about you. This is a good idea.

15. “We could have an epic love story if we were together now.”

Another thing you could say is this: He’ll hear this and start to think about the good times you had together.

16. “Things have changed a lot in my life, and I think we could be a good match.”

What a great way to find out how he still feels about you! Because even if he doesn’t respond or says that he’s already been with someone else, don’t give up hope. There are a lot of fish in the sea (and even more in the ocean). You will find someone else, too.

17. I want to say sorry for my part in our breakup

It doesn’t matter if your ex wants to get back together or not. It’s important to be honest with him when you say you’re sorry. Tell him what you think you did wrong. If nothing else comes of it, at least you’ve had some kind of ending.

18. “I’ve now come to understand how important it is to be a good listener.”

You might be a good listener, and you can fill in those words with what you thought about when you were together. This shows that you’ve thought about your problems and now you’ve done something about them, which is good.

19. “Things that remind me of you keep coming up

When you tell your ex that you still think about him, it’s very sweet.

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20. When I met you, I said, “You are the best thing that has ever happened to me.”

He will be happy even if nothing comes of it.

21.“Our love story was almost like a fairy tale.”

Your story didn’t end happily, but it does show that he’s on your mind.

22. As though I’m heartbroken, I wouldn’t change a thing, except for the ending, which I’d change

This is the same thing as the last point. The best thing you can do for him is to let him know how you are feeling right now.

23. “I just want you to know that I love you.”

Sweet and romantic: How sweet and romantic! Tell him how he made you feel inside.

24. “I still think we were meant to be together.”

These words are great for him to say what he thinks and feels.

25. “If I could change one thing, I wouldn’t let you go.”

If you broke up with him, you are telling him that you still want to work things out.

Should you get in touch with your ex-boyfriend?

They broke up. Is that what you agreed to? Because you and your ex broke up. Whether it was physically or emotionally, did he break up with you? Reasons like that might be hard to forgive. As a result, you may not want to talk to him at all. You might be better off finding a new boyfriend.

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Besides, if the relationship was just getting boring or you found a better way to spend your time, there’s a chance he’ll come back to you. In order to get your ex-boyfriend back, the best thing to do is figure out why the relationship broke down. Then, you might be able to fix things.

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