Cheating on your partner might not only end your relationship, but it can also affect you on a basic level. The pain, the hurt, and the rage don’t go away quickly, if at all. Some signals that your partner is cheating are self-evident: he has to work late yet again. When he receives a call, he exits the room. He bought lingerie for you, but he didn’t give it to you.

Many women refuse to acknowledge the indicators that their spouse is cheating, even though they are right in front of their eyes. But have you ever considered the possibility that the symptoms are far more clear than you believe?

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What Exactly Is an Affair?

In a committed romantic relationship, an affair is an act of infidelity. It’s usually thought of as a form of infidelity that entails a strong emotional or physical relationship. A one-time event is rarely referred to as a “affair.”

Infidelity, and by extension affairs, can be difficult to define because various people have varied definitions of what constitutes cheating in their relationships. An affair, like other sorts of adultery, is fundamentally a betrayal of trust. It has the potential to cause major relationship suffering, and there are a variety of reasons why people cheat on their partners.

“Infidelity” or “cheating” are other terms used to characterize affairs. It’s also known as “adultery” or a “extramarital affair” when referring to an affair that involves one or two married persons. Depending on the qualities or type of affair, an affair may be referred to by several names.

A romantic affair

Also known as a “heart affair,” might be described as such. Sexual liaisons with some level of passion and emotional attachment are prevalent forms of romantic affairs.

The phrase can also be used to describe a sort of non-monogamy where both people in a relationship agree, however this is less common.


A casual affair is most usually defined as a sexual relationship between two people that is primarily physical in nature with no expectation of developing into a more established romantic relationship. A “fling” is also a term that can be used to describe it.


An affair can be defined as a nonsexual or platonic relationship. An emotional affair is one in which there is no sexual intimacy but there is intense or long-lasting emotional intimacy.

Emotional affairs can readily turn into sexual encounters, putting the primary partnership in jeopardy. Even if the relationship does not progress to a physical level, the consequences can be devastating. Intimacy in emotional affairs is typically deeper and more intense than intimacy in a strictly sexual relationship.


An online or cyber affair is a relationship that takes place over the internet via chat, webcam, email, or text. It might be anonymous, or it could be between people who simply know each other’s basic information, such as names, but have never met. It could even happen online with someone the individual knows in person. A cyber affair frequently involves emotional and/or sexual overtones.

Although the lovers in a cyber affair may never meet in person, the emotional connection and frequently sensuous nature of the affair can put strain on one or both of the affair participants’ committed relationships.


The term “affair” can also be used to denote a portion of an open marriage or relationship agreement. A couple agrees on which sorts of sex or emotional intimacy are permissible with someone other than their primary partner in a sanctioned affair. Swinging, dating, polyamory, and ménages à trois or group sex are examples of these.

There are five categories of men that are most likely to cheat on you.

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1) The shrewd businessman

There’s a popular idea that cheating is usually motivated by domestic dissatisfaction, but the truth isn’t nearly so black and white.

This is what the LA Intelligence Detective Agency emphasizes:

“According to statistics, 56 percent of men and 34 percent of women who cheat on their spouses consider their marriages to be happy or extremely happy. This makes it a little more difficult to deconstruct and comprehend why people cheat.”

It appears that you can be absolutely content in your relationship and still cheat or have an affair.

In fact, one study that looked into why people cheated found that 70% of participants said situational variables were a major issue.

It may seem shocking to cheat just because you can, but comparable research has found that 74% of men would cheat if they knew they’d never be discovered.

Men were more likely than women to blame their adultery on “opportunity.”

Symptoms of an opportunist cheater

It may be more difficult to recognize the opportunist cheat because he frequently hides in plain sight. He is, by definition, an ordinary man who will play away in the right circumstances.

There are some warning indicators to look for, most of which revolve on his putting himself in situations where he has more chances to be unfaithful.

For example, if a guy is continuously drinking alone with his pals, works long hours, travels regularly away from home, or spends a lot of time socializing at business activities outside of office hours, etc.

Another component in men’s cheating behavior is their level of commitment to their relationships, which can provide indications to spotting the opportunist cheat. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

The less attached to his spouse he is, the more likely he is to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. As a result, if a man is hesitant to commit in general, he may be less likely to feel bad if he is unfaithful.

2) The lusty gentleman

The horny gentleman is your typical gamer.

He may like luring someone else into bed for the sheer pleasure of it, or because he believes he has a strong sex drive that has to be satisfied.

He’s a smooth talker and has a lot of charisma. He’s the kind of guy you can’t help but like — friendly, outgoing, dynamic, and self-assured. The horny guy enjoys the attention that being with someone else offers in addition to the sex. It makes him feel good about himself and affirms him.

If he has a high libido, he may assume that cheating is just utilitarian and animalistic rather than an emotional betrayal for which he should feel sorry. This type of men will claim that they can’t be fulfilled by just one woman and will blame their infidelity on their excessive sex drive.

In an infidelity research, around a third of those who admitted to cheating claimed it was out of sexual desire.

The horny guy’s main motivation, rather than any more nuanced emotional reasoning, is strong attraction and finding someone else desirable.

Infidelity isn’t a reaction to any particular problem in a relationship for the horny guy; it’s a reaction to boredom. Cheating is a way for this sort of man to satisfy his demand for diversity.

Symptoms of a horny cheater

When you initially met, you were worried that he was a fuckboy, but you thought that if he fell for you, he’d become a reformed player.

Typically, the horny cheat has a history of lothario behavior and a string of broken hearts. Of course, people can change, but statistics show that between 22 and 55 percent of those who have previously cheated will do so again.

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In fact, according to one online poll, 60% of males have been unfaithful multiple times. If you know he’s cheated on you or others in the past, you may expect him to cheat again in the future.

The eager guy is a great flirt who can charm the pants off you (literally), but his silky words are frequently followed up with action.

He lacks genuine empathy in times where he has let you down behind the appealing veneer. His attention is usually drawn to his own wants and requirements. He can try to solve your troubles by giving you things or throwing money at you.

The highly sexed horny cheat will have a sex-centric worldview. It’s possible that the majority of your relationship revolves around sex.

He might talk about sex more in terms of it being a biological human need rather than an emotional connection.

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3) The irritated individual

Because he feels his wants aren’t being satisfied in his current relationship, the frustrated male cheats.

He perceives himself as sexually or emotionally impoverished in some way.

It tempts him to look elsewhere if he hasn’t been having regular sex or physical touch with his spouse.

He may still feel emotionally connected to his spouse and care for her, but he believes that sex is a vital element of his happiness — and one that is missing.

If he hasn’t received sexual attention in a long time, he may be experiencing a self-esteem crisis and looking for a boost to his battered ego.

He may feel rejected by his lover and yearn to be cherished and wanted once again. The frustrated male cheats for reasons other than sexual difficulties. His connection could also be causing him emotional distress.

Mr. Frustrated is frustrated because he feels ignored. According to one study, 70 percent of cheaters attribute their cheating behavior to their partner’s lack of attention.

He may be motivated by emotions of loneliness and a desire to find validation elsewhere if he feels disconnected from his wife. Perhaps he no longer feels needed or valued by his partner.

If his present relationship is causing him to lose confidence, he may be looking for an affair to boost his self-esteem. At his core, the irritated cheat is a victim. External factors outside his control, he believes, are to blame for his wandering.

“If my girlfriend paid more attention to me,” “if my wife treated me better,” “if I wasn’t so deprived of sex at home,” and so on.

Instead of accepting responsibility, he will seek to excuse his behavior or place blame on others for what he perceives to be shortcomings in his own life.

The disgruntled man has frequently checked out of his relationship or marriage but lacks the conviction or courage to end it. He’s seeking for a way out, and he discovers one via cheating.

Symptoms of a frustrated cheater

A frustrated cheater is frequently unable to find his voice and be open about his needs and desires, which leads to unethical behavior.

If he is upset, he will keep it to himself and seek satisfaction elsewhere.

He may find it difficult to be honest about how he feels and avoids honest dialogue in order to avoid conflict.

However, you may detect undercurrents of his dissatisfaction, such as passive hostile behavior.

He’s also prone to martyrdom and is inclined to be a people-pleaser. Instead of dealing with problems, he prefers to avoid them, dismiss them, and sweep them under the rug.

4. Mr. Lonely

Mr. Lonely may appear to be a lovely lost pooch, but he is far from it. He is looking for approval and attention from you because he lacks emotional connection. “He may find his wife/girlfriend demanding, and he has learnt that avoiding conflict at home is’safer.'” Mr. Lonely has a history of putting people first, and now he really needs to be appreciated… which hasn’t happened in a long time, if ever. Though he weighs the benefits and drawbacks of staying in the marriage, DePompo says he is more concerned with mending his hurt by connecting with you.

How to recognize him: Examine whether he avoids expressing his needs and desires, according to DePompo. “Does he put others ahead of himself, yet he is unhappy about it?” Is he passive-aggressive in his comments or actions against others? Mr. Lonely will overwork himself to avoid returning home, and he will play the’martyr’ role to gain sympathy from others.”

5. Mr. Ready

He is who he is: Mr. Ready has had enough of his marriage. He wants to move on, but it might or might not be with you, according to DePompo. “He has given up hope and does not anticipate loving feelings at home to resurface. He’s spent and wouldn’t want it even if they could rekindle! He’s thought about the financial and parenting losses that will result, and he’s okay with them.” There isn’t any ambiguity here; he’s moving on.

How to recognize him: He’s making deliberate efforts to leave and move on with his life. “[Mr. Ready] will discuss his plans with his close friends and family, and will seek counseling to sort through his sentiments,” DePompo said. “He’s sleeping in a separate bedroom if he hasn’t moved out yet.” Does he have the paperwork to verify he’s terminating his marriage if he tells you he’s ending it?

In their own words, here’s why men cheat:

1) An opportunity presented itself, and I seized it.

“Outside of marriage, it was all about sex.” That was something I was able to do for myself. In my late thirties, I’m a married man with children. I’m a quiet guy who only interacts with women when it’s absolutely necessary. This occurred while I was out of the country. A girl who worked with me requested assistance with travel. I discovered that she was going to the same place as me.” — Quora user Anonymous

2) I’m powerless to stop myself.

“I still go out to drink when I’m in a relationship.” It’s difficult for me not to approach a gorgeous female when I’m out drinking. I can’t help but flirt with a lovely female when we’re conversing. It seems appropriate to make out with her when I’m flirting. It’s only natural that I bring her home to my place when I’m making out with her. When we’re at my house, the only thing we can do is relax (have sex). I never intend to cheat, but I’m the type of guy that can get laid quickly and easily, so it’s difficult for me to keep my cool. I also don’t feel guilty about cheating because girls usually forgive me.” — Reddit user Anonymous

3) For the adrenaline rush

“It’s the touch of a stranger on your skin.” It feels different, they touch differently, and you unintentionally dissolve under the touch of another. Their kisses are unfamiliar to you, and as they bite your lip, adrenaline kicks in, and you immediately want to experience this different person with your own hands and lips. It’s incorrect, which is why it feels so good at the time. Every touch is prohibited, and it’s energizing, primitive, and animalistic. But it has to come to an end, and then comes the guilt and shame. You’re lying in bed with your partner, thinking about that stranger, and if you’re anything like me, you desire that feeling like an addict.” — Quora user Anonymous

4) I’m in a relationship that isn’t sexual.

“(I’ve cheated) a lot.” Escorts and a mistress are included. Because there were no emotions involved with the escorts, I felt no remorse, but I fell madly in love with my mistress, which made me feel very guilty. I did it mostly when I was with my mistress, and not so much afterward. For the record, my wife cheated on me several times before I even considered it, and I didn’t truly contemplate it until our sex life had been practically non-existent for years. I believe I would have felt a lot more shame if that hadn’t been the case.” — Reddit user Anonymous

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