This pair of earth and water is very different from each other, so it makes sense that they fight. Here’s what you need to know about how Virgo and Pisces get along.

When Virgo and Pisces meet for the first time, they will be fascinated by each other’s personalities and be drawn to each other. Pisces will be drawn to Virgo’s creative power and dreamy way of looking at the world. On the other hand, Virgo’s practical and mature mind will draw Pisces’s focus. Even though their love to each other will fade over time, and they might stop caring about each other as soon as they realize they have different personalities. But this couple isn’t destined to fail. Even though earth and water are full opposites and are bound to fight, they are smart enough to work things out, which makes their relationship beautiful, spiritual, and healing. Here’s everything you need to know about the relationship between a Virgo Man and a Pisces Woman.

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How a Virgo man and a Pisces woman get along emotionally

When it comes to feelings, they are always on different wavelengths, which makes it more likely that they will fight. Pisces are controlled by Neptune, which makes them more prone to mood swings and changes in their feelings and emotions, while Virgos are more mature and practical. Pisces’ moods change all the time, which can be annoying to Virgos and cause problems in their relationship. Pisces, who is made of water, is flexible and goes with the flow. They believe in letting go of hard things, while Virgo, who is made of earth, believes in limits and control. To make their relationship work, these two can make up for each other’s mental flaws.

How a Virgo man and a Pisces woman get along as friend

When two people are friends first, they are always better together. Even though the two signs couldn’t be more different, they both bring something to the table that the other doesn’t have. They share this with each other, which makes their relationship stronger. Both of them help clear up the confusion so that the other can figure out what’s going on. This friendship is kind of like a force that pulls them toward each other and keeps them interested in each other. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication. This means that if Virgo’s other half, Pisces, is having trouble understanding things in a relationship, Virgo will work hard, make them feel comfortable, and try to solve the problem with an open conversation, acting as a foundational strength in the relationship.

How Well a Virgo guy and a Pisces woman Get Along Sexually

The Virgo and the Pisces have great sexual energy, but it might take a long time for them to get there. Their main goal is to make each other happy, and the fact that they have the same fantasies and obsessions keeps them busy and excited in the bedroom. Being very compatible, this pair makes sure to give each other a burst of pleasure in bed, but it can be hard for both of them to talk about what they want to do.

Where a Virgo guy and a Pisces woman might have problems

As people with opposite zodiac signs, the biggest problem in their relationship is that they don’t respect each other’s differences, so they can’t learn anything new about each other. Their stubbornness when they argue is something else that can hurt their relationship. Pisces live in their own world of dreams, while Virgos are more grounded in the real world and more focused on their jobs, errands, and problems. This difference in their worlds can actually push them apart.

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Virgo Man and Pisces Woman: How They Get Together

It is a well-known saying that differences attract, and this is especially true for a Virgo man and a Pisces woman who build a very strong relationship. Both people born under these signs are caring and sensitive, and they would do anything to make the other person happy. Next, it’s a Virgo man’s nature to make sure his woman never forgets how valuable she is. This makes the bond between the two sun signs stronger. This would make a Pisces woman respect herself and her honor more, and it would also make their relationship even stronger. Lastly, the fact that they both show their love in the same way makes their bond even stronger.

Virgo Man and Pisces Woman: Love Match or Affair?

When a Pisces woman and a Virgo man meet for the first time, the Pisces woman’s charm and constant need for attention make the Virgo man fall in love with her right away. This makes the Virgo man show his love through acts of service. Since a Pisces woman is more of a thinker, a Virgo man would make sure she stays grounded when they are in a serious relationship. When they are physically close, both a Pisces woman and a Virgo man pay a lot of attention to how they feel about each other. So, when they get used to each other, they will both bring a new level of desire and a wave of intensity to their relationship. Lastly, a Pisces woman can pick up on intuitions, so she would be able to know what her partner needs without him having to say a word.

How Well Do You Understand a Virgo Man and a Pisces Woman?

A Virgo man has a reputation for being a loyal and caring mate. So, when he meets a Pisces woman, he will be quickly attracted to her. Since a Pisces woman is a thinker who isn’t grounded in reality, a Virgo man would make sure she knows this and stays grounded in reality. Also, when a Pisces woman falls in love with someone, she forgets who she is and how much she values herself. A Virgo man would make sure that she never forgets who she is and how much she values herself. Both sun signs show their love in the same ways and value loyalty more than anything else. This makes the link between the two even stronger. Also, the two sun signs find it easy to feel things like respect and true affection for each other, which helps them understand each other even better.

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The pros and cons of being a Virgo man and a Pisces woman

For a relationship between two people of the same zodiac sign to work, they have to make a few concessions and changes. These, in turn, decide whether the relationship works or not. This is especially true for a guy who is a Virgo and a woman who is a Pisces. Before a Virgo man and a Pisces woman get close emotionally, they should think about the following pros and cons. First, let’s talk about the pros. A Virgo man can learn from a Pisces woman how to be more spiritual, and he’ll be amazed by how much she can think. On the other hand, a Pisces woman starts to become more realistic when she sees how busy he is. Even though they have different sun signs, Virgo and Pisces will make sure to make memories together as a couple because they care so much about each other and will stay deeply in love with each other. But they may face problems, and if they want to build a strong relationship, they will need to face those problems with a lot of strength. A Virgo man is someone who worries too easily, which may scare away a Pisces woman. A Pisces woman, on the other hand, may irritate a Virgo man because she likes to live in a dream world, while he likes to stay grounded in reality. A Virgo man might not understand why a Pisces woman can only work with the abstract, while a Pisces woman might complain about how much a Virgo man needs to analyze, which could lead to a fight between the two. A Virgo man is known to be a perfectionist. Because of this, he might try to change things about his partner, which could make them fight. Lastly, since they would both be afraid of losing the other, it could cause major problems in their relationship. So, to sum up, it would rest on how much they are willing to give up and how hard they are willing to work to make the relationship work. So, the Virgo man and Pisces woman will be able to live a happy life together if they both try to make an environment where they focus more on the good things than the bad things in the relationship. Read also about how a Pisces man and a Virgo woman get along.

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Virgo gets a bigger picture from Pisces.

Virgo is very organized, pays attention to details, and is picky, but a laid-back Pisces can bring out the inner depths of this earth sign. And while Virgo gives Pisces a place to put their fluid ideas and wild imaginations, the same is also true in the opposite direction. Pisces helps Virgo get out of their comfort zone, lift their head, and look beyond the sky to see what else is out there.

Bond says, “Pisces can definitely help Virgo take their mind off the details and what’s right in front of them so they can dream a little bit.” “Instead of trying to make what’s in front of Virgo better, they can help them think about what could be and imagine something outside of their current reality and what that might look like,” she says. They tell Virgos to dream big and not just be happy with where they are right now.

They can both change.

The fact that both of them can change makes them get along very well. Bond says, “It’s the most changeable of the changeable because it’s also smart.” “Their method is to always try to change, adapt, accommodate, and get better.” This makes both Pisces and Virgo very patient, so they’ll listen when the other person says they have a different point of view. Instead of being stubborn about differences, like a set sign might, they are willing to listen and change their minds.

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They are very close to each other.

They both like things that are perfect, beautiful, and smart, but the bedroom is where they really shine. When a Pisces and a Virgo get into bed together, the two shy signs will feel safe enough to try new things. Even though the sex probably won’t be too wild, it won’t be dull either. Archetypal astrologer Rebecca M. Farrar, MA, told Bustle, “Pisces could be a way for Virgo to loosen up a bit, stop planning so much, and trust their intuition more than their intellect.” This is also true in the bedroom.

“When Pisces and Virgo are in the bedroom together, Virgo would probably take the lead most of the time,” says Bond. “I think the only problem would be if neither of them wanted to. Virgos can sometimes change their minds about what they want, and Pisces is a very open-minded water sign that doesn’t always try to be in charge.”

These two signs may not always agree, and a Virgo may not always be as sensitive as an emotional Pisces would like, but as far as opposite signs go, these two are an astrology match made in heaven. Whether you’re a Virgo or a Pisces, you might find your ideal partner in the sign that is the opposite of yours.


Long-term, the relationship between a Virgo man and a Pisces woman isn’t very smooth, and they almost have to do everything they can to stay together. He is always negative and can be critical at any time, but she can be sad for a long time. When her Virgo man acts like this, she feels cold and doesn’t want to work with him. On the other hand, her mind is always off in a dream, which can be annoying and make him feel like she is not real. Both people need to be able to understand each other and give room for their differences. He needs to be less likely to blame his sensitive Pisces woman, and she needs to pay attention when her man is talking about her. A small number of these kinds of gifts can make a big difference and keep the magic of love alive.

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