From the outside, it may appear to be quite simple to identify unhealthy relationships. If you notice that your friend’s spouse isn’t treating them well, you might want to voice your concerns right away. Or, you can voice your opinion on Twitter and TikTok when a celebrity’s partner cheats on them (been there). The red flags in your personal relationship, though, could be harder to spot and recognize.

Many people frequently overlook the fact that while a relationship needs work to succeed, that work shouldn’t be onerous or exhausting when discussing signals you are not meant to be together. The process should be straightforward and fluid.

If it seems like an uphill struggle all the time, this might not be the right story for you to find your happy ending. Continue reading to learn the warning signals that your relationship is not meant to be.

When a relationship is meant to be, what does it mean?

If a relationship is meant to be, it should enter your life for a specific reason—it might be to teach you a lesson, meet a need, or even complete you.

It’s possible that you’ll have a number of love relationships, each of which will add something special to your life, or that you’ll find that once-in-a-lifetime connection very fast.

You must go through those initial relationships, which are comparable to training or preparation for when the genuine relationship appears. These impart to you the qualities of a true companion, such as tolerance, respect, and communication.

One for whom you are prepared is the mate who is meant to be. Your life has been planned for that someone. Everything is set up to welcome the person, and efforts are being made to ensure that their relationship with the union will be mutually beneficial. Want to learn a special kind of text message that you can send a man or boyfriend right now that will unlock a hidden, ravenous desire for you? Our friend and expert relationship guide Amy North’s Text Chemistry Guide will teach you how to do just that! It is psychologically designed to make him obsess over you. Crave you. And love you like he’s never been in love before. It doesn’t matter if you’re single, in a relationship, or if you’re trying to get your ex back… I highly recommend you use the texts provided by Amy North. The texts will work in almost any situation and you will be shocked and amazed by how effective it is. 

21 telltale indicators your relationship is not meant to be

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Even if some relationships are just meant to be, others are not. No partnership is faultless. Every couplehood involves some work because it takes two distinct personalities with different habits and lifestyles to try to succeed in a relationship.

There will inevitably be idiosyncrasies, arguments, and even fights, but a healthy couple can usually handle these situations with open communication. However, a partnership that might not endure the test of time is frequently rather obvious to the outside world.

Here is a study that demonstrates how to predict whether a relationship will endure. If not to the persons themselves, then at least to their close friends and family, there are usually quite obvious signals that you aren’t meant to be together.

1. Regular disagreements or disputes

Arguments every now and then are inevitable in a couple. If you didn’t argue or quarrel occasionally over something—perhaps the fact that the laundry isn’t folded separately—there would have to be a lack of caring. It is a necessary component of a passionate, devoted relationship.

Imagine that these disagreements escalate into battles that occur daily and without interruption, causing unrest in the home. If so, that doesn’t show passion; rather, it shows poor communication and a lack of regard for one another.

2. When you two actually don’t get along.

The key is to like each other before you can fall in love. One of the overt indications that you’re not meant to be together is if you start to despise the other person yet still loving them.

When you don’t want to be with someone and try your hardest to postpone leaving for the day’s end, it’s time for things to change.

3. Paying attention isn’t a team sport.

When neither of you is paying attention to what the other person is saying, you could start to question if perhaps we’re not meant to be.

When two individuals aren’t paying attention to what the other has to say, it’s not just one of the telltale symptoms that they’re not meant to be together; it also shows a certain level of disrespect.

4. Social media serves as a dating guide

When a couple is trying to solve a problem, communication is crucial. It could be detrimental if one partner in the relationship adds a third party into their enterprise.

It’s overstepping the line when someone asks the entire social media community for advice, and that’s a deal-breaker in almost any relationship.

Most friends may wonder whether they are sharing this match with another person or a group, and whether they are together or not.

5. Fizzles after a heated start.

When tremendous lust, infatuation, and periods of exceptional sex are followed by the need to communicate as a dating pair, the question “are we good together” may come up.

You might only have a strong physical attraction in common, and once that flame dies down, you might discover there isn’t much more to it.

6. The honeymoon is over

In a similar line, even the honeymoon period will eventually end if you can accept that the physical desire is waning and move on to an emotional partnership.

You will eventually have to decide whether you can put up with the other person’s “flaws” and regulations in order to move toward a commitment.

You should consider this one of the signals you’re not meant to be together if you can’t picture yourself being completely devoted to this particular individual.

7. Only one person lifts the weight.

One indication that you don’t matter to someone is when you seem to be making all the concessions in a partnership. Not everybody belongs in your life.

You might not want someone in your life who is unconsiderate or even disrespectful and won’t take the time to assist with a task or is rigid in other areas of daily life.

8. Complaints or criticism are often

Maintaining the relationship may become the last thing you want to do if you are the target of ongoing complaints or criticism.

Though that raises the question of “are we good together” given how these incidents affect your self-confidence, it can simply be the other person’s temperament.

9. Controlling should be an obvious indication.

Abuse of any kind should serve as a strong warning that the two of you are not intended to be together and should end immediately. If necessary, seek support.

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A poisonous circumstance is presented by someone who starts to exert influence over you, and it only becomes worse over time. It is risky and stupid to turn a blind eye in the hopes that things will become better. For more on what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy, consult this guide.

10. Financial instability

Along with having different perspectives on managing money, having unequal incomes is one of the telltale signals that a relationship is not meant to be. Healthy couples who come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds frequently achieve a harmonious balance in their union.

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But if the two of you both have very different perspectives on the budget, it can make your relationship much more difficult. Couples who don’t get along frequently have financial issues.

11. A homebody and a socialite

When you first get together, you think that everything can be accomplished, despite any difficulties that may arise. Unfortunately, there are some situations that can be more of a problem than you’re prepared to admit.

Whether you want to think about it or not, it’s a clue that you’re not meant to be together if one of you regularly enjoys going out with friends and having a good time while the other prefers quiet time at home by the fire.

How, or more accurately, who, are you going to reach this compromise? It’s a thought to ponder.

12. Distance-based romance

No one wants to accept that long-distance relationships can be challenging, and many become defensive when others say that it is possible and likely that they will be the only couple to succeed.

But how can you really tell if you’re right for each other without frequent, physical connection when you only see someone maybe once every other month while getting to know them through texts or emails?

You miss out on not just getting to know the other person fully, but you also miss out on noticing the red flags that your relationship is not meant to be.

13. Will wed within a month

After just one month of dating, your ideal partner—the person you were supposed to marry—arrives out of the blue. You were afraid you would never find the one. Even so, is that possible?

Some respond in the affirmative. Even relationships with little to no wooing may last for decades. Marriage is generally a big commitment to make after such a short time, just to discover that you’re not compatible at some point (typically soon after the honeymoon phase).  

Wait until you come to know the real you before you truly commit, even if you are certain that this person is intended to be your mate. The only person you genuinely have no business being with is the one you stand to lose.

14. We don’t value opinions here

There is a lot of disagreement over various viewpoints rather than mutual respect. Don’t make a commitment to them. There are so many indications that you are not meant to be with this person.

Everyone is free to express their opinions, and the person we choose to spend the rest of our lives with should respect and listen to them while also understanding and agreeing with them on any issue.

You don’t need to concur. You probably won’t agree on everything, but if you’re intended to be together, you won’t argue about these disagreements either.

15. Excuses are not a recommendation.

It’s not appropriate to advise an apology when someone is in the wrong. No matter who started the fight or dispute or what was at issue, if you discover that you’re always the one to apologize, that may be a sign that you two aren’t a good match.

Both parties in a partnership should shoulder their fair share of the burden, which includes apologizing when necessary. It is disrespectful to a partner’s sentiments to fail to do so.

16. Spending time together comes last.

When you’re not given top priority in your partner’s life, it is one indication that you’re not meant to be together.

Suppose you plan a date night since you haven’t had much alone time lately, but your spouse cancels in favor of a sports night with a friend or decides to put in more work at the office.

17. Unsuitable partners in the bedroom

If you’re sexually mismatched, it’s one of the clearest signals that you’re not meant to be together. One of the key elements in developing closeness, trust, and intimacy in a relationship is sex.

It’s one of the ways you can open yourself and get to know someone else. If you and your partner are unable to have it, you might discover that the two of you are simply not compatible.

Not every motive to put an end to a relationship is sexual. If you are incredibly compatible in all other areas but sex, there may be a medical problem or another factor at play.

18. Close relatives and friends are not on board

We highly value the opinions of our family and close friends. Whether we like to acknowledge it or not, what our partners think of us affects our relationship, especially with the partner they may or may not like.

If your significant other doesn’t get along with your family or closest friend, he or she won’t want to interact with them because they won’t make him or her feel comfortable.

While your relatives and friends will put up with this person so they can see you, they are unlikely to make life simple for you or your relationship. As a result, you may wonder if your partner is the one for you.

19. Jealousy makes an appearance

When jealousy takes control, that’s one clue that you two aren’t meant to be together.

Your partner is more than the wrong person for you if you find that you cannot bring them to any event without a fight about you talking to someone, they think you were flirting, or you were acting inappropriately.

This amount of jealousy verges on being domineering. There should be no justification for the insecurity if you haven’t provided any cause for jealousy. You can try talking things out to resolve the conflict, but it’s unlikely that you two will get along in the long run.

20. Secrets or lies

That should be enough to determine whether the individual is right for you if there have ever been any falsehoods or secrets shared in the connection. Not at all. These two aspects undermine mutual trust.

It’s time to move on to a partner with whom you can forge that link when trust is lost because there is no longer a sound, healthy partnership.

21. Wait, let’s try once again (and once more)

Maybe this was your third breakup, but you still want to give it another shot. These instances are all indicators that you are not meant to be together. There were obstacles that prevented it from working.

Avoiding real concerns keeps you from concluding the issues and going on to a happy, stable relationship.

It’s time to get down and talk about why you don’t get along so that each of you can let go. This requires great communication and active listening abilities.

last thoughts

Why attempt to maintain a relationship that is unhealthy for you? Being single and content is preferable to remaining in an unsuitable and potentially unhealthy relationship.

You can be ignoring the perfect partner who is standing right in front of you because you are interacting with the incorrect person. Shake it off and scan the area.

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