There is a certain amount of closeness that comes with being in a relationship. But occasionally, that sensation just fades away. Even in the greatest of circumstances, relationships can be difficult, so it’s critical to recognize when anything is wrong.

Sometimes you’ll have to bring out the problem for him because he could not even be aware that it’s there.

21 Indices That Your Boyfriend Isn’t Attracted to You Sexually

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1. He Will Not Flirt With You

One of the primary indicators that he doesn’t want you sexually is this. I once had a partner who friendzoned me whenever I tried to flirt.

We had been dating for a time when I realized that flirty advances were met with comments that seemed pleasant but weren’t provocative. I abruptly understood that he simply wasn’t interested in me anymore.

It stung, and admitting it wasn’t simple. I needed more time to actually admit it to myself. However, if someone repeatedly avoids making flirtatious comments to you, they are telling you that they are no longer interested to you sexually.

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2. He avoids spending time with you alone.

He just doesn’t desire a sexual relationship with you if you’ve given him plenty of chances to be alone with you and he’s come up with excuses.

Someone that wants you won’t pass up the chance to get laid with you. To make it happen, he will seek out some alone time.

He is attempting to express his disinterest in you by avoiding time alone in the hopes that he won’t actually have to reject you bluntly.

It’s important for you to see this as the rejection it really is because he probably believes he’s being polite.

3. He rebuffs your advances toward sex

Have you made overt sexual advances and are wondering why he hasn’t responded? He is either unavailable or uninterested, which is the same thing. A man who is interested in you sexually will quickly accept your overt sexual insinuation or direct sexual request. I’m hesitant to tell you that anything less than approval constitutes rejection.

Although men are frequently blamed for sexually harassing women, anyone is capable of intimidating and harassing others.

4. He Uses Excuses to Avoid Sexual Contact

There may be a physical or mental health issue at hand if you’re in a relationship with this individual and they start giving you reasons not to have sex.

It’s also conceivable that he simply no longer desires you sexually.

He could not genuinely have a headache at all if he continues to employ the “headache” defense but refuses your offers of an over-the-counter pain reliever to ease him out.

5. He spends less time with you.

He just doesn’t desire you sexually if he suddenly has less time to be with you even though nothing has changed in his schedule.

You better believe he would move heaven and earth to make it happen if he did. Making time is a deliberate action. If he isn’t rearranging his schedule to make time for sex with you, he isn’t really interested.

Ouch! I’m aware it hurts. However, a person who is sincere about wanting you will let you know that they are planning their schedule to be with you in that way.

In the meanwhile, they’ll get in touch with seductive texts or images. They won’t leave you hanging, unsure of whether they still think you attractive.

You’ll be able to tell he doesn’t want you if he isn’t making time.

6. He doesn’t look you in the eye

It’s probable that he no longer finds you attractive if he starts to avoid making eye contact with you. He may have avoided or felt uncomfortable making eye contact.

He might be considering someone else, after all.

It’s quite acceptable to wonder what exactly he is hiding from you if he isn’t looking at you; however, if your sex life is nonexistent and he won’t even look at you, you know he isn’t engaged in the relationship.

If he was, he would be working to maintain that spark.

There may be a variety of reasons why he breaks eye contact, but one of them could be that he has lost interest.

7. He fails to maintain his personal hygiene.

He might have a physical or mental health issue if he starts to neglect his personal hygiene, but it’s also conceivable that he’s lost interest in you sexually.

Someone who wants to strip you naked will probably take a shower and check their cleanliness.

You should be worried if he is not engaging in any of those activities.

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If they cease cleaning up after themselves and generally putting forth an effort, it’s conceivable that they’re attempting to turn you off so they won’t have to admit they’re no longer attracted to you.

8. Sex is quick and boring

He might not want you sexually any longer, or he might be mistakenly thinking that he can phone it in and you won’t pick it up if you find yourself in the world’s shortest sexual situation in missionary position the entire time trying to conceal a yawn.

He’s not really into you if the sexual encounters are brief, lack foreplay, and feel forced.

Seriously. You’ll know if he has sexual feelings for you. He should be interested in your enjoyment.

9. He frequently seems annoyed by you.

He feels irritated by you and distanced from you, which is one of the indications that he doesn’t want to have sex with you.

He once thought you were adorable, but now he’s always irritated.

When he loses interest in you sexually, this occurs. He is explaining to you and to himself why you feel distant from him.

Instead of acknowledging he’s just not feeling it anymore, he might make you the issue if he can manage to maintain his irritation. Someone who is sexually attracted to you won’t be annoyed by you all the time.

Every action you take will irritate someone who no longer views you in that light because they are searching for an excuse to leave rather than being truthful about the genuine reason.

10. He Is Unaware of Positive Alterations

new haircut? new attire? He has stopped caring if he no longer notices when you make progress.

Otherwise, he would be so tuned into you that he would bring it up.  He’s probably no longer attracted if your attempts to dress up and look sexier aren’t being noticed.

He might not really notice you since he is so cut off from you.

11. He Makes Negative Remarks About Physical Changes

He doesn’t notice the improvements you’ve made, but he certainly remarks on the flaws.

If you’ve gained weight, are wearing sweatpants because you’re not feeling great, or are wearing a color he dislikes. An ex-partner once made fun of me for wearing a bathing suit. Since getting divorced and having children, it was the first one I had worn around a partner. Already I felt embarrassed.

It was terrible to have him aggressively critique my appearance at a time when I already felt exposed.

I would have a hard time admitting what was really happening, but I can still clearly recall how awful it was. My ability to see that the relationship was emotionally abusive took a full year.

Someone who genuinely cares about you won’t try to make you feel inferior. Depending on what they say and how they say it, it might be an indication of apathy or abuse.

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12. He would rather have sex by himself than with you

He spends more time masturbating than really having sex with you, his partner, and this is one of the most obvious signals that he doesn’t want you sexually.

You might want to pay attention if he has a partner who he could have sex with but yet chooses to have it with himself.

He wouldn’t spend the entire day in the shower by himself if he was attracted to you and has a sex desire.

He shouldn’t reject you in order to satisfy his own sexual appetite. Accept that he is no longer interested if this is the case and carry on. It’s a clear indication that he no longer harbors the same level of desire for you.

13. He feels emotionally and physically distant from me.

Does he seem emotionally and physically removed from you? Does he retreat when you get close to him or get silent when you ask him what’s going on?

Both of these indicate that he is no longer attracted to you sexually.

14. His hand is preferred.

There is nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying oneself, but if you see him doing it more regularly and substituting you with his hand, there may be trouble on the horizon.

Any male will always chose his girlfriend for personal relations. If not, you need to talk to him and find out why he is acting in this way.

15. He no longer shows you affection

When he no longer greets you with a kiss or hug, that could be the first indication that your lover is losing interest in you.

This could imply that he is losing interest in you or that he no longer sees the same potential in you. If this occurs, it’s crucial to speak out about what’s happening rather than keeping quiet because silence can breed anger if one person thinks their significant other is ignoring them.

16. He has been binge-watching porn

Men will remain men. The majority of guys occasionally indulge in seeing a “blue movie”.

However, if you notice that he is watching significantly more porn than before, this could be a large symptom of his sexual frustration and could also mean that he no longer thinks you to be sexually attractive.

Additionally, porn is so unrealistic that it could make you feel less than a lady. However, the fact remains that he is acting in this way for a reason. You must ascertain the cause.

17. Only when he is intoxicated does he sleep with you.

Another sad indication that your lover no longer finds you sexually attractive is if he only wants to do the act with you after downing a few beers.

He is acting in a way that he wouldn’t normally do since he is inhibited while drinking alcohol, which causes us to loose our inhibitions.

If so, it would be best if you choose the moral high ground and cut the cord. Many men would do anything to be with you, and they exist.

Better is due to you!

18. He stays away from you.

He may have a pattern of avoiding you, or perhaps this is a new behavior for him.

When he decides to avoid you, you could feel abandoned or even mistreated. You must ascertain the cause of this conduct.

Is it as a result of his affair? Or is it possible that he doesn’t like how you two are together?

You may need to take into account the possibility that his avoidance is related to the fact that he is no longer attracted to you sexually if you are asking yourself these kinds of questions.

19. You’ve abandoned yourself.

Okay, so the pandemic is still going on, but before the outbreak, we used to dress up and apply cosmetics every day.

You dress like the homeless woman on the street the most of the time, wearing sweats and a disheveled bun.

Men are very visual beings. Although you don’t have to dress to the nines every day, make sure you occasionally put some effort into how you appear because they appreciate seeing you at your finest.

When you gather yourself, your man’s desire for you may greatly increase.

20. You act in an unattractive manner.

When we become accustomed to someone, it’s simple to develop undesirable habits. The habits I’m referring about here are the filthy ones.

You frequently fart and burp, and when you go to the bathroom, you don’t shut the door.

Even though it may appear sweet and innocent and like you and your man are truly close, some men find this to be utterly repulsive.

It isn’t ladylike, and he is turned off by it, which makes him lose interest in you sexually.

21. He chooses to argue about the silliest topics.

Does it appear that your man seeks out issues to debate with you about?

He almost seems to crave conflict so he can use it as an excuse to avoid you.

If you observe this behavior, it can be a hint that he’s trying to avoid becoming close to you.

Why? You’ll have to look at the context of your relationship in order to get the solution, though.

Reasons your spouse might not be interested in having sex


He may have too much on his plate if he starts to lose his libido. Whether it’s work-related stress, family stress, chronic pandemic stress, cost of living stress, childcare stress, a bereavement stress, financial hardship, or a host of other life stressors. One of the main causes of diminished libido2 and sex drive in people of all genders is stress.

A body image

Men can experience body image difficulties and concern about their appearance since they are also exposed to unrealistic beauty standards in the media and diet culture. Particularly if he recently underwent weight loss or increase, had surgery, sustained an injury, or underwent any other procedure that altered his physical appearance. Low self-esteem and lack of sexual confidence have been connected to body image and weight3, according to research.

Behavioral health

Losing his desire for sex could be a precursor to sadness, anxiety4, a relapse, or just that his mental health isn’t great right now.


Many types of antidepressants, such as SSRIs5, antihistamines, and specific cardiac drugs, such as beta blockers and medication for blood pressure6, have regularly been found to have a detrimental impact on libido. If his mental health has also contributed to his loss of sex drive7, this may not be good news, but there are things you can do to ensure that your sex life is not lost.

Health problems

Physical disease is highly stressful and draining, which could be affecting his desire for sex. It could be a chronic problem, a health concern, a recent diagnosis that necessitated hospitalization and/or constant testing and travels to see multiple physicians. The continued stress of the pandemic has also had an influence on erections and libido, as evidenced by the recent research that link having Covid-19 and erectile dysfunction (ED)7, with men who have had Covid-19 being 20% more likely to have ED. It might also be a sign of his general well-being or an early warning sign of a problem. He could want to get his testosterone levels examined to see if that’s a problem because it could also be as simple as low testosterone8.

Yes, contraception is a real thing.

Your boyfriend can be impacted even if you are the one using contraception and managing any unfavorable side effects. Your boyfriend may be experiencing difficulties as well if you are experiencing side effects from the hormonal contraceptive method you are using, such as extreme mood swings, sadness, weight gain, fluid retention, acne, dry vaginal skin, or a decrease in your desire for sex. He will find it very difficult to witness your suffering and the strain it is placing on your relationship if he truly cares about you. It’s also possible that he can detect the strings of your IUD or IUS during intercourse, which might make him feel uneasy or even repulsed.

He’s bored sexually.

Could it be that the intimacy and sex you share are no longer pleasing him? Yes, it does also happen to males! When you’re in a committed relationship or married, it’s quite normal for your sexual urge to diminish. This is partially due to a change in brain chemistry when you adjust to familiarity after the “honeymoon period” spike of dopamine and oxytocin. The stresses of cohabitation and/or parenthood, becoming caught in a sexual routine, or just the fact that he has various erotic needs that are not being met might all be contributing factors. Or it could be due to his attachment style if he has previously experienced relationship boredom and struggled to maintain a committed relationship10.

He is on the spectrum of asexuality.

Differently from Demisexuals and Asexuals, many Asexuals and Demisexuals find penetrative sex to be completely repulsive. Asexuality is a sexual orientation11 and is not something that should be attempted to “heal” or “fix”.

Porn viewers’ unrealistic expectations

You may feel strongly about porn consumption yourself, especially if you’re concerned that your lover would rather watch porn and masturbate than have sex with you. Porn is not intrinsically harmful, and it may be utilized as a tool for self-exploration and shame healing, so this is delicate ground. This new study has shown that people who watch adult movies typically have greater levels of desire for their partners than those who do not, proving that your boyfriend masturbating is not a reflection of how he feels about you12.  We can all agree, though, that porn is not a replacement for sex education. It can lead to serious issues in the bedroom when you are with a real-life partner if your primary sources of sex and sexual expression are watching porn.

Problems in your marriage

Your boyfriend’s desire for sex may be affected if you are having persistent relationship problems, such as increased fighting, problems with trust, inability to reach consensus on really important issues, interference from others, or completely different communication preferences or styles. It goes without saying that having sexual issues will also cause issues in your relationships.

Chat It Out

Talk to him about it if you can tell that he isn’t interested in you sexually. Inform him that you have noticed. Determine whether you can resolve this or if he has already moved on.

You are old enough to have these mature discussions about what you’re doing — or not doing — and how it makes you feel if you are old enough to have sex with another consenting adult.

So, discuss it. Choose what works and doesn’t for you. The game is not solely in their hands. It’s up to you whether or not this works for you. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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