Do you want to know if your guy wants to start a relationship with you? Have you been wondering what the indicators are that he wants me to be the mother of his child? Or, do you want children and wonder if he shares your sentiments?

You can find a list of indicators that he secretly wants you pregnant in this article. You can tell if your partner has baby fever and is ready to become a parent by looking out for these signs!

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How to Tell If He Wants to Get You Pregnant

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1. When around infants and kids, he becomes quite animated.

When your partner becomes animated around kids, this is one of the telltale indicators that he wants to get you pregnant. It classifies women as being extremely joyful and excited about having babies. Men, on the other hand, wouldn’t bother or care less. You may have previously observed this quality in your lover.

However, he now becomes ecstatic when kids are present. Now, he behaves differently among children. He even seems to have a lot of inquiries concerning the kids.

So, what do they consume, for instance? How frequently should you change your diaper? How is the formula for the baby made? He shows a lot of interest in the kids, as if he’s covertly getting ready to be a junior.

2. He discusses the future, which encompasses you.

Women adore it when a man discusses his plans for them in the future. We women frequently express our excitement when he advances a situation.

We are unaware that our boyfriends want to become parents to us in the meantime. Dang! How could we have missed that? Love Connection claims that your boyfriend might discuss upcoming activities.

When such thoughts are on you, he conveys his confidence and desire for you to play a significant role in his life. This is a strong indication that he is ready to build a family with you and a child.

3. He is excellent with children

The ability of your guy to deal with children is a crucial indicator that he wants to get you pregnant. Many men are good with children. But lately, you might have observed that your partner has improved in his interactions with kids. He is pleased around kids and enjoys every moment. This can be a leading sign that he is dying to have a baby of his own with you.

It’s nice if you have the same opinion about how things stand with him. But you must let him know right away if you’re not prepared for that significant life change. Do it before the thought of having a baby with you takes over his thoughts.

4. He desires that you stop using birth control.

Do you hear your partner talking to you like that? Is he pleading with you to stop taking your birth control pills? Your man wants a child now, girl!

The answer to that is provided by Sonya Schwartz of Her Norm. You should always ask him why if he proposes that you stop taking your birth control tablets, according to the article.

You’d have a greater chance of understanding his motivations if you did this. He might give a flimsy reply, like, “We already use condoms.” You must be really watchful and take note of all the other signs, since they can indicate that he wants a child right now.

Why? This is due to the fact that your man ought to be able to talk to you normally regarding having sex. You ought to be able to discuss further facets of sexual activity. He ought not to turn it into such an important choice.

It claims your partner might ask you to stop taking your medications so he can become closer to you. He wants to know if you are ready for the same things he is.

5. He always desires unguarded sex

Visihow considers this to be an important indication. Unprotected intercourse signals your man’s desire to become pregnant with you. Here’s a quick question for you: When did your spouse last wear a condom?

I’ll hazard a bet that you can’t recall. During your sex, your guy can cease wearing condoms. He often remarks, “You’re too good. I am unable to restrain myself.

This can be a hint that he’s trying to conceive a child for you. The only reason you would use a condom after being together for so long is to avoid becoming pregnant. So, sis, if you notice he hasn’t bought a packet in a while, something is wrong!

You might have also permitted your man to engage in sexual activity without using a condom. When this happens, your boyfriend will respond instantly to move away from you to stop ejaculating inside you.

6. He volunteers to watch children for family or friends.

Your man might offer to watch your niece while your sister is away for the weekend. In normal conditions, you would accept the offer, but this time, he might have defeated you.

It’s a hint if your guy jumps right into babysitting responsibilities and is enthusiastic to watch over children. He could be indicating that he’s prepared for one. Babysitting responsibilities frequently make your guy incredibly irritable.

He now finds the idea to be generally acceptable and enjoys spending a lot of time with children. You may also observe that he no longer becomes irritated when the kids start to cry.

It demonstrates that he has gained knowledge regarding infants. This can be a precursor that he’s ready to have a child.

7. He is fixated with photos of himself as a child.

Visihow claims that your boyfriend might pull off this ruse. He pulls out infant pictures of himself and his family, which triggers memories of his early years.

This may be an innate urge to make a smaller version of himself. He has a wistful smile on his face as he studies the pictures.

He seems to be envisioning what his firstborn will look like at that age with this expression. You may even try to ask him, “babe, do you want a baby already?’ And your guy will misstep or ignore your inquiry. But all you need to know what’s going on is the expression in his eyes.

8. He gives you the truth.

This is the clearest indication that your man wants to get pregnant with you. He approaches you and tells you up front that he is prepared for this. Do you?

Your lover would occasionally let you know that he wanted to start a family with you. Being caught off guard? Male fertility is common. Some people want to start a family more than women do.

This is why it shouldn’t be shocking when your partner brings up this subject in conversation with you. You must choose the right moment to speak with him about this important matter.

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It’s acceptable if you’re not prepared and don’t feel the same. You must inform your partner and decide together what is best for the relationship going forward.

9. He continues mentioning the appearance of your future children.

The “what my baby will look like” discussion typically begins with women in relationships. There isn’t a lot of male talk. However, you notice that your partner is discussing what

How “Our” children will appear. His family’s traits and yours could become a big topic. He has grown very curious about whose features the baby would most likely adopt.

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If he were to find himself reflecting about it. He wants to start a family with the person he loves the most and sees himself spending the rest of his life with you.

10. Your boyfriend is starting to talk about baby names

Are you getting these kinds of questions from your boyfriend? He always tells you about funny names he finds in books as he is reading them to you.

He would even go so far as to send you text messages with little names and their meanings attached. Typically, women have a lengthy list of prospective baby names in their notes.

Men may not always have this habit. Here, infant fever has risen to a temperature of nearly 80°F.

Ask April claims that men don’t talk about such things. In other words, they wait to have a child till it is time. This is a blatant indication that he is prepared to send that tail flying.

11. He starts to pay much closer attention to his finances.

Parents have a lot of duty in raising their children. One must make sure they are capable of caring for children when getting ready for a baby. Having children is just one aspect of having children.

Your partner may now come to you, claims Ask April. He is driven to get the money in order. Because he wants to save the majority of his money and avoid spending it on useless expenses, he may even discuss paying off various debts and encourage you to refrain from impulsive purchases and unnecessary shopping.

12. You become aware of his desire for sex while you are ovulating.

Menstrual cycle tracking is a sign that a man wants to get pregnant with you. Most males are unaware of a woman’s ovulation cycle.

But a man will go to any lengths to get what he wants, so long as it takes time to find it out. Even checking the period tracking app you downloaded to your phone can be something your husband does! He will plan intimate times on the days you are ovulating. You might not even be aware of this.

During the height of your ovulation period, sex is typically 10 times better and more exciting. He might be expecting that his fantasy of getting you pregnant tonight if he schedules your dates around your ovulating cycle.

13. Your partner begins to puncture the condoms.

This may come off as a little odd. Nevertheless, you must use caution while having sex with your boyfriend. Yes, he will puncture the condom in order to acquire what he wants.

One of the earliest pranks ever is this one. Just before engaging in sexual activity, he can pierce the condoms for two reasons.

Either they want to get you pregnant or they want to infect you with an STD. However, we are not fretting over the second scenario right now. A man who wants to ejaculate inside of you and have you bear his child may show this desire by poking holes in the condom.

14. He desires sex more frequently than normal.

Has your man’s sex desire recently exceeded all reasonable bounds? Does he intend to become active whenever, whenever, and as he pleases?

That alone does not indicate that he wants to impregnate you. He might be unable to stop himself because he adores having sex with you. Is he usually the one to start things off? He might be making every effort to conceive you.

They claim that if there are other people there, your man might even start touching you. These touches indicate that he wants to follow you wherever you go and is doing so by touching you.

Additionally, it suggests that he wants to spend more time with you and that he might be prepared to have a family with you.

15. He’s starting to look after himself better.

A man will go through various different stages in his life. Typically, the realization that he is not only living for himself occurs just before a man decides he wants to have a child.

Thus, he needs make some beneficial lifestyle modifications. Men who want to have children frequently cut back on their excessive partying.

They will soon begin concentrating on improving themselves so that they can be the best fathers for their kids. A would-be father would make sure his physique is in good shape.

16. Constantly praises you for being a fantastic mother.

You might have dealt with a circumstance involving your nieces and nephews. Your man notices it and gives you a complement. Just because you get along well with kids doesn’t imply you’re ready to have your own. He would have to respect your choice over when to have children.

Another clue is, anything that you’re engaged in, your man would compliment you for it. For some reason, babies and pregnancy are usually mentioned in that compliment.

For instance, you might have prepared a delectable meal or convinced your nieces to settle down for a sleep. Then he would say that any child would be lucky to have you as their mother and that you would be a wonderful mom.

17. He develops a strong bond with your family

Any potential partner needs to get to know your family. When a man wants to commit to you for the rest of his life and advance the relationship, you’ll recognize it.

He will be quite eager to meet your family and will be very determined to fit in. Our partner will go out of her way to meet your family. Why? He knows that those are the people you cherish. He would use your family to get closer to you if he wanted to.

It almost seems as though he wants them to like him and form that unique bond with their in-laws. He wants kids to think of him as a constant in their lives who won’t leave.

It’s possible that he wants to have a child with you. He considers it crucial for his children to develop solid relationships with each and every member of their family.

Can a man tell when his girlfriend is expecting?

Yes, a guy can detect a woman’s pregnancy. He may know it depending on the period of conception. Additionally, there is a syndrome known as sympathetic pregnancy or couvade.

A male has pregnancy symptoms at this point. He might experience nausea, bloating, weight gain, etc. as a result.

How do I inform my partner that I am carrying his child?

You should inform your lover about your pregnancy as soon as possible. This will enable him to actively participate in the baby’s preparation.

For instance, if you and your partner were attempting, you could achieve this by surprising your man.


Having children is a gift from God. If you are ready for it, it is a beautiful thing. You might observe that your guy is behaving strangely. To determine if he is prepared, pay attention to the signals listed above.

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Any partnership needs to have open communication. You two ought to be able to talk about your decision to become pregnant. When the time comes for you to create a family and have a child, you should be on the same page.

Finding out how he feels requires effective communication as well.

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