Have you ever considered what ladies are truly drawn to? Have you ever wondered what attributes women are attracted to in a magical way?

Top 100 Qualities of a Good Man In A Relationship

Even if the advertising industry would have you believe that all you need is an expensive automobile and a Hugo Boss suit to attract the most amazing girls into your life, most women are unconcerned about the car you drive or the brands you wear.

It doesn’t matter what monetary possessions you have if you don’t want to hook up with a gold digger whose main purpose is to take you to the cleaners. Women are drawn to qualities that have nothing to do with your bank account.

The truth is that women are drawn to males who possess certain characteristics. By that, I don’t mean whether you resemble Ashton Kutcher. When I say attributes, I’m referring to your fundamental convictions, beliefs, and personality characteristics.

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Top 100 Qualities of a Good Man In A Relationship

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  • Confidence

A self-assured man is one of the things that women are drawn to the most. When it comes to approaching and meeting ladies, confidence is the most important factor to consider.

  • Decisiveness

When it comes to dating a guy, one thing that women despise is when he lacks the courage or willingness to make decisions. If you want women to appreciate you, you must make decisions that benefit both her and you.

  • Leadership

Women have an innate yearning to be led by men, despite feminists’ claims that they are only fulfilled after they occupy a leadership role.

  • Self-Love

If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love others, and even more importantly, others won’t be able to love you.

  • Having a Positive Self-Image

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? You don’t get the girls if you see an innocent guy. Close your eyes and you’ll see a great man.

  • Emotional Stability

You must be the one to embrace her and save her when her world crumbles.

  • Physical Capacity

Women want to know if you can protect them, even though emotional strength is more vital.

  • Vulnerability

Don’t act like you’re a god who can’t be destroyed. Admitting your emotions enables her to do so as well.

  • Intelligence

When given the option, no woman wants to date a man who is as stupid as a loaf of bread.

  • Playfulness

Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a serious robot. Due of my German heritage, I had to learn this the hard way.

  • Sexual Self-Belief

To be attracted to you, a woman must understand that you will escalate and that when the time comes, you will fuck her.

  • No Sexual Responsibilities

A woman can only enjoy sex with a man who does not feel guilty about having sex with her.

  • Arrogance

Even though everyone claims arrogance is a bad quality, it attracts a lot of women (even if they would never admit it).

  • Being an Effective Listener

You’ll gain all the knowledge you need to entice her just listening to her words, and she’ll get the impression that you genuinely care.

  • Trying new things

Which is more appealing to women: Indiana Jones or an accountant?

  • Well-travelled

Traveling expands your horizons and forces you to push yourself beyond of your comfort zone. Women are aware of this and respect it.

  • Attitude towards others

A girl wants to date someone who isn’t frightened to accompany her to parties and activities.

  • Positivity

A woman is always a reflection of the man with whom she is associated. She will be happy if you are happy, which is precisely what she desires.

  • Dominance

One of the most powerful aphrodisiacs for women is dominance, especially in the bedroom. During sex, forget about gender equality.

  • Personal Opinion

It’s one thing to have your own viewpoint. The highest discipline is expressing this opinion to a hot girl.

  • Avoiding a Defensive Attitude

What if she starts causing a ruckus? You’re doing it incorrectly if you start defending yourself and escalating the drama.

  • Having the Ability to Love

Is it possible for you to love a woman? She will sense if you aren’t.

  • Having the Ability to Receive Love

Is it possible for you to accept love from a woman? You will destroy yourself from the start if you aren’t because you are frightened of falling in love.

  • Honesty

More than anything else, honesty can lead to sex.

  • Authenticity

The phrases “honesty” and “authenticity” are the same thing. Authenticity in all circumstances demonstrates that you are at ease with yourself.

  • Empathy

Women desire males who will look after them while they are in distress. You wouldn’t do that if you didn’t have empathy.

  • Fearlessness

The combination of no approach anxiety and no commitment phobia is incredibly appealing.

  • Before you act, think about it.

Don’t be rash and say anything you’ll come to regret afterwards.

  • Respect

Women want to be treated with respect in all areas, even if they want to be your slut in the bedroom.

  • He is responsible for his own life.

Are you in charge of your life or do you still live with your parents at the age of 30?

  • Others’ Accountability

Are you willing to step in and take care of her? Great, she now believes you are a true leader.

  • Sensuality

You gaze her in the eyes, kiss her, and murmur “I love you” in her ear like a sensuous guy. That’s the kind of nonsense that gets her juices flowing.

  • Hygiene

You won’t have any luck with women unless you shower at least once a year. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

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Top 100 Qualities of a Good Man In A Relationship
  • Style

A fashionable outfit demonstrates that you are a man she can introduce to her friends without fear of them laughing.

  • Trustworthiness

She will not go on a second date with you if she believes you would cheat on her after two days.

  • Success

Success that is defined by you rather than by society is tremendously appealing.

  • Uniqueness

Do you have a dull job, watch three hours of TV per day, and live in the suburbs? You are one of a kind…

  • Being Honest

Stop acting like you’re the coolest motherfucker on the planet. Being genuine is significantly less ludicrous and far more effective when it comes to seducing ladies.

  • Being Sensitive

You have feelings, and those emotions, especially if you’re attracted to an exceptional girl, want to come out. Don’t suffocate them.

  • Sexual Observation

Women believe that if you had ten girlfriends instead of zero, you would be better in bed. That is a proven fact.

  • Experiential Learning

A man who has lived in three different nations is more appealing than a man who has never been outside of his home country.

  • Status

Material status isn’t nearly as significant as social prestige.

  • Being in good physical shape

If you’re 100 pounds overweight, you should first make sure you won’t have a heart attack while having sex before approaching women.

  • Passion

Women desire a man who is passionate about them and will take them wherever he wants.

  • Women Who Love Each Other

Despite the fact that disliking women appears to be incredibly fashionable right now, it is the quickest way to wind up viewing porn till you die.

  • Experiencing Life

Do you make the most of your life or do you let it pass you by? All you have to do is recall your experiences from the previous year to acquire the answer.

  • The Desire for Liberty

Women don’t want to be certain that they will be able to keep you. That’s tedious.

  • Generosity

It’s far more admirable to assist a homeless man than it is to pay for her dinner.

  • Independence

You’ll have a hard time attracting great girls into your life unless you learn to be independent of other people’s opinions.

  • Challenging

Women adore men that push them to their limits. Why? There can only be sexual energy if there is friction.

  • Loyalty

If she wants to be your girlfriend, she wants to know if you are trustworthy.

  • Mysteriousness

It’s not necessarily a bad thing if she doesn’t know everything there is to know about you.

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  • Masculine Power

You are a guy, and you should act accordingly.

  • Using Female Energy for Fun

You should respect the duality of masculine and female energy, and you should light her fire.

  • Taking Things Slowly

The capacity to relax and enjoy life shows that you are self-assured.

  • Having Objectives

You’ve already lost if a woman asks you what you want to accomplish next year and you say, “I don’t know.”

  • Having a Goal

Having goals is excellent, but you won’t know why you’re going in this direction until you have a vision.

  • Being Unpredictable

Pick her up, take her on a road trip, then smack her in the face with the steering wheel. This is going to make her fall in love with you.

  • Being Opinionated

She wants to know why you chose her, as well as whether or not you had other possibilities.

  • Being Angry

Women put you to the test with their words, and if you fail, they become as dry as a desert.

  • Appearance that is well-kept

Just make sure you don’t resemble Gandalf the Grey.

  • Reliability

If you tell her you’ll meet her at the bus station at 5 p.m., you must be there at that time.

  • Being open-minded is a virtue.

Vibrators and handcuffs are not to be feared.

  • Being Recognized

When a lady sees that you are respected by others, she will respect you as well.

  • Having your work admired

It’s much better when you’re looked up to by others. You are the boss once more.

  • Having a Large Social Circle is Beneficial

A guy with no pals can’t possibly be likable.

  • When You’re Asked for Advice

When others seek your counsel, it demonstrates that you have a wealth of knowledge and experience…and that you sincerely want to assist them.

  • Being forthright

If you tell her what you want, there’s a good chance she’ll do it.

  • Desire for Personal Development

A man who has given up on himself will not be able to find love.

  • Interesting Hobbies

You are not required to participate in bungee jumping. Everything will be OK as long as you are enthusiastic about your activities.

  • She adores children.

Even if a woman only wants to hit you, she can’t turn off her maternal instincts.

  • Unwinded

You should assure her that everything will be fine whenever she is concerned about the future.

  • To the point

When you’re simply a doctor, don’t believe you’re god.

  • Protective

A lady wants to know that you are concerned about her well-being.

  • Without Jealousy

A man who isn’t envious is one who understands that being with him is the greatest alternative for her.

  • Hard-Working

A strong work ethic demonstrates that you care about your future.

  • He Is Passionate About His Work

What kind of man would waste his time on something he despises? That’s something only a desperate and insecure man would do.

  • Her Personality has piqued my interest.

You should learn more about her personality in addition to starring at her ass.

  • Her Life Has Piqued Your Interest

When she tells you about her last vacation, don’t fall asleep.

  • Romantic

Candles, soft music, and dim lighting are the tools of a true seducer.

  • Treat her as a lady.

Even if feminists wish to change that, women are not males.

  • Being a Loving Person

Once you’ve undressed her, focus entirely on her enjoyment.

  • Being a Warrior is a difficult task.

Don’t start a fight, but be ready to defend her if necessary.

  • Can Handle Money

It is not necessary to be wealthy. You simply need to demonstrate that you are not irresponsible.

  • Mature

There is a time for childishness and a time for maturity.

  • Politeness

Will you strip down to your underwear and urinate on the floor if you meet her parents? She must be aware of this.

  • Aggressive Sexual Behavior

It is your responsibility to initiate contact, especially when it comes to sex.

  • Exceptional Kisser

A bulldog kiss is the last thing any lady wants.

  • Not Afraid of Being Touched

You must guide her through the process of seduction. Only by not being frightened to touch her will you be able to accomplish this.

  • Complimenting Others

Women appreciate compliments, particularly when they are genuine.

  • Non-Judgmental

Don’t judge her for expressing herself sexually; she’ll do whatever you want with you.

  • Sincere in their values

Just because you’re horny doesn’t mean you should forget about your values.

  • In Bed Comfortable

Giving a woman several orgasms is the quickest method to make her fall in love with you.

  • I’m not here for her.

A domesticated pet is a man who lives for a lady.

  • Assertiveness

Just because your tiny princess is sad, don’t give up.

  • Following in His Footsteps

You must pursue your course as a man, no matter what.

  • Mentally capable

Can she trust you to be there for her when things go rough, or does she have to worry that you’ll abandon her?

  • Willingness to Look After Her

Women are a lot like kids. If you look after them, they will begin to thrive.

  • Being a Seducer is a difficult job.

You must seduce her, whether you want her to be your fuckbuddy or your wife.

  • Being Your Most Powerful Self

Be your best self and don’t stop until you’ve achieved this point in your growth.

Is he thinking the same thing about you?

If you’ve met a decent man who checks most of the above-mentioned 37 boxes, you’ll want to know if he feels the same way about you.

The truth is that he could not even realize… Men and women are wired differently. When it comes to relationships, we’re all driven by different things. And the majority of the time, we aren’t even aware of what motivates us.

I recently learned about a fascinating new concept in relationship psychology called the hero impulse, which explains a lot about males.

What exactly is it? The hero instinct is the primary biological need men have to provide for and protect women, as I mentioned before in this post.

Men simply want to be your hero. He isn’t an action hero in the same way that Thor is, but he does want to make a difference for the women in his life. Also, he deserves to be recognized for his efforts.

Learning about the hero impulse was a “aha” moment for many women. It was for Pearl Nash, a Hack Spirit writer. Her narrative of how her love life was a train wreck before she discovered the hero instinct can be found here.

To all the ladies out there, I’d want to say:

  • Marry a man who makes each day feel like a new adventure.
  • Marry a man who will be able to make you laugh even when you’re in tears.
  • Marry a man who will work with you to help you become the best version of yourself, rather than trying to change you.

Remember that marriage is all about ‘giving and taking,’ so pick a man who understands how to reciprocate. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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