It can be tough to determine whether someone likes you beyond the level of friendship. However, there are signs that may indicate a deeper issue in the heart and mind of the individual.

I recall being told as a young girl that if a boy was mean to me, it indicated he liked me. It was one of those indications that he favors me over a friend. Later, however, I was informed something quite different. If he likes me, he would compose a love song for me. It might be difficult to decipher all of these contradictory messages!

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Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

Have you ever visited? You have a friend, and all is well between the two of you. You can’t help but wonder, however, whether he has something else in mind. Does he like you? Is he interested in a romantic relationship? Seriously, what does he think?

Flirty friendship and Full-fledged attraction

Fortunately, we have identified all the indications that he likes you more than as a friend. So, you will know immediately if he is interested in pursuing a romantic connection.

This article has been divided into two sections: flirtatious friendship and full-blown crush. The flirtatious friendship indicators are the small alterations he may make to see if you feel the same way about him. The indicators of a full-blown crush indicate that he is already quite interested in you!

If any of these phrases sound familiar, he may soon ask you out, so be prepared, girl.

How to interpret the signals that he likes you more than as a friend

There is one thing to remember about men. If he likes you, he will express it. If you pay close attention, you will quickly recognize the signals. So, keep a watch out for these indications that he likes you more than as a buddy!

He laughs at even your most inane jokes.

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There is evidence to suggest that he may find you attractive if he laughs at your jokes. According to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, laughing at a joke may be an evolutionary sign of attraction.

Humor is indicative of intelligence, originality, and sophisticated communication. These characteristics are surely attractive to a future partner. Attraction consists of more than simply physical characteristics; it also has cognitive components. If he frequently laughs at your jokes, it is possible that he also considers you intellectually attractive.

The true test is whether he laughs at your jokes more than he laughs at others’, or whether he laughs at your jokes even though they are not really amusing. In this situation, he may be subtly indicating that he enjoys your company and want more.

Solicits your opinion on matters.

In addition, if he asks you for your opinion on topics, it may be an indication that he likes you. There are individuals labeled as Sapiosexual, or those attracted to intelligence.

Attraction is not confined to the sight alone; it is also cerebral.

Suppose he frequently solicits your opinion on matters, especially on matters for which he has no practical need (such as what color socks he should wear or how he should style his hair). In this scenario, it may indicate that he respects and values your perspective and knowledge.

Avoids offensive issues in his writings.

The manner in which he texts is a further indicator that he may like you. Does he communicate via text about unpleasant topics, such as flatulence, vomiting, and scabs? When men are interested in you, they prefer to avoid repulsive themes because they don’t want to be associated with something disgusting.

However, when speaking with a friend, men may feel far more comfortable being grotesque.

When guys are attempting to make a favorable first impression, they often want to keep the discussion light, interesting, and humorous. One or two “gross” jokes here and there are acceptable, but if they are constantly texting you about how sick they were after Saturday’s kegger, they are certainly placing you in the “friend-zone.”

Introduce you to their relatives and acquaintances.

Someone who brags about you is proud of you and sees an uncertain future with you. No one will introduce you to their family and friends only to dump you the next day, nor will they invest time in introducing you to their most intimate circles if they have the slightest interest in you.

They go above and above for you.

They exert effort to demonstrate that they care and that you are a priority. These days, it’s not uncommon for people to be confused about whether they’re hanging out or on a date.

Someone who is willing to choose an activity and a location close to you so you don’t have to travel after work, or who is willing to pick you up at your front door, likely views you as more than a buddy.

Remember that while you are determining if someone likes you and if there is a future with them, it is essential to embrace who they are revealing themselves to be. There’s a reason why most positions have a 90-day trial period; if a candidate can’t be on their best behavior in the first three months, they’re terrible.

They make an investment in you

Someone spending their money, time, and other resources on you demonstrates their regard for you. If they aren’t, it indicates they may not consider you to be worth their investment.

Generally, spending time with a friend is referred to as “going dutch.” They are not investing money on sending you flowers, paying for your meals, or covering your movie ticket.

They make future commitments

If we wanted all talk, we’d get a parrot! Look for indicators of genuine interest from someone who walks the walk. Ensure that they put their plans into action rather than merely expressing them in words.

Friends say, “See you next weekend,” but someone who desires a deeper relationship will ask, “What are we doing next Friday night?” I’ll pick you up.”

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Subtle Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend

They respond to your texts promptly and do not simply disappear.

Ghosting was only romantic when Patrick Swayze portrayed Casper or when Devon Sawa portrayed Casper. In the year 2021, everyone checks their phone a minimum of once every couple hours.

They make advance preparations.

It’s very simple to view that writing via rose-colored glasses, even if the glasses themselves are rose, and it asks “U Up? “; nonetheless, keep your eyes wide open and your vision clear!

Someone special to you wants to make sure they see you, and they make preparations to do so. Weekend arrangements are especially significant and a sign that someone is prioritizing you in their life.

Someone who waits till the last minute to see you is not making an effort; they are essentially putting you on call; this is not unique. Being a buddy who is always available is a clear indication that you are in the friend zone.

They do not discuss former relationships.

It indicates that they do not place you in the same category as them and are not even considering them when they are with you. It also indicates that they are considering you as a potential love partner, in addition to a friend or confidant, and that they care about your sentiments.

Someone who brings up former relationships is essentially bringing them on your dates, which is a red flag that shouts baggage and whispers nothing special. You cannot be a special person on a date if the ghosts of former lovers are around.

They are completely there while you are with them.

People that value their relationships spend time with them, getting to know them and taking pleasure in their company. With a buddy, we can be less formal and yet text the person we want to see for the nightcap while having drinks or supper.

Even if it appears to be a date, it is evident that you have been friend-zoned if the other person is glued to their phone.

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They remember what you’ve told them and are attentive.

People observe what and whom they are interested in as if it were second nature. In a fresh relationship, you shouldn’t have to strain to recall the minor details.

Look for signals such as asking you follow-up questions about past chats, such as, “Hey, how’s that coworker you told me about last week doing with that awful client?”

Their body language is “positive.”

They are not necessarily seeking physical contact, but they are interested in your presence.

All of these nonverbal cues indicate that there is a vibe and that your significant other views you as someone unique! Generally, we do not use physical touch with our friends, therefore if they do, it may be their love language.

At the end of the day, it can be difficult to determine if you’re just Netflixing and lounging with pals or ready for romance. Simply being honest about your sentiments is the simplest thing to do. It spares you a great deal of agony and worst-case scenarios, as well as lost time.

Continuously in touch with you.

If he consistently communicates with you, this may indicate that he has romantic feelings for you. Whether it’s receiving a “good morning!” text message or him expressing how his day is going and also inquiring about yours.

Attempting to make future plans with you.

Does he make an attempt to create plans for the future and spend time with you? This may indicate that he want to move the relationship beyond the level of friendship.

Desires to discover more about you.

If he is eager to learn more about you and get to know you better, this could indicate that he is interested in you as more than simply a friend. This is not only about if he asks questions, but also about whether he listens to the things you discuss with him and demonstrates concern for your needs.

Observe carefully his body language

Does he make an effort to be close to you? Perhaps he smiles frequently in your presence. Perhaps he leans in frequently when speaking with you. His body will also speak volumes, so keep an eye out.

Keep in mind that not all people are alike, and that each individual has a distinct manner of expressing love interest. Taking a step back and judging whether or not you’re into him is more crucial than determining whether or not he’s into you.

Elevated interest in your likes and dislikes

As a friendship evolves into “something more,” it can be challenging to recognize the subtle indicators of romantic attraction. And because people frequently fear violating boundaries or being rejected, love attraction is frequently concealed.

Acts awkwardly and absurdly.

He begins to behave awkwardly in your presence, stuttering or fumbling over his words – like Hugh Grant in a romantic comedy. It’s a dead giveaway that he likes you more than just a buddy when he tries too hard to be “cool” and say the correct thing.

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He cannot control his giggles and gushing.

This indicates he has a crush on you if he laughs too hard and too long at your jokes and goes out of his way to complement you. He is attempting to convey, “You are hilarious and great,” without directly revealing his romantic desire.

Initiates dialogue and poses questions.

He may also text you updates about his life, particularly if he’s doing fun activities, such as being on a boat, partying at the beach, or dining at an exclusive restaurant. He hopes you will be impressed, which may result in your liking him in return.

Inquires as to your plans.

He inquires about your weekend plans or plans for the evening. Most likely, he is interested in more than simply your social life. He hopes you’ll take the bait and respond, “I’m free. Wanna get together?”

Contacts you (but not in a skeevy way)

He engages in G-rated physical contact with you when you’re together, touching you on the arm, leg, or back. He is most likely shy, and his small gestures are his way of saying, “I like you!” And he hopes that you will reciprocate the same gesture.

He cannot tear his eyes away from you.

A man who likes you more than just as a friend will often pay you more attention than everyone else. He must actually like you if, in a crowded environment, he stands closer to you and caters to you alone.

Inquires about you

I mean everything about you by you! Whether it’s your childhood, your passions, or your past relationships, a man who likes you more than a friend and is intent on developing a deeper connection with you would be interested in learning about significant aspects of your life.

Makes an effort to spend time with you.

Actions are more persuasive than words. The effort a man makes to make time for you is an excellent indicator of his feelings for you. Your ‘friend’ must desire more than just a friendship if he enjoys making plans so he can spend more time with you.


A man who has invested in you and views you as more than just acquaintances will always be there for you. If he offers you undivided attention and his affection for you is consistent, then you are a very fortunate woman!

Relationships can be difficult, especially if you are in the phase between like someone and not knowing if they feel the same way.

He is always interested in your life and pays close attention to the smallest details.

Men cannot always communicate their emotions directly. Occasionally, they are too shy or uncertain that you would respond, so they do not initiate contact. But there are clear indications that his love for you go well beyond what he claims.

Returns Your Admiration

One of the simplest ways to determine if someone likes you is to pay attention to their intent. Calling when they say they will, keeping their word on plans, and returning the time and effort you invest in the relationship demonstrate intent. “The manner in which they demonstrate effort may not exactly reflect your own, but be cognizant of their actions,” adds Boodram. “Sometimes the smallest, most unnoticed actions have the greatest impact.”

Engages on your social media.

Kristie Overstreet, PhD, a professional sexologist and psychotherapist, thinks it’s a very solid clue he’s feeling more than friendship if he consistently comments on your smokin’ pics and amusing clips.

Articles about you

Starwood and Boodram agree that if he shares, reposts, or brags about you on his own social media sites, it’s an indication he’s comfortable letting others know how he feels about you (awww).

Remembers your beginnings

Whether it was the day you met, your first date, or the anniversary of your first kiss, according to Starwood, if he not only remembers your firsts but also celebrates them with a date, a present, or a social media post, he likely has a serious crush on you.

He has a *healthy* amount of envy.

This does not involve snooping, stonewalling, or any other red flag activity. However, according to Starwood, a little jealousy when another man flirts with you or attempts to “move in” indicates that “he wants you all to himself.” Also, if he expresses his emotions with maturity, he is a *chef’s kiss* candidate for your affection.

Arrives during the day

Dr. Overstreet believes that if he continually reaches out to you, whether it’s a routine day or you have a major event (such as a test or presentation at work), it not only indicates that he’s thinking about you now, but also that he’s monitoring your future mood/reaction to life events.

Will he ever make a move if he’s terrified of falling in love with you or committing?

You probably cannot comprehend why he would be hesitant to fall in love with you. This is because you value close, devoted partnerships. But not everyone is like you.

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Ultimately, it is sufficient to recognize that everyone is unique. You may want him to fall in love with you, but he is holding himself back for whatever reason.

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