Sagittarius men are distant in love. When a Sagittarius man breaks up with you, he doesn’t waste time missing you. He quickly moves on.

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When you see how he acts when the relationship ends, you may wonder if he cared about you. Sagittarius men aren’t sentimental. The way they deal with a breakup seems cold.

He won’t try hard to keep the relationship together. When a relationship ends, Sagittarius men accept it as their fate. They don’t give up and make the best of what they have.

Everything You Need To Know To Break Up With A Sagittarius Man

This breakup should be all about being honest and talking openly, since he’s probably going to be very cool and take everything in stride.

This man will never let anyone tie him down, especially not a romantic partner, because he sees everyone as a teammate. These natives act more like athletes in love, so those who want to break up with them should tell them they can’t keep up with their pace.

This could be done directly or, if you want to avoid conflict as much as possible, you could do nothing and act really bored when you make a suggestion. As soon as he sees this, he’ll be leaving.

How to end a relationship with a Sagittarius man

When his partner ends the relationship, the Sagittarius man will never like it. His temper will get the best of him, and he’ll probably throw a fit. This will make his lady want to leave even more.

The Sagittarius man’s emotions are like a rough sea that can be hard for anyone to handle. He’ll spend a few days being angry and telling everyone that his ex is the only one to blame for their breakup. Then, he’ll start to convince himself that he couldn’t have done anything wrong, just to “become the better person in the end” and decide to forgive his ex for everything she may or may not have done.

He’ll realize that it might have been hard for her to keep up with him, and he’ll decide to find someone who can do it better.

If a Sagittarius man’s girlfriend wants to break up with him, she should make him sign something, even a legal contract, and ask him to keep his end of the deal.

If she wants him to be with her all the time and only talks to nag or complain, he’ll just leave because he doesn’t like being tied down.

When he has to take on responsibilities, he will do everything he can to avoid doing so. Also, if she wants to break up with him, she could say she’s obsessed with being faithful, even if she’s flirting with other people at work.

Obviously, the last situation is not suggested because it is morally questionable, and if the Sagittarius comes across it, he may have a good reason to blame his partner for everything that happened, even if it was partly his fault.

How does a Sagittarius man deal with getting dumped?

Most of the time, Sagittarius men get dumped because they are insensitive and too blunt when giving their opinions, often to the point where they hurt others. Are you struggling to understand what a Sagittarius man wants in a woman? Get the relationship advice you need from astrology expert Anna Kovach in her 30 Day Love Challenge with a Sagittarius man guide. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll know exactly what to say and do to make him yours in just 30 days.

What makes them especially annoying is that they like to point out their lover’s flaws, even though they don’t see their own. They think they are good character judges, but they don’t see their own flaws.

They won’t think about their ex-partners much because they won’t miss them. Instead, they will force themselves to stop thinking about the person who dumped them by working too much or sleeping too much.

10 Telltale Signs Your Sagittarius Man Is About to Dump You

If your Sagittarius man is usually kind and affectionate toward you, but he suddenly stops caring about you and ignores you all the time, he might be getting ready to break up with you.

Your relationship will lose all of its spark. You may notice that your Sagittarius man is more argumentative than usual. He might even act rudely toward you.

1. He Detaches

If something you did hurt a Sagittarius man’s feelings, he will pull away from you right away.

Even if he doesn’t break up with you right away, he’ll do everything he can to get away from you.

You might notice that he doesn’t show his feelings as much as he used to. He will stop telling you how he feels.

This is how he keeps himself safe. If you did something to hurt him, he doesn’t want to hurt himself even more.

This also makes it easier for him to end the relationship with you. If he already doesn’t care about you emotionally, he might not feel as bad when he breaks up with you.

Will he miss you after you break up with him? Some may. But if he gave himself time to stop caring about you and move on before breaking up with you, he’s less likely to miss you.

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2. He’s quiet.

It’s not always a bad thing when a Sagittarius man acts distant. Because he needs time alone, he might become more shy and distant. Once he gets that time to himself, he’ll act like himself again.

If he’s always quiet and shy around you, that could be a warning sign. Even if he isn’t planning to break up with you, it’s a sign that something is wrong.

3. He doesn’t want to go anywhere.

Men with this sign like to go out and try new things. When they’re in a relationship, they’ll want to do this at least sometimes with their partners.

A Sagittarius guy won’t always want to hang out with you. He might sometimes want to go out alone or with friends. That makes sense.

But if he completely avoids doing anything with you, he might be getting ready to end the relationship.

4. No Passion

If all of a sudden there is no passion in your relationship, that could be a sign that it will end soon. Your Sagittarius man’s lack of passion could be a sign that he wants to break up with you, but it could also be why he wants to break up with you.

If you have no interest in the relationship anymore, a Sagittarius man might decide to end it. When he stops caring about the relationship, it’s a sign that he’s getting ready to end it.

Sagittarius men often have high sex drives. If he stops wanting to sleep with you all of a sudden, he may be getting tired of the relationship.

If you notice that he’s treating sex like work, that’s another bad sign. If he only cares about himself or just wants to get things over with, the relationship will lose its spark.

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5. He likes to argue

Most Sagittarius men are non-confrontational. They’d rather not deal with a problem until it goes away than argue about it.

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If you notice that he is always picking fights with you, he might be ready to end the relationship. He might even be trying to get you to break up with him.

You might notice that he gets more angry when they fight. Even if he didn’t start the fight, he might keep going even after you’ve stopped.

After a fight, a Sagittarius man usually moves away to give you both time to calm down. He usually calms down quickly after getting angry and is willing to talk about things.

If he wants to end the relationship, he won’t calm down after a fight. Even a small difference of opinion will make him angry for days.

6. He’s not honest.

Pay attention to how honest a Sagittarius man is with you to find out if he is trying to trick you.

If he wants to break up with you but is just waiting for the right time, he will probably lie to you. He will start saying he is busy when he is not. He’ll make up reasons why he can’t hang out with you.

If you live together, he may start looking for a new place or slowly moving out before he breaks up with you. If you catch him doing this, he’ll try to brush you off or explain things away instead of telling you the truth.

Most of the time, a Sagittarius man tries to tell the truth to the people around him. He likes people who are honest and expects the same from them. If he lies to you all the time, it means he wants to break up with you.

7. He’s not faithful.

If a Sagittarius man feels hurt in love, he might hurt his partner by cheating on her.

Even if you didn’t cheat on him first, he might still be unfaithful. Even if he hasn’t told you, he’s already over the relationship in his mind.

Your relationship is over if he cheats on you more than once and doesn’t tell you or try to make it up to you.

This is something a Sagittarius man might do to try to break up with you. If he doesn’t know how to talk to you or doesn’t want to be the one to end the relationship, he’ll give you a reason to do it.

8. He Doesn’t Pay Attention to You

If a Sagittarius man is upset with you, he might not talk to you. If you two get along well, he won’t keep ignoring you forever. Once he calms down, he’ll stop. He will let you say you’re sorry and talk things over.

If he wants to break up with you, he will ignore you for longer than usual. He might be angry for days, when he would usually be over it in a few hours at most.

When a Sagittarius man has had enough of you, he will start to ignore you more and more.

Even if he sees your text messages and has time to answer, he won’t. He will prefer to talk to other people instead.

9. He’s rough.

Most of the time, Sagittarius men try to be nice to the people they care about. They want them to know how much they care about them and how much they value them.

If he is always rude to you, that means he no longer cares about you.

When you try to show him love, he might start to brush you off. He might forget important dates like your birthday or anniversary all of a sudden.

He won’t think twice about being mean to you, especially if he doesn’t want to be friends with you after the breakup.

10. He doesn’t care

Most Sagittarius men will do their best to be sensitive to how their partner feels. Your Sagittarius guy doesn’t want to hurt you.

He might be getting ready to break up with you if he starts ignoring how you feel.

If you tell him he hurt you and he just ignores you, that means he doesn’t care about you anymore.

He might even do or say things on purpose to make you mad. He may think that this will make it easier to cut ties in the long run.

How to Tell When a Sagittarius Man is Done with You?

When a Sagittarius man no longer cares about you, he’ll act pretty far away from you. You might go out together, but he will pay more attention to his friends than to you. He just won’t care about you as much as he used to.

If you live with him, he will often have his head in a book or be doing research on the computer. He will tell you to watch a movie on your own if you want to watch it with him.

When a Sagittarius has had enough of you, he’ll want to be alone.

Will a Man with Sagittarius Return?

Some Sagittarians do get back with their ex-partners. It depends on how they feel about each other. If they really cared about you (especially if their Venus is in Scorpio), they might come back to you after a few months of traveling and learning new things.

Sagittarians are not very emotional. They are Mutable Fire signs, so they don’t cry easily when they break up with someone. If you were close, they will start to miss you and will try to get in touch with you if they haven’t found someone else.


You and your Sagittarius man may have had the best, most exciting relationship, and he may even come back. Even if that doesn’t happen, keep your head up because there are a lot of guys out there who want to date a girl like you!

If you’re really sad, you need to do things to cheer yourself up!

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Start a new workout plan and eat well so you can feel hot and attractive and do all the things that make you happy. Love will come back to you soon enough.

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