When you learn that your partner has cheated on you, the entire relationship is filtered through a blurring lens, obscuring what was once a clear picture and making everything appear worse. You can experience feelings of fury, grief, and doubt regarding the entire relationship. You question whether your relationship is really worth preserving and whether, even if you have the strength to do so in the future, you should.

Should you choose to forgive a cheater and put yourself through the unpleasant, time-consuming, and trust-building process that it is likely to entail? How do you tell if the bond you have—or, more accurately, the bond you formerly had—is actually worth defending

There is information you may use to help you decide whether to forgive a cheater or just cut your losses when you’re thinking about it: Following are six characteristics of successful relationships that show there is probably good stuff worth fighting for, even after someone betrayed, according to relationship experts.

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Notes on Adultery

Cheating frequently has catastrophic effects on a lot of couples. Most people who enter monogamous relationships do so with the expectation that there will be love, respect, and commitment between them. The unraveling of problems or a lack of communication that may have been developing in a marriage in particular might result from infidelity and adultery.

Forgive Your Partner: The Reasons Why People Cheat

There are a variety of reasons why particular people cheat. They get bored with the relationship from time to time. Instead of sharing this emotion with their partner or walking away, they cheat.

Other times, seduction results in cheating because the person is drawn to the other person, has personal anxieties about their attractiveness (or lack thereof), or is not sexually fulfilled in the relationship and seeks fulfillment elsewhere.

Everyone must keep in mind that, in the end, cheating is a choice if they ever find themselves having to make the decision of whether or not to forgive someone for cheating.

The Best Ways To Forgive Someone

Every connection is unique. As a result, some people will unavoidably yearn for a way to overlook someone’s dishonesty. Regardless of whether or not you ultimately choose to forgive someone for cheating, being aware of both the benefits and drawbacks of doing so is crucial.

It is totally up to you to decide whether the benefits exceed the drawbacks (or vice versa) of choosing to forgive someone for infidelity. However, everyone has a right to make an educated choice about their relationship and the best course of action.

Letting Go of Resentment After Being Cheated On, and Learning To Forgive

Forgiving someone has advantages, one of which is the capacity to let go of rage and bitterness. After being duped, it’s normal to feel sad, angry, or even resentful; the issue arises when these emotions are not dealt with or let out in a healthy way.

By forgiving a cheater, the wronged party can recover. Because it could take more than a few months to repair the relationship’s basis, the healing process is difficult. Holding onto unpleasant feelings ultimately serves no one, and it certainly does not make the person who was cheated on worse off. Even though they were unfaithful in the relationship, your partner’s heart still hurts. A relationship can benefit by learning to let go, forgive, and move on in life; these benefits are not exclusive.

Resolving Issues Can Help A Relationship

Infidelity in a relationship is frequently an indication of deeper underlying problems with the partnership. There is no excuse for being unfaithful, of course, but dealing with deeper issues in a relationship by forgiving a cheater can help.

Relationships that are better and healthier are frequently the consequence of addressing the root of conflict. Of course, both partners need to be willing to work on relationship problems. Keep in mind that a relationship may only succeed if both parties are committed and prepared to put in the necessary effort.

How To Determine If You Have A Future With A Cheat

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Contrary to what some might think, not everyone is prepared to end a relationship after infidelity right away. Even after devoting many years, as well as time and attention, to a relationship, many people are still curious as to whether or not it has a future.

People who are interested in determining whether their relationship has a future deserve to do so even though it is impossible to predict what will happen in the future and that a relationship’s outcome ultimately depends on time.

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Forgiveness: The Drawbacks

In society, people frequently debate the negative effects of forgiving a cheater. While many people believe there are benefits to forgiving adultery, others believe it should be a deal breaker. Forgiving a cheater has a number of drawbacks, and everyone deserves to be informed of them before deciding what to do.

Sometimes infidelity occurs once again.

Forgiving a cheater has some clear consequences, one of which being the possibility of future cheating. Some cheaters are serial cheaters, which means they will commit several acts of dishonesty. You don’t want to find yourself in this situation again, yet affairs do happen. Although it doesn’t always happen this way, it is not unusual for first-time cheaters to go on to commit repeated or habitual infractions.

It’s also critical to know whether your significant other cheated on you at any point during the relationship. It’s crucial to have knowledge about your personal relationship that could guide your decision-making moving forward. Asking your partner about their contact and relationship with the other person could be extremely important if the cheating involved an ex.

Forgiving a cheater might be taken to mean accepting infidelity, which many cheaters have a tendency to exploit.

Constantly Painful Reminders

Being in a relationship with a cheater after forgiving them can be very damaging. It is not a good feeling to constantly be reminded that the person who made a commitment vow to you broke that vow. Around a partner who has cheated, it can be challenging to feel secure and at ease.

A cheater will never be able to undo their misdeeds, no matter how often they apologize, swear they won’t do it again, or make an effort to make amends. The acts of infidelity will, at least in part, change the dynamic of the partnership.

You Ought to Get Better

You lose the chance to be in a relationship with a partner who won’t cheat if you continue to be with a cheater. Making sure you receive the affection you deserve is vital if you want to be in a romantic relationship. The possibility of being in a healthy relationship without infidelity exists because there are so many people in the world. Even though your current relationship can still be repaired, if it persists in being dysfunctional, you risk stifling your own development.

Pick what works best for you.

Knowing what to do when you are the victim of cheating is not always simple. While weighing the advantages and disadvantages is certainly beneficial, you must eventually decide what is best for you. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that a cheater may not always want to stay in a relationship after forgiveness.

Sometimes, those who cheat do so in search of a way out. Obviously, this in no way justifies or accepts cheating, but it’s still something to be mindful of. In the end, there is nothing you did wrong to trigger this; but, being aware of the indicators may help you avoid these situations.

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It’s crucial to recognize your innocence while you choose whether or not to pardon a cheater

Individual cheaters occasionally make an effort to place the blame on their partner or assert that they wouldn’t have cheated if their partner had done anything different.

You should not absorb this as a justification. Every person is responsible for their deeds. It is highly disheartening to try to shift the blame rather than accept accountability for one’s own decisions.

How partners act after cheating reveals a lot about their character.

When considering whether or not to forgive a cheater, this should be taken into account. Do they feel regret? Do their words and deeds align? Are they making an effort to change and demonstrating that they can? Counseling sessions, whether individual or couple’s, are frequently a clear indication that someone is working on themselves.

You don’t have to deal with it alone.

Do you have trouble forgiving your spouse for cheating? Relationship conflict is already challenging; adding adultery to the mix frequently makes things ten times more difficult. Others may need assistance, and there is nothing wrong with that; some people can resolve these conflicts and forgive on their own.

It is a valuable skill that will definitely have both immediate and long-term benefits to know when to ask for advice.

Enrolling in online counseling with ReGain can surely be helpful if you are suffering with problems with relationships, infidelity, difficulty forgiving others, or something else else. Healing from this trauma can be facilitated greatly by working with a relationship therapist or family therapist.

No matter who you are, where you live, or how you live, working with an online therapist enables you to obtain the support you require. Having someone to talk to and receiving counsel that is specifically tailored to your needs are frequently both mentally and emotionally healthy.

Working with an internet therapist won’t make your problems go away right away. Additionally, it won’t ensure that you never have difficulties again. Online counseling, on the other hand, can successfully make sure that you are prepared to handle both current problems and potential future scenarios.

If you don’t know where to begin, talking to a trusted family member can also be helpful.

Can you forgive someone who cheats? According to experts, you should give partnerships with the following six characteristics some thought.

1. You two have always been truthful to one another

Right now, “always” could seem like a stretch, especially if the news that your partner violated the terms of your relationship agreement stunned you. There is little doubt that trust will need to be reestablished. However, bear it in mind if this particular incident truly seems out of the ordinary considering your combined past.

“One indiscretion doesn’t change that if you have a history of honesty and you believe you’ve been able to trust one another in the past,” says relationship therapist Tammy Nelson, PhD. “A person’s personality or character doesn’t alter that drastically over night. Give them a chance if you know they are still the person you [committed to] and you feel that this is just a one-time affair.”

2. You recall that your relationship was healthy before the adultery.

According to professional marriage therapist Melissa Divaris Thompson, LMFT, “Someone who can remember the connection and the wonderful moments before the occurrence might be able to tap back into that and bring it into the healing of the infidelity.”

It’s possible that things have been challenging for a while now—or perhaps for years. Perhaps the intensity and intimacy have decreased or your disagreements have been more frequent. What counts is that your relationship as a whole hasn’t been defined primarily by bumpiness, even if there is a clear and present difficult patch. Furthermore, there is hope if you can both clearly recall times in the past when things were wonderful.

3. You two are devoted to one another and your joint family.

Obviously, not everyone will benefit from this, and you shouldn’t rely solely on it to motivate you to stay. However, it’s worth pausing if you have to think about your complete family, especially if they matter to both of you. At least for the time being, Dr. Nelson advises couples to “think more about your parenting obligations and less about your monogamous commitment.” Improve your relationship since you two make terrific parents.

Naturally, she enforces the rule that if a couple isn’t good parents together, the marriage shouldn’t be saved by the children. Without paired parents, successful coparenting is still possible.

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4. You both have a heart of forgiveness.

You typically observe a person’s greatest and worst qualities in any relationship, aren’t you right? Because of this, even if you have a love that rivals 10,000 suns, occasionally that person can really, truly drive you crazy. However, there is a chance you will be able to recover from something of this scale if you have a history of not harboring resentment and apologizing appropriately.

If the betrayed partner can forgive, Thompson adds, “it helps the marriage be able to go forward and through an affair, no matter how long it takes.”

5. You can both see the bigger picture now.

It’s a good sign that you can move past this transgression if you’re willing to consider that your relationship as a whole and the strong foundation you’ve built it upon are stronger than the weight of this offense.

According to Thompson, experiencing infidelity is incredibly unpleasant and devastates most relationships. “However, it has a considerably higher level of success when both parties can recommit to the relationship and concentrate on strengthening it. A couple can realign and restart their lives when they are able to perceive the wider picture—the past, present, and future.”

6. You two remain in love.

Although it seems apparent, it’s a crucial and meaningful place to begin if both partners still love one another and want to give this a fair shot. Although Thompson acknowledges it’s common for the hurt person to think, “Well, if they loved me, they wouldn’t have cheated,” it’s important to keep in mind that people can love their relationships and still cheat, she adds.

Consider it a welcome opportunity to pursue couples therapy to focus on strengthening your communication and mutual respect if you both realize that you love each other and want to start afresh. Dr. Nelson advises, “Let this be the one-time item that sparks a new dialogue and improved communication.” Don’t squander this opportunity.

Why does relationship cheating happen?

There is no surefire explanation for why individuals lie. The fact that people are unique and always changing is the simple truth. People’s requirements, ideas, perceptions, and wants evolve with time. In truth, we all continue to change every day. However, what we have generally seen is that infidelity might be strongly motivated by a lack of attention, unfulfilled sexual urges, a lack of physical intimacy, or even just the excitement of being with someone new.

How can you forgive a cheating partner?

It is difficult to forgive a partner who cheats. But in order to do so, you must be truthful with your spouse about the causes of the affair and what they are prepared to give up moving forward to save the marriage. Be forthright and honest about your needs, and be clear about the time and work you will need to complete the task at hand.

How do you regain trust after lying?

Be prepared to face the wrath if you cheated in a relationship. You must allow your partner to express their emotions, including their rage. Cheating is a treachery that damages the victim’s pride. You must allow them enough time to recover. If you’ve been the victim of infidelity in a relationship, save yourself the specifics. Asking your spouse about their affair in the spirit of complete disclosure will only make you relive your anguish, so avoid doing so. Try to picture your ideal level of happiness in five years, then work toward that goal. Discuss the situation’s underlying cause in an open manner. Are you not getting enough attention from your partner? Do you have unmet sexual needs? What should you change to enliven your marriage? These questions must be independently answered by each partner before focusing on understanding one another’s viewpoint. Spend some time alone, away from the relationship, thinking about your life. Due to the length of time a couple has been together, long-term relationships may face difficulties. Take a break from your partner to evaluate your life and the direction you want it to go in. Make sure that both you and your partner have a commitment to moving forward successfully. Building trust after lying requires reciprocation of feelings and effort.

How do you react after being duped?

Being deceived might be one of life’s most difficult situations. If you’ve been the victim of cheating, think about taking the following actions to deal with it: Not yourself to blame No matter what led to the adultery, don’t put the responsibility on yourself. Stealing is a choice. People must be held accountable for their acts even though they may have a variety of justifications for their behavior. If your partner has cheated on you, it is their fault, not yours. Try to remain calm There are several factors to take into account when the affair has become public. Cheating has the power to destroy a marriage, upend a family, and utterly ruin life for both loved ones and children. Keep a level head and consider all options carefully before making a choice.

Embrace the love of those who are close to you.

Your support network is more important than ever right now. To get over the betrayal, rely on your close friends and family. Vent your frustration, worries, and emotions and make an effort to move forward. Do what you must to get happiness. Don’t make decisions when you’re depressed Whether you want to continue the relationship or end it, don’t feel compelled to do so. Take stock of your emotions before deciding on the future course of action. Place yourself first. Do what works for you whether you decide to end the relationship or continue it. Right now, you’re not required to prioritize your partner’s demands over your own. Without feeling guilty or regret, process your emotions and set out your future plan. Take the necessary action to improve your mood.

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