Scorpio men are clever and funny and playful, but despite their proclivity for language, they are highly attuned to body language signs and signals. If you want to know how to block other women and get a Scorpio guy interested in you alone, get inside his mind with a guide like Anna Kovach’s Scorpio Man Secrets.

Scorpio Man Has Feelings for You

When a Scorpio guy is taken with you, he will begin to give you longing glances and will not stop staring. You may begin to feel as though he is constantly scanning you with an X-ray!

What Are the Signs A Scorpio Man Has Feelings for You

While this does have something to do with emotional connection, it also goes deeper. When a Scorpio man develops feelings for you, he is searching for the real you, and he is staring at you to see what lies beneath your façade.

1. He possesses telltale eyes.

That oh-so-suave Scorpio gentleman you’ve been eyeing for some time now tends to play hard to get. He commanded your attention from the start, and he has now withdrew. His overall mysterious aura is becoming too much to bear – and you’re curious as to whether there is any “hope.”

Your friends have been offering you consoling “He’s into you” remarks, but you remain unconvinced. You don’t want to approach him directly and make him feel hemmed in, but you also don’t want to cling to false hopes.

The Scorpio man is indeed a reserved loner who is unconcerned about impressing you with small talk, but his eyes will give him away. You’ll constantly be aware of his roving eyes settling on you. His gaze will seek you out in a crowd, narrow in on you, and settle on yours.

2. He sees you for who you are.

He sees you – but not superficially, as he has been following you with his eyes. He sees you for who you are – and, unbeknownst to you, he is familiar with all your eccentricities and reservations.

Despite the fact that he has kept his mouth shut, his eyes and ears have been working overtime. He is aware of your likes and dislikes not because you have expressed them, but because he has closely observed you – another sign he has feelings for you.

e may not get to the point immediately, as he is patient, but he is certain to make his presence known. His small gestures are difficult to ignore, and they are the first indications that he cares about you.

3. He pursues you tenaciously.

Wherever you go, he is there. He’ll seek you out, approach you, and be on your tail. Scorpios are renowned for their tenacity – which is why he will always be two steps behind you, ensuring you are in his line of sight.

No, he is not a stalker; he is a pursuer pursuing the individual on whom he has set his sights. He lacks the time and energy to play hard to get, and thus will most likely be the first to text or call.

There will be no guessing on your part – because once you’ve captured his attention, he’ll continue to give it to you. Desperately in love with a man who is way out of your league? If you want to make sure you capture the heart of a Scorpio man, get inside his mind with a guide like Anna Kovach’s Scorpio Man Secrets.

4. He’s suddenly become more reserved.

He was all talk the first few times you saw him. His confidence was immediately noticeable, as was his all-encompassing knowledge. However, he has toned down considerably in your recent meetings, and you may have noticed he has retreated into the golden silence.

This abrupt change has you wondering if he has feelings for you. You’re suspicious of his reclusive demeanor. You felt the spark, and now it’s fading far too quickly – but fear not! This is the legendary Scorpio behavior, and you’d be wise to become accustomed to it.

5. He makes an attempt to impress you by lavishing you with gifts.

Your Scorpio man will go to great lengths to spoil you rotten and spoil you lavishly.

You’ve captured his attention, impressed him, and piqued his curiosity. He’ll now embark on a curiosity crusade in order to learn more about you, and he’ll soon start the show – with you as the star.

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Scorpio Man Has Feelings for You

He’ll treat you like a princess – because you truly are one in his eyes. While he is known for his financial acumen, he will go above and beyond in purchasing the most extravagant gift or taking you to the finest restaurant for dinner.

6. He will be a knight in shining armor for you.

You are not a damsel in distress, nor do you require a knight in shining armor – yet here is a man who will don his protective suit and ward off any distress that may befall you.

Scorpio men are renowned for their tenacity when it comes to those they care about. They protect those they consider to be their loved ones to the point where those protected may never feel the need for protection.

7. He reveals himself to you.

You’ve been drawn to him since the moment you first laid eyes on him. Indeed, the Scorpio man’s sexual appeal has always been a topic of conversation – after all, you are only human.

His seductive side is on display for all to see – but what the majority of people never see is his sensitive side. As fierce as he is in defending those he loves, he is equally protective of his sensitivity. If you’ve been fortunate enough to have him reveal his sensitive side to you, it’s because he cares about you.

8. He will inform you.

A Scorpio man has a strong sense of responsibility, which means he will not waste your time or energy on someone who is not interested in you. If he has no feelings for you, you will know sooner rather than later.

Often, this trait makes him appear haughty and arrogant; however, he responds in this manner because he respects you and values your time. In contrast to the majority of men, an uninterested Scorpio man will not keep you around in the absence of a relationship.

How Does the Scorpio Man Express His Love?

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1. He becomes more concerned than usual.

Scorpio is a water sign, which means that Scorpio men are extremely sensual and emotional. The twist is that their adversarial nature frequently manifests itself during those initial dates and meetings. To be sure, Scorpio men are extremely passionate, intelligent, and enjoyable to be around, but they also have a lot of walls up. You see, they value passion and emotion highly; however, a Scorpio man in love may not express them as naturally as you are accustomed to.

2. He begins to share more space and information with others.

This next sign may seem straightforward, but Scorpio males are extremely cautious when it comes to love – so much so that they frequently are unaware. Therefore, it is somewhat up to you to sniff out those inevitable slip-ups that may occur after five or more dates. When he begins to reveal secrets that no one else knows or discusses fears (irrational or rational), he may have more in mind for you than just a thing.

3. His bed will serve as your new residence.

Physical touch is the primary love language of the Scorpio male, which means a huge amount of time spent underneath the sheets. It’s no secret how much they value sex and intimacy; fear not – this is most likely due to their intense passion and intensity when in love.

4. He goes above and beyond his comfort zone in order to please you.

Finding out if someone loves you should be simpler than this, correct? That is not the case with the Scorpio, and you cannot blame them; therefore, direct all your rage at Pluto! One of the primary ways a Scorpio man expresses love is by going above and beyond to shower his beloved with gifts and attention while including you in the majority of his outings.

5. He might become a little possessive.

Remember when I said they have a tendency to go overboard at times? Yes, being excessively possessive is included. It’s similar to that almost-perfect 3-in-1 crisps deal at the mall, with two delectable flavors and one revolting one (in this case, excessive possessiveness is the off-flavor). Your man may be amusing, witty, and extremely loving, but when jealous, he’ll go from one to a hundred in an instant.

If you have been pursued by a Scorpio gentleman, consider yourself fortunate! He is a lover unlike any other – and once a Scorpio loves you, you are set for life. He will define “love” for you, and you can be certain that he will be the embodiment of all things love. Do you believe you can charm even a wackiest of Scorpio man? If you want to make sure he is falling head over heels in love with you, and an easy road map back into your Scorpio man’s heart, we highly recommend using Anna Kovach’s tried-and-tested techniques revealed in Scorpio Man Secrets.

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