Couples split up for a variety of reasons. Relationship experts frequently blame sex, finances, in-laws, kids, and other everyday concerns for breakups. But those aren’t the main reasons why relationships end. Three fundamental causes can be found for all of those seemingly unrelated issues. So why do relationships end?

Reasons Why Couples Break Up

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Initially, there are the puppy-love months when you can’t get enough of one other, and then you develop into a mature and happy pair where you feel secure and satisfied in the love nest you’ve built. Then again, there are the less enjoyable phases, including boredom and the inevitable breakup. Many people may then wonder: Why do relationships end?

In the past, the seven-year itch would haunt the future of blissfully content couples, but according to current surveys, 70% of marriages now end within the first year.

Top 21 Reasons Why Couples Break Up And What You Can Do About It

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1. Lack of communication abilities

Relationship breakdowns frequently have communication problems as their primary causes.

An incredible cycle is created by effective communication. Communication between partners increases relationship happiness, and happier couples have a tendency to communicate more frequently.

In contrast, according to study in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, 53% of the 886 couples surveyed reported poor communication as one of the most frequent causes of separation.

2. Problems with distance

What causes relationships to end? Studies suggest that long-distance couples have a lower likelihood of remaining together.

Couples who are in long-distance relationships frequently split up because one spouse makes little effort to meet up in person or to make future plans.

According to research, long-distance couples who don’t make arrangements to move in together report higher levels of discomfort, poor communication, and lower levels of relationship satisfaction.

3. Lack of emotional resonance

Lack of emotional chemistry is one of the most frequent causes of divorce in relationships. Beyond sexual yearning and chemistry, emotional intimacy is a bond. Through sharing experiences and getting to know one another over time, they have developed a friendship.

An absence of emotional connection can cause a relationship to feel unfulfilling and uninteresting.

4. We’re not pals.

What are valid grounds for breaking up? Lack of marital companionship can result in a mutual breakup for some couples.

Being friends with your spouse is equally as significant as being a love partner. According to research published in the Journal of Happiness Studies, best friends experience twice as much happiness and fulfillment in life as other couples.

Why do relationships end? Couples without this unique connection may feel estranged from their partner and struggle to navigate their relationship after the excitement of physical contact has subsided.

5. Financial issues

Why do people leave the ones they care about? Money might occasionally be the cause of their relationship problems. This might be brought on by disagreements about how much should be spent or saved, hidden, distributed, or misused.

According to data on relationships ending in divorce, one of the most frequent reasons for argument between married couples is money. Marriage distress and disintegration are frequently predicted by financial tension.

6. Adultery

Infidelity and betrayed trust are common causes for ending a relationship. According to data on relationship breakdowns published in the Journal of Marriage and Divorce, 70% of Americans will cheat on their spouse at some point throughout their marriage.

Additional research shows that one of the most frequent causes of breakups is infidelity.

7. Abnormal jealousy

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8. Negative or harmful conduct

If your partner is acting abusively physically or emotionally, that is one of the main reasons you should end the relationship.

Intimate partner violence affects more than 10 million men and women annually in the US, according to statistics. This frequently include physical harm, stalking, threats, and other victimization techniques.

9. You got married too quickly.

Asking yourself why you and your partner started dating in the first place is important if you’re continuously worrying about whether or not your relationship will last.

For couples who jump straight into marriage, the average length of a relationship before dissolution is significantly shorter. Why do relationships end? It will be more difficult to have a happy relationship if you decide to get married because you feel pressure from relatives, you want your ideal wedding, or you’re lonely.

10. Abuse of drugs

Why do relationships end? What is a good reason for a breakup, more importantly? No relationship, romantic or not, should accept any form of abuse.

In addition to being physically and emotionally destructive, usage of drugs and alcohol is one of the strongest predictors of divorce, according to study.

11. Incompatibility in sexual terms

Physical intimacy is one of the reasons why relationships end. In a relationship, sex isn’t everything, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t significant.

The bonding hormone called oxytocin is released by sexual closeness in addition to making you feel terrific. This all-natural love potion aids in enhancing sentiments of love and attachment as well as trust. Intensified emotional intimacy in relationships is also predicted by sexual satisfaction in couples.

Why do relationships end? People frequently end relationships due to sexual incompatibility, mismatched libidos, and an unwillingness to make sexual concessions.

12. You fight all the time

A different response to the question “why do people get divorced?” has to do with an incapacity to manage conflict. According to statistics on relationships ending in divorce, arguments and disagreement were some of the most frequently mentioned causes.

And who desires to be in a partnership where they are constantly feeling the need to protect themselves? There is no conducive setting for love to blossom when you are constantly on edge.

13. There is no mercy

Inability to move on and leave the past behind oneself is one of the most frequent causes of breakups.

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Nobody is flawless. No matter how much you may love your spouse, there will still be times when they act in a way that irritates you or offends you. If your partner sincerely apologizes, you must learn to forgive wrongs of all sizes.

14. You don’t desire the same things

Couples often split up because the partners don’t have the same goals and aspirations in life.

Couples may consider a mutual breakup due to disagreements about religion, whether to create a family, where to reside, and what to do with their free time.

15. No concessions are made

Why are romances so challenging? Compromise frequently has a significant impact on statistics on relationship dissolution.

Compromise-loving couples prioritize their partner’s happiness over their own. Meeting in the center on both significant and minor problems demonstrates maturity, love, and cooperation.

Couples, on the other hand, split up when they are unable to compromise and behave selfishly and stubbornly.

16. Your expectations are excessive.

Why do relationships end? Unrealistic expectations in a relationship are one of the most frequent causes of divorce among couples.

You are setting your relationship up for failure if you enter a relationship expecting your partner to be faultless.

A sizable portion of relationships fail due to unrealistic standards or comparing your partner to a previous fling.

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Reasons Why Couples Break Up

17. Insensitivity

Empathy serves as a psychological link between you and your partner. According to the Journal of Patient Experience, partnerships depend heavily on empathy. You may sense your partner’s suffering and share in their happiness when you have empathy for them.

Why do relationships end? Lack of empathy is often accompanied by poor coping mechanisms, more frequent emotional outbursts, and insensitivity. When it comes to creating a strong connection, such behavior is a formula for catastrophe.

18. You two are interacting improperly.

Will we end our relationship? Are we here for the incorrect purposes? These are typical inquiries from endangered couples.

What are valid grounds for breaking up? Staying together for the reasons mentioned above would undoubtedly lead to a dissatisfied, broken relationship.

19. No respect is shown

Lack of respect in the relationship is one of the most frequent causes of divorce among spouses.

Couples that don’t respect one another frequently experience boundary violations, stress, and low self-esteem, not to mention a lack of trust.

20. Partners who reject one another

Rarely do relationships end without any apparent cause. However, there isn’t always a clear-cut reason for a relationship to break up, like adultery or abuse.

There are numerous reasons why relationships end. Couples separating from one another can occasionally be caused by anything as basic as not accepting one’s spouse.

Never enter a relationship with the expectation that your partner will change.

If you can’t accept your partner for who they are, it could lead to significant issues in the future.

When you accept your spouse as they are, you teach yourself to concentrate on all of their positive traits, which promotes intimacy. A relationship will fail if this is absent.

21. You struggle with loneliness.

Because they are afraid of being alone, many people will avoid conflict and make up that problems in their relationship don’t exist. This tactic, however, backfires because conflicts always arise at some point, usually when it’s too late to resolve them.

Another prevalent trend that prevents relationships from working, according to Doares, is the fear of being alone, which leads people to accept any relationship, no matter how unsatisfactory. Boundaries that are appropriate must be established and upheld.


You look to your companion for approval in situation

People who are insecure use their partners as a crutch to make themselves feel better about all of their perceived flaws. In addition, if the relationship isn’t going well, they perceive it as a slight against who they are as a person, which might cause them to become angry, frustrated, and finally, break up with you. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to convince someone whose sense of worth is based on the state of their relationship.

 You constantly attempting to influence your partner.

Being able to accept your partner as they are without attempting to alter them is one of the most crucial aspects of being in a relationship. People will discover that they love an unrealistic version of their mate and not the actual person with whom they are coupled if they secretly wish that their companion was a little bit more trendy or athletic. Always keep in mind that love is unconditional; if yours isn’t, it could not be be love.

You don’t forget or forgive

To make an argument with your spouse disappear, you could pretend to resolve it, but doing so would simply make matters worse. Why? According to psychologist Tina Tessina, PhD, of California, harboring bitterness is the quickest way to sabotage love. Resentment “eats away at the connections of your relationship like rust.” Your relationship will unavoidably deteriorate to the point where it can no longer be saved if you don’t address the underlying problems that are motivating your resentment and rage.

You no longer go on dates.

It takes effort to keep the fire that once burned in your relationship after getting married. You run the risk of slipping back into the same old routines if you don’t work to keep it alive. Tessina explains that after a couple starts living together, romantic moments are no longer inevitable. “Instead, you spend a lot of your time together doing more routine tasks like washing the dishes, paying bills, or going to work. Such routine activities stop seeming thrilling and romantic as the novelty of sharing a home wears off, and you could start to worry that your partner no longer cares or is as delighted to be with you.”

 You are not receptive.

Every individual in a relationship simply wants to have their voice heard, but in exchange, you must show your spouse the same respect by paying attention to what they have to say. Your partner will feel like their thoughts and feelings are unimportant to you if they believe you are neglecting them, which will have a negative impact on the relationship.

You married too soon,

If you got married right after graduating from high school or college, you could subsequently start to second-guess your union. In comparison to couples who married in their late 20s and early 30s, couples who marry younger are more likely to divorce, finds a 2015 study by University of Utah professor Nicholas Wolfinger. Wolfinger regrettably calculates that your divorce probability is 32% if you are married before the age of 20 based solely on your age.

Or you didn’t get ready for marriage correctly.

Make sure you plan out your finances, living arrangements, future career options, and everything else that can interfere with your happiness and relationship in the future before you say “I do.” Your relationship can be doomed from the start if you don’t do this. Researchers discovered that “little or no beneficial premarital preparation” was one of the top reasons given by divorcees for why their marriages didn’t endure in a 2001 survey of more than 2,000 married and divorced adults in Oklahoma.


Why do relationships end? There are numerous causes for couples to split up. Lack of emotional connection, sexual compatibility issues, disparities in life goals, and poor communication and conflict resolution abilities are typically the most frequent causes of breakups.

There are no right or wrong reasons to end a relationship. However, there are some things in a relationship that are simply intolerable. Abuse is among the most prevalent of these. Abuse of any form is a major factor in ending a relationship. Go to a dependable friend or family member for support if you are being abused in your relationship.

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