In our lives, we occasionally run upon obstacles that appear insurmountable and overpowering.  I guarantee that if you approach problems with the mindset that they are insurmountable, you will already fail.  I hope you will utilize my 26 A to Z recommendations for overcoming adversity and obstacles as a springboard for your successful path.

Overcoming Adversity

You can’t always get what you want out of life. Unexpected problems and hurdles can and do occur. They grab you off guard and make your life unclear until you find solutions. You may put your life back on track by conquering challenges and hardship, and you can learn some priceless lessons and insights from the difficult times that are now firmly in the past.

How do you get through challenges and adversity? You may learn and hone a mix of thinking and behavior improvements through practice. I’ll give you ten excellent strategies for overcoming challenges and difficulties in life to help make the process simpler and less frustrating.

1. Accept accountability

It’s tempting to point the finger at someone else when things aren’t going the way you want them to. But keep in mind that you give up control when you do that. You lose control and experience helplessness. Saying “I have no power to change this” is analogous to doing so. Alternative phrase: “I can’t make this happen unless this person changes or this circumstance arises.” You actually have more power than you might realize.

It’s wise to consider and concentrate on what you can influence, no matter how little. You should own up to the circumstance and in particular your response to it. Although we can’t always be held accountable for the events in our lives, we can always be held accountable for how we choose to respond to them.

2. Manage your negative thinking

It’s quite simple to think negatively when things in life aren’t going the way you want them to. Afterward, self-doubt sets in, and you start to lose confidence.

To avoid this, mentally pronounce the word “stop” whenever you become aware of a bad thought or emotion. If you can, speak it out loud. After that, switch it to a constructive, opposing notion. Asking oneself, “What do I want instead?” and then concentrating on that thought are the simplest ways to do this.

Saying “Thanks for sharing” is another option. Say “Thanks for sharing” whenever a bad thought enters your head, then allow your thoughts to wander.

Watch out for terms like “always” or “every time” that you utter to yourself. When someone says, “I always mess this up,” you should follow up by asking, “Always?,” and then looking for the exceptions.

3. Put Solutions First

Pay attention to what you want rather than what you don’t want. Focus on the outcome and remind yourself why you first desired this goal.

Your objectives are what the reticular activating system concentrates on. When you put your attention on what you desire, your wishes are fulfilled in terms of the people, locations, and circumstances that enter your life. More information on this is available in my post on the reticular activating system.

Consider this from a more spiritual perspective by keeping in mind that your ideas are energy. You get positive energy from happy thoughts, and that positive energy draws more positive energy to itself. Therefore, the more you concentrate on what you desire, the more probable it is that the Law of Attraction will work in your favor.

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4. Consider challenges or adversity a test

This is a great technique to approach a challenge or problem from a different angle. Consider it a sign that you need to grow and learn, or that you have a phobia you need to get over. After overcoming it, you’ll have gained the necessary information, expertise, and experience to go to the next stage or finish the task at hand. So consider it a test, a lesson, a chance to learn, and a way to overcome challenges and hardship.

5. Discuss It with Someone Who Shares Your Opinion

To do this, you need to choose the appropriate person. someone who has faith in you and whom you can trust. This person might be a friend, coworker, therapist, or coach.

Why is this crucial? because we can become so mired in the issue that we cannot distinguish between the forest and the trees. A alternative viewpoint from someone who is not emotionally invested can be helpful. They are able to look through your blind spots and offer direction and counsel on issues you hadn’t considered.

You can vent and let out negative feelings like stress, annoyance, or rage even if they only listen to you. So, even just chatting to someone can be beneficial. In my post on the Sedona technique, I talked about another fantastic way to let go of unpleasant feelings.

6. Relax

There are lots of wonderful ways to unwind. You might practice meditation or take a peaceful stroll. Alternately, you might deliberately relax every muscle in your body by performing a gradual muscle relaxation technique. If you’re short on time, try this quick relaxing technique.

Your mind isn’t focused on anything in particular when you’re relaxed. This enables your intuition to speak to you and come to the fore. Your unconscious mind then provides you with new information.

I frequently have my best thoughts in the shower. You probably have them as well. I’m curious why that is. Perhaps it’s because the hot water relaxes your body, which then relaxes your mind, causing you to have ideas that you just hadn’t had before.

7. Focus on the Things You Can Control,

Every upset, struggle, or disappointment, in my opinion, consists of three elements. You could approach that management and request input. Ask yourself what you should focus on to advance the next time. Once you start acting on their advice and learning new talents, you’ll be prepared to be promoted again.

The good news is that you have considerably more control than you may realize. And you will automatically feel more at ease when you concentrate on what you can manage rather than what you cannot. Because you’re concentrating on the things you can alter, you’ll feel less worry and anxiety and more confident.

8. Take Care of Yourself

It’s simple to forget to take care of oneself when coping with difficulties, shocks, or disappointments. You might begin to eat poorly or stop working out. Sleeping less could be a result of your intense efforts to make your circumstances better. However, It typically has the opposite result.

It is much better to take care of your physical and mental health by eating correctly, getting enough sleep, and finding time to exercise. You’ll decide more wisely. In addition to being more resilient and happy, you’ll be more motivated.

9. Picture the Results

Keep in mind that the current difficult situation is only transitory and will pass in due course. Consider the challenging times in your past and how you handled them to see how things changed. Then, picture what you desire. Imagine a positive result. Read my essay on how to visualize properly and successfully if you want to learn more about it.

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10. Continue

Continue acting, learning, growing, and moving forward. Being adaptable is a wonderful thing since there are occasions when you need a different strategy. The challenges and difficulties will start to fade as you maintain your concentration on what you desire, and you’ll once more enjoy success and good times.

These are the 10 strategies I use to get beyond challenges and hurdles in life. I sincerely hope you’ll put them to use in your life and discover their value. Use these to regain control of your life right away!

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11. Test your boundaries.

Your character is strengthened by struggle. The occasions in our lives that we are most proud of are frequently those when we overcame adversity to accomplish something worthwhile.

Make an effort to push yourself to become better. The knowledge that you are stronger and more competent than you ever dreamed is the best sensation there is.

12. Don’t navigate life by yourself.

I firmly believe that you cannot navigate this world by yourself. Even if we consider ourselves to be introverted most of the time, there are still some situations that you simply cannot handle on your own. Create a strong support network for yourself that is familiar with you. These are your friends and family members who actually care about you, have faith in you, and only have your best interests in mind. Your success stems from them.

13. Have confidence

Most of the time, especially when something seems too difficult to handle, we have a tendency to view things negatively. Learn to think positively and to view life optimistically. Every day, begin with an upbeat mood and an expectant heart. Because of the way we approach life, there is a great deal of good in the world that is underappreciated.

14. Keep a diary.

Having a notebook gives you the ability to record your thoughts when you’re uncomfortable speaking to others, regardless of your mood. You can use it to plan and make a list of the things you wish to do and accomplish.

15. Workout!

Although you may feel that working out is too exhausting, it is actually good for you. Exercise can help some people reduce stress and release all the negative energy they are carrying around. so that they would feel considerably better after the workout.

16. Go outside and discover.

Investigating the surroundings is soothing. It enhances your life and the way you perceive the world. Mother Nature teaches us that there is beauty all around us—we just need to see it and pay attention to it.

17. Rejoice in your accomplishments and then look for new ones.

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List each and every one of your life’s accomplishments. Gratify them! Give yourself credit for taking a chance and overcoming all of those challenges. To achieve them, one must have great courage and tenacity before setting new ones.

18. Remain open-minded.

You might hear some encouraging remarks that are disguised as helpful criticisms. Try to have an open mind and consider what was said to you; doing so will enable you to advance more in every area of your life. Sometimes we are the only ones who are unable to perceive something in our lives that needs to be improved.

19. Quit contrasting.

You shouldn’t feel guilty if other individuals are already at the pinnacle of your accomplishment and you aren’t because your life is unique from others’. Learn to have faith in the process and to have confidence in your own strength and capacity to attain all of your life’s objectives.

20. Refrain from throwing a “pity-party”.

Never lose yourself in self-pity since it won’t solve anything. Never forget that you are a flawed human being who frequently makes errors and fails, and that’s okay. Never believe that the world is ending or let the negative thoughts affect you. It’s acceptable to feel horrible and depressed about the things you cannot change, but try not to let them break you. They are there to support your growth as a person.

21. Feel the suffering,

You will experience pain eventually, whether you want it or not. However, always keep in mind that there is always a better opportunity waiting for you; there is always a rainbow after the storm.

22. Remain dedicated and concentrated.

It’s harder than you might believe to stay devoted to overcoming your obstacles in life and improving yourself. Maintain your focus and keep away from everything that can prevent you from attaining your goals. Don’t let these challenges defeat you; they are common. You develop your strength, fortitude, and perseverance as a result of obstacles. Every time you tackle a challenge, you clear a mental barrier.

23. Try not to be too harsh with yourself.

It ought to serve as a regular reminder to treat oneself well. Most of the time, people won’t be there for you, especially if you’re in a horrible circumstance. The obstacles we face are there to bring out the best and the worst in us. Being a good friend and companion to oneself is sometimes the only thing you can rely on.

24. Delight in solitude and tranquility.

Now you might believe that drinking yourself to death and staying out all night partying is the best approach to solve your problems.

It won’t help you with anything, I can assure you of that. By relaxing and simply thinking about our questions, we can occasionally discover the answers we seek. To prevent having the ability to break you mentally and emotionally, it is crucial to take a much-needed break from the noise and commotion of the outside world.

A 4-Step Process for Overcoming Obstacles

Would you like to try a method that the Buddha himself once taught to overcome obstacles? This four-step process could be very beneficial to you!

  • Accept where you are and what you have, and then let go. Right now, this is your life. Accepting it will enable you to let go of worry, anxiety, and fear even though it is just momentary. One of the best methods for developing acceptance is meditation.
  • Decide after observing: Take a step back from your emotions to establish a plan when you are faced with a particular difficulty. While it’s crucial to still feel your emotions, you want to be as impartial as you can while choosing how to act.
  • Act despite your fears: One of the most important aspects in overcoming obstacles is taking action. It’s likely that a significant portion of whatever you’re dealing with is difficult for you because of an underlying dread. Try to identify and describe your fears in the circumstance. You can then take action to lessen that dread.
  • Ultimately, we all tend to stay in our comfort zones. Try practicing gratitude. Thus, when something novel occurs or is offered, we could feel that it is difficult to handle. You can redefine a challenge by engaging in acts of gratitude. Additionally, you will feel happier overall right now.

The conclusion

Learning how to overcome obstacles requires patience, perseverance, and an optimistic outlook. No matter where you are in life, difficult moments will arise. But if you have the appropriate attitude and practice, you’ll be able to go through them every time and develop as a result!

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