Every conversation feels thrilling and special when you first start dating someone you’re genuinely into. Hours seem to go by quickly, and minutes seem to be seconds. When you’ve gotten to know your partner truly intimately after a few months (or Hell, a few dinners), you could feel like you’ve ran out of questions to ask them. There are deep questions to ask your boyfriend to test his love and to know him better!

juicy questions to ask your boyfriend

You’re not doomed, but you do want to deliberately change the subject of that dull talk. Because maintaining those in-depth, captivating conversations with your partner, regardless of how long you have been together, is crucial for a fulfilling relationship.

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All of us are curious about what makes us unique to the man of our dreams.

… What was it that drew them to us rather than someone else? Why do our eyes cause their pupils to enlarge? They might want to share it with you. Ask him one of these five questions the next time you notice his eyes getting really wide, and you’ll feel your love grow as he reveals his favorite things about you. You can’t help but admit that you enjoy being praised and reassured occasionally.

Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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1. “What do you love the best about me?”

Perhaps it’s your huggable thighs, your huggable lips, or even the way you giggle in your own special way and roll your eyes. Ask him what it is about you that makes his cheeks light up, please.

2. “What would you alter about me if you could?”

We’re not flawless all the time!

… Is there something about you that irritates or offends him that you could improve? Everyone has positive and bad qualities, and discussing them has been shown to strengthen relationships.

3. “Which color do you believe best complements me?”

It is a fallacy that a male cannot clothe a woman. The majority are superb fashion critics; they’ll tell you straight up what works and what doesn’t. Find out what hue he believes best complements you, then wear it to win his approval.

4. “How do you like my hair today?”

Every now and then, we all have a bad hair day! I occasionally doubt the premise and wonder if we really do vent our insecurities on our hair when we are feeling uneasy. If you’re having these feelings, ask your man what he thinks of your hairstyle to give you some comfort.

5. “Do you like me appearing natural or with makeup?”

The majority of men typically respond to this age-old query by stating that they prefer us to be “natural.” Give the makeover a rest today and pay attention to him; you’ll feel more confident that he’ll like it.


When you first met, when he had you on the tip of your toes, it was a magnificent moment that you’ll never forget! likewise for him. Relive some of your special “first time” moments and talk about how you’ve changed as a couple.

6. “Do you recall how we initially met?”

It will be interesting to compare the varied ways you initially met by sharing your differing thoughts on that momentous day.

7. “How did you make me fall in love with you?”

Allow him to share with you some of the old methods he used to win you over in the beginning of your relationship; they might help to clear up some questions about those awkward first dates you went on.

8. “Did you ever think that we’d be here today?”

Was it merely a casual affair at first, or did he have you in mind from the very beginning? He may not have been head over heels with you at first, but he most definitely was once he got to know the real you, so don’t take it personally if he responds “no” or hesitates.

9. “When did it dawn on you that I was the one for you?”

Ask him to recount the wonderful moment when he first seen you in a beam of light. Talking about your first romantic encounter will help you feel better because it reminds you of the successful path you have followed thus far.

10. “Did you experience love at first sight?”

When you entered each other’s worlds… There was an instant connection, but it might have been him or you who looked up first. Find out what he thought in that first crucial second.

11. “What do you think motivates us to work the hardest?”

What keeps your love strong throughout time?

… As you discuss the beauty of what your love has evolved into, ask him what he believes makes you stand out from the crowd.

12. “Do you believe we can make our love better? What do you suppose it would be, if so?

It’s unlikely because nothing is ever perfect that there is nothing you need to do better at. However, you can make it as close to flawless as you can, and talking things out is the best place to start.

13. What would you do for me or for me, if there was one thing you could do for me?

You both will benefit greatly from compromise! Offer to help each other out and take the time and pleasure to attend to each other’s needs.

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14. “How much do you love me, on a scale of 1 to 10?”

Although there is no accurate way to gauge your love for one another, if you were to rank it from 1 to 10, how would you evaluate it? What kind of thing?

15. “What sets our love apart from the others?”

Every time you two are together, it appears as though the globe is on fire. Talk about what makes your love unique from others. Enjoy the beauty that your love ignites and express yourself freely!


You’d think that since you spend every day together, you’d get to know one other well, but that isn’t always the case!

Most couples find it challenging to discuss their deepest emotions with their partners because they are reluctant to ask them or unclear of how to ask for fear that they would respond inappropriately. How well do you know each other? is a good place to start if you’re unclear how to start getting personal on a curious point of view. It might go you far farther!

16. What would be your dream date?

Is it always you who makes the suggestion for a date?

.. We naturally make plans and look for ways to improve our romantic relationships, therefore it’s okay. But it’s alright if you want to suggest that he picks the destination for your next date—you never know!

17. “Where is my favorite place for us to date?”

How well does he know you both, and will he be sensitive to the places that are special to you both and make you think of one another? Get him to take you there on your next day out to make it extra special and reignite some fond memories.

18. If you could travel anyplace, where would you go?

Everybody has a fantasy location they’d want to visit! You should discuss them with one another, follow through on making those goals a reality, and make future trips there as a couple. This is a fantastic therapeutic tool to reignite your love and discuss your greatest aspirations so that you can all work together to make them come true.

19. “What is your preferred cuisine?”

Do they have a go-to comfort food that you’re not aware of?

… Don’t forget that “A man’s gut is his window to his soul.” So, when you learn what his favorite dish is, put on your apron and prepare him a feast.

20. Do I prefer milk in my tea or coffee?

It should be simple for them to respond to the question, thus this is just a figure of speech. How well-versed in you is he? How frequently does he give you that lovely cup of tea or coffee when you wake up or when you get home from work…

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Actions are more persuasive than words, so Find strategies to make your in-depth discussions into times you can spend together actively. You can only progress and truly understand what it is to be in love with each other in this way. You discuss first, then you act and create memories as a group. Here are some suggestions for things you can recommend to your partner and ask him to do with you:

21. Where would you like to take me this weekend for dinner?

If you’ve had a long week of routine and are too exhausted to think deeply, propose going out to eat on the weekend. You don’t have to go very far. Go local, affordable, and still have fun as you and your companions decompress away from home.

22. “Should we try something different?”

It’s kind of good that this is a somewhat open-ended question since you can let people interpret it anyway they want. Here, your major goal is to encourage them to try something new, which is excellent therapy for rekindling passion in your relationship.

23. “Should we begin a joint hobby?”

Finding a hobby that you both enjoy and spending time doing it together is a terrific way to spend time together. It will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship and provide a fun, bonding respite from your usual schedule.

24. “How about we get a drink after work?”

After a long day, we may all use a light drink to unwind, but don’t leave him behind to go out with your coworkers, which would definitely irritate him. Also invite him out! Meet him in a trendy downtown cocktail bar and pretend it’s the weekend to live life to the fullest.

Juicy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

To start meaningful talks with your boyfriend, pose probing questions. You’ll discover a lot about his thinking, identity, and self-perception.

  • What attributes define the finest version of you?
  • What are some things you do despite not wanting to?
  • How would you define love?
  • What is your strongest attribute?
  • What is anything that you have always wanted to accomplish but have never done?
  • What could we alter about our relationship to strengthen it?
  • What distinguishes or distinguishes us as a group?
  • To what am I referring?
  • What do you need to survive?
  • How would you describe your recent changes?
  • What motivates you to feel successful?
  • What do you consider to be a good man?
  • What fear do you have of losing it?
  • How can you tell whether you are successful?
  • What kind of father aspire to be?
  • What do you hope people will remember you for?
  • If you lost your job, what would you do?
  • What would you do if your loved ones or friends didn’t approve of me?
  • Are you more of an extrovert, an introvert, or an ambivert? How has that influenced you both positively and negatively?
  • What do you consider to be one of the most important challenges facing our nation right now?
  • What disturbs you at night?
  • What songs would you include on a playlist of your high school experience?
  • Have you ever experienced religion’s letdown? What steps did you take to overcome it?
  • Do you have any memories of your father crying when you were younger? How were you feeling?
  • What do you wish you had when you were younger?
  • What are your thoughts on the recent X event?
  • What aspects of our nation’s healthcare system would you change?
  • What aspects of our state’s educational system would you change?
  • What would you do if you were a politician for a day?
  • Which nation would you chose to immigrate to if you could go anywhere? Why?


Make eye contact and avoid interruptions when you ask this since listening is just as important as asking the question. In the extremely fast-paced world we all encounter on a daily basis, Thompson says, “we can lose sight of what our significant other is experiencing on a personal level, be it at work, with the kids, or among family and friends.”

You wouldn’t expect the discourse to reach to such depths. “This is a loving gesture, and your relationship will benefit in all ways from your support.” Ask it today and in the future. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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