Is there a man in your life who you admire but don’t know how to tell him you like him?

Perhaps you and he have been friends for years, if not decades. Perhaps he’s the new man who just moved into your building. Maybe it’s someone you met through a dating app recently. And, as much as you’d like to believe that putting your heart on the line and risking rejection isn’t a big deal, it’s perfectly normal if it does.

When you were 13 and crushing on the basketball team captain, it was a big deal, and it might still feel epic decades later—especially if the guy you liked didn’t feel the same way and you felt ashamed or rejected. Rejection at a young age (or any age) can be traumatic, and healing such scars might require years of rewriting tales (and counseling).

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So you’ve probably come to this page because you’re trying to find out how to tell a guy you like him without freaking him out or hurting him in the process. If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place.

Before I teach you how to tell a person you like him, keep these things in mind:

1. Make sure he’s unmarried!

This one is mostly for a guy you meet in person, such as at a bar, the gym, or on the bus. But before you go, make sure he’s single and actively looking for a date.

2. Avoid playing video games.

Some dating “experts” will tell you how to “trick” a guy into liking you back or going out with you. This, however, is manipulation, and I never do it with the ladies I teach. Don’t play games if you want this person to actually like you back. Allow yourself to be sincere and honest.

3. You should look and feel your best (for you)

I teach ladies 7 Little Love Steps to help them find the man and relationship of their dreams. Step 1: A Little Love Before you start flirting with or dating somebody, you need to learn to respect yourself and realize your worth.

Why? Because you’ll feel incredible, which will make you infinitely more desirable to men, and you’ll know that whatever happens with this person, you’ll be OK.

4. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable.

You will avoid failure if you do not put yourself out there and chase what you want. You’ll also avoid receiving what you desire for the rest of your life.

You may spend the next year wondering if this guy is interested in you. How do I express my feelings for him? And you’ll be no closer to your desired outcome, which is him.

Rejection is an inevitable part of life, and dating is no exception. I’ve been rejected by women in the past, and I’ve learnt not to take it personally because it isn’t. It’s much more about them than it is about you when someone rejects you.

5. Take responsibility for your emotions

If you follow the methods outlined in this article and the guy in question says he doesn’t agree, resist the impulse to say anything like, “Oh, I was only kidding!”

Own your emotions. Recognize them. Remember that telling someone you care about them takes courage. A lady who is straightforward and honest about her desires is incredibly attractive.

6. Let go of the final result

You’re probably putting off telling him you like him because you’re frightened he won’t reciprocate. And, of course, if he doesn’t, you’ll be disappointed.

Allowing yourself to let go of the outcome from the start is the best approach to avoid being harmed. Be unconcerned about his response, whether it’s the one you wanted or not. For your own sake, tell him how you feel.

Why is knowing how to tell a person you like him so important?

What’s the best-case scenario? He’s also interested in you. Learning how to tell a guy you like him has other advantages as well.

Telling a guy you like him can enhance your self-esteem! As you learn to read guys and their interest in you, you acquire confidence. Confidence is a valuable asset in both life and love.

Do you realize how attractive a confident lady is to men? It’s true. Consider how you’re pulled to a man who exudes confidence. He appears to be in control of his life. He is not afraid of being rejected. Isn’t it scorching?

Men perceive confident women in the same manner. The more you put yourself out there and learn how to tell a guy you like him, the more you’ll be able to recognize the signs that he is also interested in you. You’ll also be able to recognize when a man is just being friendly and not interested.

You may enhance your approach by learning what works and what doesn’t. Although messing with your hair may seem strange and cliché, you have a knack for telling jokes and making men laugh. Work with what you’ve got and what feels natural when it comes to the suggestions below.

You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket, and you won’t find your guy if you don’t go out of your way to locate him. You boost your chances of finding the right partner for you by telling every man how you feel.

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Here’s how to let a guy know you like him without saying anything.

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When you like someone, whether it’s a crush or a long-term partner, telling them you like them isn’t always enough; showing them how much you care can go a long way. Here are 50 unique methods to tell someone you like them without saying it directly. These small gestures, especially in a new relationship, can be the perfect way to convey hints.

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1. Flirt to show that you like him.

Sitting pretty and expecting the guy to be interested in you just because you look like a princess might not be enough. Why don’t you try flirting with him to show him you’re interested? A man’s ego will be boosted by compliments. When you make a man feel special, he begins to notice you. If you tell him he looks like a certain attractive celebrity, you’ll be well on your way to convincing him that you like him.

2. Make eye contact with the guy to show him you like him.

Maintaining seductive eye contact is one of the most effective methods to convey a guy that you like him. When you look a guy in the eyes before moving your gaze, he will become worked up and sexually yearning for you. You can repeat this a few times till he gets the hint. A simple glance may not be enough; add a charming grin, and he’ll know you like him in no time.

3. Lightly touch the person to show him you like him.

You can utilize physical contact to convey your message to the guy you like during a chat. This could be as simple as simply touching his hand while laughing at his jokes to a tight hug that will sexually stimulate him. This will send him a note indicating that you like him. You can play footsie with him if you are the type who isn’t scared to put yourself out there. This will not only sexually arouse him, but it will also show him that you care about him.

4. Show off your assets in front of the guy you want.

Make sure you appear really hot if you’re going somewhere where you’re guaranteed to run into him. Put something on that is not only sexy but also flattering. Wear a dress that will show off your wonderful legs if you have them. Wear a top with a deep V-neck if you have great boobs. If you’re going to wear something, make sure it’s something you know would draw him sexually.

5. Laugh along with him when he tells jokes

Nothing makes a man feel better than hearing a woman laugh at his jokes. As a result, make sure to chuckle whenever he tells a joke. When he notices that you enjoy his humor, he will become more interested in you. When you laugh at his jokes, it helps to break the ice because he’ll know you two get cheval. He’ll realize you’re enjoying the chat and that you enjoy conversing with him (which suggests you like him!).

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6. Inform him that you like him by sending buddies.

Why don’t you allow his buddies deliver the message to him if you really like him? You are not required to convey your emotions to them. You can easily drop hints by asking his pals if he’s dating someone. He’ll readily pick up on the fact that you’re asking about him the instant he hears your question. If you’re too hesitant to tell him how you feel, utilize a mediator to relay the message and let him know what’s going on.

7. Text the guy to express your interest in him.

If one-on-one conversation isn’t your thing, there are other ways to let the guy know you like him. Why don’t you send him a text message or an email? You may be shocked by the course your talk takes. If you can convey your feelings by indirect means, you will have less anxiety than if the guy is right in front of you. You’ll be less concerned about his reaction to you.

8. Show that you care about him.

When you show interest in him, he will appreciate it. You can learn about his interests, achievements, likes, and dislikes. Make sure not to ask in a questioning tone; instead, make it fascinating and enjoyable! Most people appreciate being in the company of others who share their interests. Hikers will spend time together, bikers will congregate in the same areas, and drinkers will frequent the same establishments. You can join him and have fun together once you learn about his hobbies. For example, if he enjoys rock climbing, you can inquire as to whether you should accompany him. You’ll be able to communicate your liking for him in no time.

9. Tease the guy to show he’s attractive.

Introduce some humor into the chat with the person. This can be accomplished by taunting him in a non-annoying manner. Make sure you don’t anger him. Men are delicate beings. When his ego is bruised, he will do whatever it takes to reclaim it, which usually involves snapping at you. This isn’t the ideal way to let him know you like him.

10. Have self-assurance

Exuding self-assurance will help you get the attention of the guy you like. When you exude confidence, you increase your sexual attraction. This will convince the man that you are a good match for him, and he will become more interested in you.

11. Inquire about his romantic relationships.

This isn’t the most subtle approach to express your feelings for him, but it can work. In a casual manner, inquire if he is seeing anyone. If he says no, find out why and what qualities he values in a girlfriend. This will allow him to express himself about what he wants in a partner, and you’ll be able to tell if you’re the perfect girl for him.

12. Respond appropriately

If the guy says he likes you, make sure you respond appropriately. You can express your joy and discuss going out on a date to take the connection to the next level. Keep your cool if the guy doesn’t reciprocate your sentiments. Don’t say anything to him about your disappointment or how much you like him.

13. Do him some friendly favors to show him you care.

You can offer to buy him lunch or coffee once you’ve gotten to know him better. You can give him your notes if he skipped class. While this may appear to be a minor gesture, it will give a clear message that you admire him. But be careful not to overdo it.

14. Request the man’s phone number.

If you’ve been friends with the guy for a while and want to hang out with him, a decent suggestion is to ask him for his phone number. Play it casual so you don’t come out as wanting to go on a date with him. Ask for his phone number so that you may text him information about the next meeting class. If he’s a great person, he won’t think it’s strange and won’t realize you like him right away.

15. Make a social media friend request for him.

It may not seem like a smart idea to ask him out on social media, but we can’t deny that the internet has become a part of our life. Make sure to give a nice comment on his Instagram pictures when he publishes them. Always be available to answer his questions about fantastic vacation spots. You may send a sly note asking if you could join him on his next vacation. This is a simple method to express your admiration for him.

16. Highlight your positive qualities

We can all agree that comparing yourself to others is typically not a good idea, although it is acceptable in particular circumstances. You can say that you don’t understand how someone would cheat in a relationship when the guy complains that his ex cheated on him. Make sure he realizes that you are unique and that if you were lucky enough to date him, you would never cheat on him. This will not only show him that you like him, but it will also convince him that you’re worth dating.

17. When you see him, express your joy so he knows you adore him.

You are not required to act as if you are not interested in seeing him. Show him how glad you are when you have the chance to hang out with him. Show real interest in him and make the most of every opportunity you have together. Get to know him, his likes and dislikes, and he’ll grow to appreciate you.

18. Take the guy you like to an interesting event.

It could be a sporting event, a movie, or a dinner gathering. Find something fun to do and invite your crush to join you. You can also ask him to assist you in changing a lightbulb or performing other household tasks. As a thank you, you can prepare him a hot cup of coffee after he accepts. All of these justifications for spending time with him will signal to him that you like him.

19. Give him a good book to read.

Have you read a book that you think he will enjoy? Why don’t you lend the book to him? You may, for example, lend him a book on how to be a great entrepreneur if he is in business. This will not only demonstrate your concern for him, but it will also let him know that you like him.

20. Give him your phone number.

If you meet your crush on Facebook, you can tell him you like him by giving him your phone number. This will inform him that you wish to speak with him outside of social media.

Now that you’ve figured out how to tell a guy you like him, what’s next?

What happens now that you know how to tell your crush you like them?

If you haven’t dated in a while, it may take some time to work up the nerve to tell this man how you feel. Remember the stages I outlined above, accept rejection, and trust that you’re getting closer to finding the ideal partner and relationship for you.

Whatever occurs, remember that it’s better to tell others how you’re feeling than to keep it hidden. And you’ll be OK.

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