Physical intimacy can occasionally get monotonous. We therefore have the information you require if you’re looking for new sexual activities to engage in with your boyfriend.

How to Sexually Attract Your Boyfriend

Things in the bedroom often get a little routine. Both of you and they are aware of what each other enjoy. Each of you is well-versed in the other. Even so, you still want to experiment with new approaches to surprise your partner, which is why you must learn the appropriate kinds of sex to have with him.

Even though no one ever tells you this, relationships require work. Sadly, you must always learn the hard way. We’re here to advise you to put effort into your relationship if you want it to last.

After being together for a while, you occasionally need to remind your spouse to try new things. It’s simple to get stuck in a rut and lose the urge to experiment in bed.

How to Sexually Attract Your Boyfriend?

It’s okay if you don’t know what to do. You are here for that reason. We’ll support you and get you back on track. The best sexual games and activities to do when you and your spouse want to add something new to the mix are listed below. And let’s face it, a little variety is usually a good idea.

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1. Laugh at him

This is a tried-and-true method for seducing a man without speaking to him. Put on lace, transparent nightgowns with nothing underneath. Don’t let him touch you while you tease him. You might also try eating melted chocolates while licking your fingers and giving him the odd filthy look.

2. Implement the no-hands rule.

The simplest method to make a man yearn for you and want you more than ever is to allow him to gaze at you but not touch you. If your ruse is successful, he’ll ask you for more. However, inform him it’s against the law if he uses his hands. That will make him more ecstatic. You’ll be surprised by the inventive ways that males can think of.

3. Unclean text

There are various ways to seduce your boyfriend even when he is not physically present thanks to the technology at our disposal. Use SMS to entice your man while he is at work or away. For him, it will instill a sense of expectancy. Something along the lines of “I want to do things to you today that are so wild that I can’t say them” might be appropriate. He’d probably be looking for an excuse to get back to you quickly and spoil you.

4. Send alluring images

You need to put yourself out there if you want to physically entice a man. What better medium for that than a nice yet seductive image. No, we’re not talking about nudes, but more of a translucent top with no bra. Or a short skirt that only covers your buttocks’ outline. His dozing hormones will be awakened by a picture like this. He should return soon.

5. Go shopping with him

Not your typical trip to the mall, no. You and I both know that is one method to entice your man. It will most likely kill his libido. Shopping for lingerie is the topic. If you want to entice a man with just one statement, say something like, “We’re going lingerie shopping and you get to pick.” Make him sit close to the courtroom and ask him to look around. Would he prefer to immediately rob you of them? Oh, yes! This is an excellent method of luring your man.

6. Catch him off guard with a sexy gaze

When you’re in a committed relationship, you don’t give a damn about your appearance. Your dress code is pajamas and a disheveled bun. However, when he rings the doorbell again, answer it as you normally would with open hair and minimum makeup. He’ll become oddly aroused. That is how you woo a man without actually speaking to him. Here, your job as a seductress is done. It’s time to advance the situation.

7. Next, undress.

Make him sit down on the couch, maybe give him a drink, and then undress in front of him just as his curiosity starts to get the better of him. It’s much better if you appear to have no idea. He’ll keep his jaws open and follow you around like a good puppy. This is a fantastic approach to luring a man in. More intimate details only for you!

8. Engage in foreplay then leave

How can a man be enticed and driven insane? by making him long for more. Give him everything he asks for, then leave before the conclusion to take a shower, if necessary, or make an excuse about having to attend a late-night party. Watch him yearn for you in bed. But don’t be a teasing person; return and complete your task.

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How to Sexually Attract Your Boyfriend

9. Bathe with him.

Sneak into the restroom with him when he’s not looking. It’s easier to physically seduce a man in the shower, especially when he’s not looking. You two will be ignited by it. Play around with him, maybe even engage in some foreplay, and instruct him to keep that thought in his head the remainder of the day. When you two come together at the end of the day, we guarantee you’ll have the best sex of your life.

10. Don’t wear any perfume

Use an aromatic hairspray or your favorite scent. Leave your enticing scent all around him as you go. He would, uh, go wild. Make use of the science behind the relationship between scent and mood. If you’re seeking for nonverbal ways to entice a man, a hint of the appropriate scent is the way to go.

11. Set the tone

Simple acts of affection are among the most effective ways to entice a man. Do it the traditional way and give it your all. You wait for him holding roses while playing romantic music, lighting fragrant candles, and dressing in a skimpy one-piece. Although it appears to be a lot of labor, trust us—it is worthwhile. It is worthwhile to lure a man.

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12. Act as his masseur

How do you woo a man? By allowing him to enjoy your touch without making it clear where it is going. Please avoid touching his erogenous zones when massaging him. His throat was kissed, his earlobes were nipped, and his navel rings were circled. Your touch will cause his body to react in unimaginable ways. Even attempt some nasty dancing.

13. Arrange a romantic getaway.

The physique is not the only thing that seduces. It also involves allowing one’s thoughts to wander. to unwind. Plan a surprise getaway to a charming location, and pack your schedule with fun activities for couples like massages, candlelit dinners, and breakfast in bed. He’ll be appreciative of you and emotionally devoted to you. You’ll hold a different type of charm over him now. You may entice a man with just one word: “You and I are taking a staycation this weekend.”

14. Play strip poker

Play a game of poker with a twist to entice your partner without speaking a word. Additionally, make sure you lose more before beginning to win. Your own versions can always be added. Be inventive!

15. Play-acting

Discuss your fantasies with him and learn about his. Inquire as to which movie star he thinks is the sexiest. then shock him by impersonating his ideal female in real life. All of your acting prowess is required here. Even BDSM is an option. The key to making a man lust after you is to be open to experimenting in bed and willing to stretch the boundaries of your sexual experiences.

16. Touch him before others

Not everyone has the acting chops to portray Christian Grey in the elevator scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. Try grazing his leg with your bare feet, though, if the two of you are present. After lightly touching him under the table, lightly touch yourself. That is enticing, suggestive, and sexy. He’ll understand the cue. That is how to flirt with your lover without speaking.

17. Alternate your bed position.

When women take control in bed, men adore it. So shock him with some innovative and daring acts on the bed. He will undoubtedly return to you for more. Ask your friends for advice, educate yourself on sex positions, or go online for his preferred porn and copy some of the actions there. You’ll blow his mind if you try this, girl.

18. Pick up a few sexy moves

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The right dance steps, when executed properly, can fascinate him in no time. You can pick out some attractive clothing after learning a few dances. You can play peek-a-boo or perform a striptease while dancing, always displaying but hiding more of your body. Are you familiar with a man’s erogenous zones? If not, you should make an effort to solve them.

19. Use playthings for sex

Add a vibrator to the mix to get a little flirty. It can be used against you by him or by you. It doesn’t matter what kind of toy you use; just have fun trying out new ones.

With these accessories, whether it be a vibrator, butt plug, or penis ring, your sex will be intensified. One of the sexiest activities you can perform with your boyfriend is this.

20. Make a touch in his presence.

What about solo sex, which is typically performed with two or three people? Do it in front of your spouse because you sex on your own.

Sit next to or across from them and start to touch yourself subtly when they’re not looking. They’ll catch on soon, but keep them out of it. They can only observe.

21. Public

Where do you typically have sex? Perhaps in your bedroom.

Why not try something a little more exciting, though? Tell your passenger to stop driving while you start making out with him. If you’re seeking for some racy sexual activities to do with your boyfriend, be naughty by touching each other in the rear seats of the theater.


These are the 21 charm tactics for women to win over your man’s body and mind. It’s not always about getting him excited in the art of seduction. It is a fun and effective way to make your relationship with your boyfriend stronger. But always remember the golden rule: it’s not about giving him everything at once. Always strive to leave him wanting more. Start strategizing and planning. He’s standing by!

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