I’m sure you’d like to see your ex again. You, on the other hand, are considering moving on. Even though you know that person has flaws, your heart still encourages you to return, thinking about how amazing they are on occasion. For better or worse, you want to be there for that person again. What’s more, guess what? When we split up, more than 80% of us think of that.

Why would you like to rekindle your relationship with your ex?

People often tell you that wanting your ex back is a mistake, that you split up for a reason, and that patching things up is pointless. I’m sure you can see why I disagree with sentiments like these…especially when I consider the hundreds of people who reunite each year after following our recommendations.

That said, there’s one thing to remember about breakups: they don’t happen for no reason. There are reasons for what occurred. After months or even years together, the person you desire back didn’t suddenly intend to quit one day for no apparent reason.

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When you want your ex back or constantly asking yourself, “How can I make my ex want me back?” it’s usually because you’ve realized your mistakes and what you could have done things differently. You don’t want to live with regrets, and you’re willing to go to any length to reestablish a strong relationship and a future with the man you still love.

Is it possible to renew a relationship after it has ended?

You’ll have to assume the mindset of a talented seductress or seducer, similar to how you did when you first met, if you want this man/woman to have strong feelings for you again.

You actually have an edge because you and your partner are already quite familiar with one other. So you know what people like and dislike, and you can tailor your actions to their preferences and personality. Don’t forget to mix things up and avoid doing the same thing again and over.

How to Rekindle a Relationship With an Ex

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Tip #1: Women desire to be romanced, whereas males must “connect” through shared interests.

If your ex is a lady, surprising her with flowers or nice small messages may help to re-ignite things and make her feel special. If your ex is a man, plan activities that allow you to do things together and be physically active together – camping, hiking, fishing, or anything you both enjoy – because men don’t always connect by sitting around talking all day!

Tip #2: Increase the level of sexual tension!

When you’re with your ex, pay attention to the sexual relationship between you two and see if there’s any tension. It’s critical that you continue to flirt with them, tease them, gently slap their arm, and touch their shoulder — you want to keep the sexual tension alive so that your ex is aware that you still have chemistry! And the strain gives you a lot of strength!

A dinner date, especially if your ex is a woman, is a terrific method to increase sexual tension. Flirt with her and watch for signals of reciprocation – does she seem to be enjoying herself? Is she flirting with you? Do you think she wants you to keep going? Continue to ratchet up the tension if you think she’s loving it.

Tip #3: Treat her like a princess, and treat him like a king!

At least in the view of the vast majority of women, chivalry is still a desirable attribute. So, if you know your girl enjoys being treated like a princess, hold the door for her, move between her and the curb if a bunch of boisterous males is approaching… Demonstrate that you care about her.

If your ex is a man, you should try to boost his ego a little… Praise him, make him happy, and show an interest in what he enjoys. Don’t berate him or nag him excessively. If you want your ex to fall in love with you again, focus on having simple, happy interactions rather than bringing up old wounds.

Tip #4: Don’t over-analyze situations.

This may be more challenging for those who are goal-oriented, analytical, and focused on the end result since they believe their accomplishments are linked to their worth as a person. It’s critical that you don’t bring this trait into your relationships because relationships don’t always function that way — no one wants to feel like a piece in your game or project. They want to be treated as thinking, emotional beings – someone you can admire and love for their individual characteristics and abilities.

So, while you’re engaging with your spouse or ex, make sure you’re focused on the PRESENT… it’s all about how you feel and how you make them feel. Rather than over-analyzing and obsessing about where things are going, try to make the most of your time together now.

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Tip #5: Defend the values you hold dear.

This is more about being self-assured and proud of the characteristics that distinguish you as a unique individual. Instead of waiting for someone else to compliment you on all of your beautiful and unique features, take a look at yourself and appreciate the best aspects of yourself. It’s a lot simpler to help others see the best in you when you’re SOLD ON YOURSELF!

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Tip #6: Accept the fact that you will be alone.

When you take pride in yourself, you’re actually saying to your ex, “This is me, and here are all the amazing qualities that make me ME.” “Take it or leave it” – you’ve got the upper hand!

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You WALK if your ex doesn’t show interest in you or appreciates you in the ways you need to be appreciated. You gain POWER when you make it evident that you are not reliant on your ex’s acceptance. It’s as simple as going into a business arrangement with the knowledge that you don’t need it and can walk away. When the other person thinks that you could be willing to walk away if you’re wronged, they’ll be more willing to work with you. When you believe in yourself, people believe in you as well, and they are willing to “sacrifice” in order to keep you!

Tip #7: Always try to improve!

We all want to be around people who are continuously striving to improve and grow as individuals. People who wish to learn from their own mistakes, who are eager to work on their weaknesses, are incredibly motivating. We often want to be a part of someone’s self-improvement path when we see them actively working on it because we want to see where they end up in years to come.

So, aspire to be better – it’s a desirable trait because it demonstrates that you’re open to change and, maybe, to being a better version of yourself!

Tip #8: Practice patience.

I like to believe that the universe will provide you with anything you desire if you are prepared to work hard for it and be patient. However, if you are impatient and expect everything to fall into place right once, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment.

So, every now and then, let the universe put you to the test – work hard and strive to achieve your goals. But be patient with yourself — this is especially important in today’s world, where getting things done quickly is valued highly. However, if you are ready to work through your insatiable desire for quick pleasure, you may discover that working for things that are more difficult to attain brings you more delight. Being more patient will make you feel more satisfied with yourself in the long term.

Tip #9: If your ex has banned you or has put you on “No Contact,” use it as a chance to LOVE YOURSELF MORE!

As I previously stated, when you believe in yourself, the world will come clamoring for you. So, rather than wallowing in self-pity and despair, you should be filling your soul with goodness and reminding yourself of all the qualities that make you special and amazing! When you believe you are deserving of a fantastic partner and a bright future, you are more likely to work for it rather than merely waiting for your ex to return!

Tip #10: If you want your ex to be interested in you, you must first show interest in them.

One of the first things you should do if you want people to like you and be friends with you, according to the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” is to take an interest in them. Spend time learning about people and their interests; this will pique people’s interest in you.

It’s a lot like what you’re going through with your ex. Instead of obsessing over what you should be doing or saying next, or how YOU’RE going to appear, concentrate on your ex and give them a few minutes where it’s all about them. They will naturally want to reciprocate if you do that!


Apart from all of these general guidelines that are likely to apply to the majority of persons and personalities, I would strongly advise you to treat your ex as a unique individual and spend time figuring out what works best for them.

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