Some people think that being an empath is their gift, and when you really think about it, it kind of is. Technically, being an empath means that you can feel the energy of the world around you.

You can feel, hear, and see the thoughts and feelings of all the different beings on Earth because of these forces.

Even if you don’t believe it, it’s much easier than it seems to learn how to thrive as an empath. You don’t have to take in all the thoughts, feelings, and energy that are going on around you all day if you know how to protect yourself. And if it does get soaked up, there are some ways to get the energy out. It has never been easier to learn how to use your ability.

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Who is an Empath?

Adolph Brown, a clinical psychologist, speaker, and educator, says, “It’s often said that an empath is not only very aware of the emotions of those around them, but also feels those emotions as if they were their own.” “Empaths are also known to be very good at taking care of others and helping them get better.”

As it turns out, there are a lot of empaths in the world. About 20% of the population may be “highly sensitive” or empaths, according to research.1 There are a lot of good things about being an empath. Brown says that empaths are “highly intuitive and emotionally intelligent.” This means that they can read a room, feel other people’s energy, and also be very aware of their own feelings. What is it? Putting yourself in everyone else’s shoes can be a lot. Sadly, “many empaths get too much anxiety, depression, anger, or resentment,” he says.

How to Handle Being a Sensitive Person

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When you hear the word “empath,” things may start to make sense to you. You’re likely to go through a long time when you finally figure out who you are and feel like you belong in the world.

After this feeling goes away, though, you are very sensitive to the thoughts, feelings, and energies of living things and the world around you.

14 things that empaths need to be happy in life

1. Lots of time alone (to center and recharge)

Empaths are often also highly sensitive people (HSPs) with reactive nervous systems. This means that the outside world can easily overload us. We also need time to think about life and reflect on it. If we don’t, we can feel upset and unsettled. We’re the ones looking for reasons to drive alone or read a book in peace.

It’s hard to find peace when there are a lot of people, sounds, and other things going on around you. So, empaths need time alone and short breaks throughout the day to help them reset and get their energy back. It’s not just about being alone; it’s also about being safe and taking care of yourself.

2. Regular healing in nature

Many empaths like spending time in nature and letting it heal them. It gives them a break from modern life and lets them enjoy the sights and sounds of nature, like a light summer breeze, running water, or birds singing.

3. Conversations with a lot of depth

Empaths aren’t always introverts, but they hate small talk like introverts do. Instead, they grow in conversations about things that matter. When you have empathy, you really think about what’s going on in the world and in your own head. Empaths need to talk about things that really matter to them. If they don’t get to talk about the greater meaning of life and their experiences, they can feel alone and isolated.

4. Not much time for people who drain you

You already know who I’m talking about. They are often called “energy vampires” because they ask for everything and take away your peace and energy.

Empaths have big hearts and want to help other people feel better. The trouble is that we also feel like that pain is ours. When people take advantage of our kindness, it can make us feel bad very quickly. We need clear limits with people who take from us. “No” is a full message, as they say.

5. Empaths need people who understand them in a relationship.

Even though empaths are good at liking others, it can be hard for them to be in a close relationship. It’s easy for our partner’s energy to overwhelm us and make us feel like we’re not getting enough time to relax. Empaths need to be with people who understand this and are okay with redefining physical and personal limits.

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6. Practices to be aware every day

Even before my day begins, I can be overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings that make it hard for me to deal. Mindfulness is essential for me to get out of my head and calm my body and mind. For some, daily guided meditations might be a way to be more aware. For some, it might be writing in a diary, taking deep breaths, or taking a walk in the woods.

7. Peace and quiet from loud noises

For empaths, the saying “I can’t hear myself think” is exactly right. Loud music, yelling, and other sounds that come on quickly or keep happening can quickly become too much. We need places where we can get some peace and quiet often.

8. Being able to get (rather than always giving)

Empaths love to give, especially when they know it will make someone else feel good. We also don’t like to feel like a bother, which can make it hard to ask for help or accept it. But it’s important for good relationships and emotional health to have a balance of giving and getting.

9. Emotional freedom from painful memories

Dr. Judith Orloff, who is both a therapist and an empath and has written a lot about the subject, says that HSPs and empaths are both prone to different kinds of post-traumatic stress. Because we feel everything so deeply, we don’t always know how to deal with having too much information. We might also have been physically or emotionally abused, ignored, bullied, lived in a chaotic family, or had people in our lives who didn’t understand how sensitive we were.

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10. Not having to carry other people’s problems

Because empaths can easily feel what other people are feeling, we can feel like it’s our job to make other people feel better. But we have to keep in mind that it’s not. We can listen to others and check in on them, but it’s not our job to fix their problems. Empaths need to be aware of this if they want to do well.

11. A nice place to work

We spend a lot of time at our jobs. As empaths, the energy where we work can have a big effect on how we feel. It’s important to find a job and a place to work that fit our energy.

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12. Fun hobbies or projects

I write for a living and work from home. It’s a great job for my brain, which is very sensitive and empathetic. But even though I have a job that lets me be artistic, I still need projects that take me away from work and give me a chance to talk about all the thoughts and feelings that are going through my head. I think it’s good for everyone, including empaths, to make time for things that have no purpose other than to be fun.

Writing poems, making scrapbooks, doing puzzles, learning the piano, and playing video games are some of my favorite artistic things to do. The amount of time I have for these things changes, but I think of making time for them as a way to take care of myself.

13. Self-kindness… so much self-kindness

Self-compassion is a very important skill for empaths to have. We often think that we are “too sensitive” or that we make a big deal out of nothing. Many of us are used to giving ourselves a hard time for how we feel about things we can’t change.

The answer is to be kind to yourself. That means we need to get used to noticing our own pain, accepting that it is real, and calming ourselves as we would a child or close friend.

14. People who don’t try to change us (because that’s just who we are!)

People often tell empaths that they are “too sensitive” or that they need to stop taking things so personally. But we can’t change who we are, and no one should try to convince us that we can.

People who are empathic need to be around people who accept them as they are and don’t try to change them. Those people can see that empaths are giving, open, and loving. They know that empaths can be great friends, partners, and confidants, and they don’t take that for granted.

How to keep your energy safe

1. Look after yourself

As an empath, you can think about and feel other people’s thoughts, feelings, and events as if they were your own. But how can you help others if you don’t take care of yourself first?

Ben Fineman, a psychotherapist in Los Angeles and co-host of the Very Bad Therapy podcast, says that empaths can feel the weight of their surroundings, especially when times are tough. “It’s hard to just turn off your compassion, and that could leave you tired at the end of the day.”

2. Cut down on your screen time

Even though looking through your Instagram feed can be fun, it can quickly turn into a lot of visual and emotional stimulation if news sources post upsetting stories or friends post upsetting pictures. Social media activity that seems innocent can overwhelm (almost subliminally) the emotions of anyone, but empaths in particular.

You could set aside parts of your day when you don’t use your phone or social media, or you could leave your devices in another room while you take care of yourself. When you spend less time in front of a computer and more time and energy taking care of yourself, you can be your full, caring self for your community. Rest and refuel so that you can be there.

3. Set both physical and emotional limits

When you’re an empath, it’s easy to get caught up in the news and the stress of the people you care about. You might feel like you’re falling down a mental rabbit hole and don’t know which way is up.

“As an empath, it can be hard to keep your physical and emotional experiences separate from those of others,” says Villegas. “It’s easy for empaths to feel someone else’s pain or happiness, and sometimes they can even physically feel it.”

4. Get Outside

Have too many emotions? Well, maybe you should go outside. “Nature is soothing for all people, but especially for empaths,” says Amber O’Brien, a psychologist at Mango Clinic. “An empath can connect with nature by going to a beach or a park.”

O’Brien says that empaths often feel mentally drained because they take on the painful feelings of others. But being out in nature gives them a chance to heal and re-energize. This is one reason why some doctors have moved their mental health care outside.

Obviously, going outside won’t help you if you’re stuck to your phone, doom-scrolling, or texting your friend. Put your phone on quiet and pay attention to what’s going on around you if you want to make the most of your time. Whether you’re watching waves crash onto a sandy beach or snowflakes fall gently from the sky, you’ll give other people’s often negative feelings less power.


Empaths can benefit greatly from learning how to be thoughtful, whether through meditation or just by making themselves more self-aware in their daily lives. Mindfulness practice helps you listen into the radio stations of your mind. You can start to notice your thoughts and feelings (without judging them) and then figure out where they come from. You’ll start to notice your thought loops and emotional habits, both the good ones and the ones that don’t help you.

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