The Libra man exudes an effortless charm which many women fall for. When he is in love, he lavishes praise and affection on his significant other.

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On the downside, Libra men have a public image as being one of the zodiac’s playboy signs. Therefore, if you have met someone with this star sign, it is natural to be concerned about whether he is sincerely interested in you or not.

Are you interested in learning how to tell if a Libra man is playing you? If that is the case, this guidance is for you.

How To Determine If A Libra Man Is Playing On You

If you’re worried about whether or not a Libra man is playing mind games with you or is genuinely interested in your relationship, have no fear! We’ll go over a few red flags to watch for so you can determine whether your man is truly interested in developing your connection.

He pays more attention to others than he does to you.

Libras are known for their flirtatious nature, but he may be testing to see if you’re jealous. Libra men are extremely social and crave attention, so keep an eye out for signs that they are conversing with other people more so than you. Keep an eye on whether they bring you into the discussion when they’re speaking with another person or not. If you notice that he ignores you or appears more engaged in conversation with someone else, this could be a sign that he is manipulating your emotions.

He is not the one who initiates conversations.

If you’re the one who is constantly checking in, he may not be considering you. Libra men desire to maintain contact with those they care about. Examine your previous messages with the guy and determine whether you were the one who was required to initiate each conversation with him. If he appears to be losing interest or is merely testing you, this is most likely a sign that he has lost interest.

He will not commit to a course of action.

Instead of confronting you directly, a Libra man will make excuses.

Because Libras despise causing others distress and wish to avoid it, they may refuse to agree to any plans that are more than a few weeks in the future. If you do make plans with a Libra man, he will avoid hurting your feelings by canceling at the last minute and claiming to be busy with something else. There’s a chance he’s keeping his distance out of respect for your feelings, or he’s waiting for you to call it quits.

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He will be less affectionate.

Libra men will withdraw if they wish to put an end to it. If a Libra man adores you, he will want to show his affection by hugging you or holding your hand once you are together. If you notice that he is beginning to withdraw from you or appears distracted when you attempt to be affectionate with him, he may not be interested in a real relationship with you.

He is exclusively interested in physical intimacy.

If he discusses sex and then acts detached, this could be a red flag. Libra men excel at flattering others, which makes physical intimacy with others easier for them. Examine your conversations to determine whether he is enthusiastic when you discuss sex but quiet when you discuss other subjects. If you only see or speak with each other when something intimate arises, he may simply be using you.

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He conceals his emotions.

If a Libra man is truly interested in you, he will feel at ease opening up. Even if Libras are more restricted with their emotions, they will remain emotionally aware. If the guy views you as a serious partner, he will eventually express his feelings to you. If you’ve been chatting with the guy for a while and still have no idea how he feels about you, he may be trying to avoid becoming too attached to you.

He begins frequently criticizing you.

Libra men are typically fair and neutral, so putting you down is an indication of a problem. A Libra man will typically approach situations objectively, which means they will see things from your perspective. [11] If, on the other hand, your guy becomes more argumentative or makes you feel insecure, this could be a sign he’s attempting to push you away without bringing up your relationship. If you do not feel respected when he speaks about you, it is almost certainly a sign that he is playing you.

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He makes no attempt to introduce you to his family.

If a Libra man is not into you, he may isolate you from his friends and family. Libra value their relationships with their close friends, but they are concerned about the people they attract into their lives. When he mentions his friends or family, inquire about meeting them. If he continues to make excuses, you ought to be suspicious of his motives.

He does not prioritize you.

If a Libra man does not see a relationship, he may not put in the effort. If a Libra man is committed to your relationship, he will communicate to you how significant you are in his life. He’ll text and call you, and he’ll want to spend time with you and strengthen your bond. If your guy frequently disappears or makes plans without you, there is a possibility that he is just playing you and isn’t fully committed.

He is not on your side.

If a Libra man does not see himself with you, he may disagree and withdraw. Libra men are unflinching in their support for those they care about. If he’s constantly encouraging you and rooting for you when times get tough, he genuinely wants to continue building your relationship. When a Libra man fails to make an effort or completely abandons his role as your cheerleader during difficult times, it may be a sign that he wishes to pursue something new.

To Conclude

With those critical pointers on how to tell if a Libra man is playing you, assessing your relationship and determining its status should be straightforward.

Libra can be hesitant to commit at times due to their indecisive nature. Being candid about your relationship expectations can encourage them to take the bold step of getting to know you.

If you want to make a Libra man yours and overcome his fears, make sure you check out Relationship Astrologer Anna Kovach’s guide 30 Day Love Challenge with a Libra man. 

Anna knows the right approach that works with Libra men, unlike general dating advice that can be counterproductive with this zodiac sign. Get started on your journey to a happy relationship today! 

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However, if you suspect a Libra man of deception, be candid with him about his inappropriate behavior. The courageous and empowering course of action is to dump him before he causes further damage to your self-esteem.

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