Sometimes when he believes the relationship is in trouble, he will attempt to be the first to flee.

Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, which implies they are the zodiac’s infants. This instills them with a desire for life, a competitive spirit, and a fiery temperament.

If you’re wondering whether an Aries man secretly likes you, you need to know the hidden emotional weaknesses of his zodiac sign that you can use to your advantage. Anna Kovach, relationship astrology expert, reveals a step-by-step formula that will make him yours in her Aries Love Language guide.

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Are you experiencing an ups and downs in your relationship with an enthusiastic Aries man?

Are you curious as to why this guy can’t seem to avoid a ‘will we, won’t we, on it again, off again’ type of relationship?

Perhaps you’d like to know what’s going on inside this guy’s head?

1. He is prone to irritability.

According to astrology, Aries men are among the most touchy individuals in a relationship. About there love language is primarily physical contact. They’ll constantly desire to be near you, suggesting activities that involve you spending some quality time to him.

Their gesture is sweet and gentle, not demanding or harsh, more akin to a kitten constantly vying for your attention. If you frequently receive touch signals from him, this is a sign that he wishes to reintroduce you to his life and possibly re-ignite the relationship. Therefore, if you desire this Aries man’s return, he will most likely come around.

To comprehend a man born under this zodiac sign, you must be extremely perceptive. Touch could be interpreted as simply becoming horny and in need of ones assistance.

2. He is concerned

An Aries man who returns to you shows that he cares about you. A man born under this astrological sign is quite adept at physically expressing his emotions. There is a difference between someone who continues to work for you out of concern for you and someone who is simply using you because he is aware you are available.

Is he attentive to you? Is he the one who sends you flowers? Is he available when you require assistance as well, or is he only available at his convenience? The answers to these questions will assist you in drawing a clear distinction between a man who genuinely cares for you and continues to show up or one who demonstrates up for the benefit of you.

3. It’s a case of inquisitiveness

You know what the majority of ex-spouses do? Reappear when they believe you’re about to leave? That is a snare! Allow no person to put you on a thread like that, and Aries men are particularly prone to doing so. It’s excruciating to have somebody that waltz back in and tear down the walls you worked so hard to build in a matter of seconds.

Certain men simply want to keep an eye on you, and that the only way for them to do so is to be close to you; avoid becoming vulnerable. There are several ways of determining whether or not his approach is serious. Drag him out and avoid paying him any attention. If you pressure him out, his curiosity will wane. However, if he persists, there may be something more to it.

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4. He is destitute

Aries men are emotionally feeble. They have a difficult time getting back on its feet following a bad breakup. Regardless of how hard a few of them attempt to maintain an appearance, they also hurt. Occasionally, significantly more than you do. Maintain an open mind for stories, as he will rain them down on you in order to elicit your empathy.

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He’s going to have to say a lot to demonstrate that he’s in pain and unable to function without your assistance. This is really an indication that he will be emotionally attached to you and, most likely, in love with you. He’d begin informing you of his relationship plans and whatnot in order for you to succumb to his desire to be with you.

5. You’ve been elevated to a position of prominence

You will know when an Aries man is making you his priority. This is not something that requires an internet article to convey. All of the special gifts and attention would accomplish this feat. When he begins to include you in his business plans and vision, you’ll know it’s genuine.

They make no jokes about their jobs. Therefore, if he incorporates you into it or temporarily suspends it for you, you are significant to that man. Keep an eye on him to see if he is paying attention to you and your needs or if he is acting erratically. If he is behaving erratically, this is not a good sign. Believe me, you do not want inconsistency in your life.

6. He’s fallen head over heels in love

There is a possibility that this Aries man is head over heels in love with you, as he would go to great lengths to garner your attention. This is one of the indicators. Surely, a person grows tired of constantly returning to a passive interest. He will make every effort to communicate with you. He and his friends could spend hours on Whatsapp conversing about random topics or sharing memes on Instagram.

Whatever he has lost himself in with you is evidence of his falling in love with you. You should understand that love is not only pleasurable; it is also secure. It does not cause concern or awe; rather, it instills a sense of belonging. If whatever he is doing does not elicit that sensation, sister, walk away!

7. Everything is a fabrication.

Lies are extremely simple to commit. If you’ve known this man for a while, you’re probably already familiar with his ways. Allow no one to take you for a ride and then abandon you on a highway. Make every effort to ascertain a man’s motivations, even if it means testing him. However, Aries men are notorious for their lairs, so I’m sure he’ll slip up soon; just be on the lookout for the signs.

Would Such an Aries Man Remember You After A Breakup?

If you text him constantly, he will perceive you as affectionate and desperate.

This is a significant turn-off for an Aries man and will almost certainly drive him away.

He won’t have the chance to miss you if you’re constantly flooding his inbox, and it will serve as a reminder of why you broke up from the start.

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From the other hand, the Aries man is a bit of a romantic, and if you keep your distance and maintain an air of mystery, you may be able to make him miss you.

And if you really can start making him miss you, this same likelihood that he will want you back increases.

Get your man back and make him fall in love

Are Aries Regretful of Their Breakups?

Due to their self destructiveness, Aries men frequently regret relationship issues, especially if they initiated the breakup.

Even if it appears as though your Aries man has moved on, if you start giving him enough time, he may regret his choices.

However, if you ended your relationship with him — and especially if you deceived on him — he is much more likely to be enraged and want to permanently end your relationship.

How To Reclaim An Aries Man In Five Easy Steps

1. Remain Calm

If you really want to understand how to get an Aries man to fall in love with you, this really is the way to do it.

It will be simpler for zodiac signs that are more laid back, such as Aquarius or Taurus. However, if you are an impetuous Libra, Capricorn, or even fellow Aries, slowing down may be more difficult.

However, it is critical for anyone wishing to attract an Aries guy to understand that he thrives on the thrill of the hunt.

If you make it too simple for him, he will lose interest quickly.

However, because Aries men are romantics, you can make him fall in love with you again.

And, contrary to popular belief, the most effective way to do so is to give him space.

2. Allow Him Some Time

Allowing an Aries man time and space is the ideal way to make him crave your company.

Because Aries men thrive on being the center of attention, he will begin to feel as though something is truly missing in his life without yours.

Even if he rekindles his interest in you, resist the temptation to text him constantly. Rather than that, allow him to approach you.

One of the most effective strategies for regaining his interest is to keep your cards close to your chest — it’s critical to give him the impression that he’s the one pursuing you.

3. Avoid Making Him Envious

Aries men value loyalty, and if you wish to reclaim him, you must demonstrate your unflinching devotion to him (while also giving him space).

Once he learns you’re dating another man, he’ll believe your relationship is over.

Even if he attempts to make you jealous or plays games, doing the same thing to him is never a good idea if you hope to reconcile.

4. Reintroduce Yourself

If there is one thing that an Aries man is passionate about, it is novelty.

And, while you cannot change who you are, you can reinvent yourself.

Consider getting a haircut or purchasing a new wardrobe. Take a trip, pick up a new skill, pursue your passions, or find a new job.

Aries men are like magpies in that they are drawn to shiny and novel objects.

Never underestimate the power of reinventing yourself to reclaim — and maintain — his interest.

5. Be Your Own Person

An Aries man appreciates a strong, independent partner and will become irritated if you become too desperate or clingy.

As a fire sign, he is also drawn to passion and determination, and he will be impressed when he sees you pursuing your goals.

Due to the Aries man’s competitive nature, he desires to win the grand prize. Therefore, in order to reclaim him, you must be the prize.

To an Aries man, this means you are strong, self-sufficient, ambitious, and an intellectual match capable of keeping up with his energetic lifestyle — and looking good doing it.

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