In all realms of life, Aries men enjoy the excitement of the chase. But enticing him to pursue… you? That may appear to be a challenge.

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Now is the moment to take on that task! You’re about to discover how to pique an Aries man’s interest and start him calculating and planning how he can get you.

The following information is applicable to all circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met him, if you’ve been closest friends for a long time, or if you’ve been lovers in the past.

The tips in this article will make you stand out to him, causing him to not only pursue after you, but also to fall in love with you. Let’s not squander any more time. Let’s get right to the point, just like the Aries guy!

What characteristics do Aries men look for in a woman?

It helps to know what Aries men like in women before you can make him fascinated with you.

Drive and desire are two of the most important qualities an Aries man seeks. He wants a lady who shares his objectives and hopes for the future, just as he is ambitious and strong-willed.

They’re the ideal fit for ambitious, career-driven women seeking a partner who can manage their success while also encouraging and supporting them in achieving their objectives.

How can you entice an Aries man to Chase you?

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Here are some tried-and-true strategies to pique your Aries man’s interest:

1. Do not pursue him.

Take it easy on the pursuing. Allow him to pursue you, regardless of how cute he is or how long it has been since your previous date. If you make all of the first moves, he’ll consider it “too simple” and lose interest shortly.

Don’t text him with supper suggestions if he wants to go out. Rather than making oneself completely available, let him plan the day and work around your schedule.

In the end, you don’t want to make his work any easier. Let him know you’re interested, then step back and let him do the work — it’s the most effective method to grab his attention.

2. Allow him to guard you.

Aries men admire strong, independent women, but they also want to feel in control and capable of looking after the people they care about.

Allowing him to defend you does not have to imply relinquishing your personal authority or appearing weak. Small acts of kindness, such as allowing him to check in on you after a long day at work or opening the car door for you, can make a big difference.

It allows your Aries guy to take care of you, which is something that appeals to his personality and what he seeks in a mate. Are you struggling to connect with your Aries man? Get the relationship advice you need from astrology expert Anna Kovach in herAries Love Language guide. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll master his love language and know exactly what to say and do to connect with him in the right way.

If you’re looking for further ways to make him feel protective of you, you should be aware of a new notion in relationship psychology that’s causing a lot of attention right now.

The hero impulse is what it’s called. You see, most of us believe we know what guys want from a relationship, yet we often fall short.

Men want to feel like heroes to the women they care about above everything else. I don’t mean a Marvel character or a situation in which you must play the damsel in distress — far from it.

The hero instinct is a biological drive that men have to be needed, respected, and important. And the best part is that you can actually make your boyfriend act on this inclination.

All you have to do now is figure out how to make him feel like a hero. This is an art form that can be a lot of fun if you know what you’re doing.

This free online movie is the best approach to discover how to activate your guy’s hero instinct.

3. Avoid being clingy.

So, while you should let him into your life to some extent, don’t overdo it. Avoid messaging or making too many plans with an Aries man if you don’t want him to feel imprisoned or smothered.

Maintain your independence (another quality he admires) and don’t neglect your social life just because you’ve met someone new.

You’ll not only avoid appearing clingy and needy if you do this, but you’ll also make yourself lot more intriguing to him because you have your own life.

4. Possess a good sense of humour

Aries men enjoy a good laugh, and they look for it in their partners as well. They desire a lady who can engage in lighter conversation with them, or who has a sharp wit and can counter their arguments.

There’s a tight line to walk here, as they don’t appreciate cruel jokes or offensive comedy, so don’t go overboard. Maintain a real, classy, and fast-paced sense of humor, and he’ll immediately fall in love with your talks and return for more.

5. Don’t forget to flirt with each other.

Finally, don’t underestimate the value of flirting. Not only are Aries men excellent charmers, but they also enjoy being mentally and physically stimulated, so flirt in a way that appeals to both his mind and body.

Don’t be afraid to let a little sexual tension build up, because Aries men are incredibly open to stimulation and love physical touch. Make him laugh, tease him, and keep your life mysterious, and he’ll find you irresistible.

So, as the chase begins, you know you’ve already had him a little bit hooked on you. However, as much as Aries men require physical attraction, you must keep them interested in the mental side of things.

You must constantly remind him of why he was drawn to your personality, and by following the methods outlined below, you may ensure that his interest in you does not wane.

6. Make a concerted effort with his pals

Winning over his buddies is a certain technique to have him enamored with you. Aries is one of the most gregarious zodiac signs, therefore friendships are important to them.

And nothing will show your Aries fella how terrific you are like his buddies admiring you (and being jealous of him). He doesn’t want you to become best friends with his buddies, but he does care what they think, and if they give you a thumbs up, it will only make him more interested in you.

7. Get moving…

Aries men are addicted to adrenaline, so anything sporting is just up their alley.

“Uh oh, I haven’t played sports since high school,” some of you may be thinking, but don’t worry. You can still make him fascinated with you if you’re not the sporty kind by gradually integrating some physical activity into your life.

Even if it’s only a weekend walk or a game of tennis after work, he’ll appreciate your effort and will likely push you to be more active in the future (which is never a bad thing).

It’s wonderful news if you’re already active. Just keep doing what you’re doing and don’t be afraid to compete — he’ll appreciate having someone to push him physically.

8. And try something new.

Ladies, if you prefer calm evenings in, you’ll need to mix things up a little to keep your Aries man on his toes. Boredom and predictable routines are not appealing to Aries males, thus the more adventure and spontaneity, the better.

But, with that stated, you don’t have to give up your warm evenings on the sofa entirely; just make sure to balance them out with plenty of adventurous experiences whenever feasible.

Find out what your man enjoys and surprise him with tickets one weekend, or look for local activities you can do together to break up the routine of “dinner and a movie” dates.

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9. Make it difficult for him to win you over.

As I already stated, Aries males want to chase. They want to chase you and present you with obstacles along the way. Here’s how it works:

The sooner you give in to them, the less interested they will become. Playing hard to get may seem a little archaic, and I’m sure many experts would argue that it doesn’t help – but you’re dealing with an Aries, and they’re known for their love of a good challenge.

So go ahead and play a little bit of the game. Don’t make yourself accessible every time he asks you out, and don’t rush into becoming emotionally and physically involved with him; this will only increase his obsession with you.

And, let’s face it, it feels good to be sought and wanted every now and then, so take advantage of it while it lasts.

10. Maintain a sense of intrigue.

It also doesn’t hurt to add a dash of mystery to the mix, in addition to playing hard to get. So, what exactly do I mean when I say “mystery”?

To begin with, you do not need to share all of your personal information on the first date. It’s difficult to strike a balance between being open and pleasant while also remaining enigmatic and intriguing.

However, staying away from excessive self-promotion is a surefire way to succeed. He will lose interest and attention if you engage in verbal diarrhea.

Instead of telling him about your life, wait for him to ask you questions before sharing personal experiences or memories. Changing up your style from time to time can also help to maintain some mystery, as you change things up and keep him inquisitive every time he thinks he’s got you figured out.

How to Make an Aries Man Chase You Nonstop

1. Be a doer who has a lot going on in your life.

Having an active, meaningful life is the number one way to entice an Aries man to chase you! Making your own decisions, and making a lot of them.

As you can see, the Aries man is a doer. He also enjoys working with those who are proactive. He’ll think to himself, “What’s there to chase?” if you have nothing going on in your life. Sure, he enjoys being in charge. He likes to entice a woman by grasping her arm and introducing her to a variety of exciting activities.

But he expects something in return. He’s looking for a genuine, capable woman that understands what she wants out of life and goes after it. The Aries man is enamored with self-efficiency. For him, initiative and boldness are powerful aphrodisiacs.

So, if you want this person to chase you, make sure you’re pursuing the things that make you happy on the inside. Engage in social and professional activities. Try to have a clear notion of what you want and don’t want from a relationship and from the rest of the world.

Always remember to be yourself. Make decisions based on your innate, real guiding light. Followers irritate Aries guys. Pioneers are popular with them. So don’t get too caught up in trying to be the lady you think he wants. He desires you because he is in love with you. The version of you who takes charge and pursues her goals.

Avoid the trap of making frequent adjustments to please him. You’re both one-of-a-kind and sufficient. Own it and show it to him! If he’s the right guy for you, he’ll admire how you present yourself and want to do the same for you.

2. Provide him with life-changing events

Aries men enjoy venturing out into the world to explore the many delights on offer. Introduce thrilling experiences into his life to effortlessly bind him to you and make him chase after you.

Try to figure out what kind of adrenaline-pumping activity he enjoys. Rock climbing, scuba diving, ultimate frisbee… and give it to him! Make plans to visit him and invite him. If he leaves, that’ll be fantastic. If he doesn’t, make sure he sees how much fun he had! He’ll be there the next time. Or, at the at least, he’ll begin to see you as a daring someone with similar tastes.

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He’ll want to chase you just for being goofy, charismatic, and vibrant. Having a lively personality could be all it takes to have him fall in love with you and want to be with you all the time. For an Aries male, a woman’s sense of fun and spontaneity is a breath of fresh air.

3. Believe in yourself as a prize worth pursuing.

To encourage your Aries guy to chase you, you need to feel like you’re a catch. You don’t want to put him on a pedestal and get obsessed with getting him to commit to you… That suggests you’re on the hunt for him. It’s also not behaving as if you’re the prize.

You clearly adore him and want him to pursue you… However, you’ll want to change your mindset from chaser to chased. And what kind of woman does an Aries man desire? One who has a strong sense of self-worth, a generous mindset, and a deserved attitude.

When you think like way, you become the one who has to be persuaded to change your mind. And when he detects this, he goes on the hunt! He’s after a sliver of the high-value energy you exude.

Yes, you must cultivate the belief that you are valuable, bountiful, and deserving of pursuit. And, if you haven’t already done so, that’s a fantastic thing to do.

Working hard on step #1 – being a go-getter and having things going on in your life – is the greatest way to do this. Lead a life he’d want to be a part of, reach out less than he does, and be a little difficult. This will make him run after you like a maniac.

You don’t want to go all out and play hard to get. You’re not on some inaccessible throne or anything. However, you must persuade him that possessing you is a goal worth achieving.

4. Let your nurturing, feminine side shine through.

Aries men are often full of fire and manly energy, as they are a stormy fire sign. Because polarity is so important in attraction, masculine males like warm, feminine women. Always approach your Aries man with warmth, affection, and unconditional praise to get his attention.

If you do this correctly, you’ll be the first person he thinks of when he needs assistance, rest, or nourishment. Aries men are also attracted to women who are uninhibited and willing to engage in playful sexual teasing. So don’t be afraid to use your feminine charms with some playful sexual innuendo now and again.

5. Make yourself scarce to create a sense of urgency.

By nature, men (especially Aries men) are hunters. They are suckers for a good romantic chase. They adore possessing a woman that requires some bending over backwards to obtain.

Even the Aries man, though, might benefit from little motivating poking again and then. Making yourself a scarce commodity is a strong method to get him to chase you.

Keep in mind the first point: living a full life. In an ideal world, merely having an active and busy life makes you a scarce commodity. If you don’t have a lot on your plate, however, avoid falling into the trap of making yourself too available to your Aries crush.

When a woman is constantly available to an Aries, he is more likely to lose interest in her rather than pursue her. Because she’s making herself completely available to him – there’s no thrill, no challenge, and he can even begin to fear that if he grows closer to her, she’ll suffocate him with too much care and attention.

Instead, keep your enthusiasm and availability in check, especially in the beginning. Maintain a sense of balance and avoid being constantly available and waiting for his call.

Another approach to increase his desire to chase is to continue dating other men, even forming a small triangle. Aries men are fiercely competitive, and having to compete with other potential suitors will drive him to you. Just be careful with how you set it up. You don’t want him to think you’re playing games because you’re insecure. So proceed with caution.

6. Eliminate any dependent behaviors.

Love interests are pushed away by needy behavior. Aries men are unlikely to pursue a desperate lady.

Even if he tried, he’d have trouble chasing her down because her neediness means she’s always lingering about him, hoping he’ll select her. There’s no sexual tension there; only the possibility that he’ll be overwhelmed.

An Aries man seeks a woman who is self-assured and does not seek male approval. To truly entice him to pursue you, you must demonstrate that you do not require his assistance. That is the romantic chase’s core.

He must believe that your self-worth isn’t contingent on his approval. Because you’re afraid that if he doesn’t like you back, you’ll be diminished, he must see that you’re not leaning in on him, neglecting yours and his boundaries.

Making him feel that he’d be creating a relationship with a lady who’s already satisfied, rather than seeking to fill some vacuum inside, is the best way to get him chasing.

So be your most self-reliant self and wait for him to come to you!

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