It’s possible to get a Pisces man’s attention in real life. There is a key to keeping him interested. You don’t want to be fully caught in his net until you know for sure that he’s going to be with you. Then, you’ll have found a great partner for life.

In general, Pisces men are very emotional and, as a water sign, they tend to feel things very deeply. There are some things and traits that a Pisces man should have in order to be a good match with another person, like the following.

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Getting A Pisces Man To Chase You

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1: Make a Pisces Man Want to Follow You.

A Pisces man is romantic and likes to play around. Keep things light and fun so he’ll be interested. Make a few suggestions that can be taken in two different ways. If he likes this, he’ll want to know more about you.

2. Show him your soft side.

People who are born under the sign of Pisces are gentle even though they look like bad boys. He has a big heart and is very kind. He wants to see what kind of heart you have inside. It’s good for him to see that you’re in good company and have a kind heart by how you treat people and move through the world.

3. Use His Romantic Side to get him to like you more.

One thing about Pisces is that he’s always in love, so dress up in your most romantic clothes when you go out. People who haven’t asked out yet, but who know where the man will be at a party or other event are more likely to go out with him. He’s sure to notice you and fall in love with you. To go with your romantic look, give him an air of mystery. Then, when he looks at you, he has a lot of thoughts running through his head.

4. Show him how much you do for your community.

A Pisces man cares very much about the well-being of other people. If you’re an active member of your community, mention a story about something that was fun or interesting about one of your projects.

5. Make Him More Excited

You won’t look like you’re trying to impress him, but you’ll make him want to know more about you. When he asks about your involvement in the community, don’t say too much. Keep him guessing about what you do and how much you care about it.

6. Pay attention to Him.

Pisces don’t share very much with anyone. When he tells someone about his inner world, it’s only to people he trusts. When he talks about himself, pay attention to what he doesn’t say. A gentle push can get him to open up more. This should be fair because Pisces is very interested in other people and their lives.

7. Tell People You Like Esoteric Subjects.

If you like the unique and unusual things in life, tell your Pisces man about it. He’ll be enthralled and want to talk more about it with you after hearing what you say. People may be surprised to learn how much he knows about things that are very far away.

8. Tell him about a strange or unique event you went on.

If you went to a weird or unique event, tell Pisces about it. Don’t forget any small things. Suppose you went to a Himalayan salt room, took part in a psychic workshop, or went on a ghost hunt. He’ll be fascinated and ask you a lot of questions about what you did. Make sure he wants more by talking about other adventures that aren’t on the beaten path. The next time you see him, wink and say you’ll tell him all about it. He’ll be sucked in!

9. Share Your Thoughts on Spirituality with the World.

A Pisces man has a lot of spirituality in him. His questions about life and death keep him up at night. He is always on the lookout for answers. It’s time to talk about your ideas about spirituality and share some of your own stories with us. A good listener: If you’ve had some truly personal spiritual experiences with him, that’s a good thing.

10. Confide in Him the Difficulties of Coping With Empathic Abilities

Pisces has a lot of psychic or intuitive skills. His sensitivity makes him a very empathic man. If you have these abilities and have found it hard to deal with, tell him about it. His trust will make him happy and he’ll open up to you as well.

11. If You Aren’t an Empath, Psychic or Intuitive

If you don’t have any of these abilities, you can still broach the subject by mentioning a book, movie or documentary about these abilities. Show your sympathy for those burdened with such abilities and admiration for those who have learned to use them. This will make him feel more at ease and he might be willing to talk about his past with you.

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12. Show him that you can laugh.

People born under the sign of Pisces are very smart and have a good sense of humor. You can show him that you are a dry wit or have a good sense of humor. If you want to start, you can start with a joke, funny story, talk about a comedy you saw, or talk about a funny book you just read.

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Signs that a Pisces man likes you

What does he do when he’s in love? To figure out whether your tactics are working, you need to know what a Pisces man is like when he’s in love with someone.

1. He wants to know how you are.

A Pisces man will fall in love with you if he calls to see how you are. How does a Pisces man like to know how his partner is feeling? In general and as a whole, too, of course! Are you struggling to understand what your Pisces man finds physically attractive? Get the relationship advice you need from astrology expert Anna Kovach in her 30 Day Love Challenge with a Pisces man guide. With this step-by-step guide, you’ll know exactly what to say and do to make him yours in just 30 days.

If you are really into each other, you’ll have to get used to it. Fortunately, a Pisces is so sensitive to his partner’s needs and moods that he will know right away when you want to talk to him about how you feel and when you just need to be cheered up.

 2. He Makes Plans With You

A big complaint that many women have about their relationships is that they are always the one who comes up with the ideas for the dates. A Pisces man in love with you will often do things for you both.

With his generosity, you can expect to be pampered on any given day. A Pisces man doesn’t wait for birthdays and anniversaries to make big plans with you. The best places will be taken care of for no reason at all, so you can look forward to this.

3. He likes to be romantic.

Because he is so sensitive, you can expect your Pisces guy to be very romantic if he has fallen in love with you, because of this. When he is with his soulmate, romance comes naturally to him. He will make any situation romantic as possible because he loves to spoil the woman he is with and wants to show how much he cares for her.

A lot of romantic dinners and picnics in the park will be planned by him for you. He will also think of things that you would like to do together. In fact, he will do everything he can to make sure that he only suggests plans that you think of as a true hobby or fun activity.

4. He needs to know that he’s okay.

When a Pisces is in love, he falls deeply. It is important for him to know how strong his relationship is and how close he is to the woman he is with. It is one of the ways that he can find out how strong the love between him and his girlfriend is by asking them.

This means that he wants you to keep telling him that you’re not going anywhere and that you won’t break up with him at the drop of a hat. He likes to know that your relationship and connection will last for a long time. In order for him to be happy, he needs to be with the woman who makes him happy.

You might want to try to be patient with this if you find it hard to do It can be hard at times to keep telling him how much you love him, especially when you know that you are in love with him. However, hopefully, soon enough, your actions and behavior will be all he needs to feel safe again.

Start dating by using your Pisces man’s birth date to figure out what he likes and what you should do to make him want you. Balance out his best traits in his horoscope to get him to chase you. You can get him to chase you by using a tactic that is best for him.

However, while you get a Pisces man to chase you, remember that you also need and want a relationship.

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