You have a crush on an Aquarius man who is unconventional and follows his own path. He clearly has a peculiar demeanor, but he also has a lot of appeal. The hope is that he feels the same way about you because you like him far more than you like a buddy. Is he fond of you?

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You may be aware that the man you like is an Aquarius and that this sign is the nonconformist of the zodiac, but there are still other aspects of the Aquarian nature that you need understand before determining whether or not this man likes you more than a friend or just as a friend.

The behavior of an Aquarius when they like someone.

When they like someone, an Aquarius man can be an extremely devoted partner. They will make every effort to see the person they are interested in in order to get to know them. A creative and artistic streak allows them to be highly romantic as well. Additionally, they will make the effort to constantly check on them.

How To Tell If An Aquarius Man Is Attracted To You

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Men born under the sign of Aquarius are affable, charming, and intelligent. In addition to being eccentric and unconventional, they can also have interesting personalities. Due to their exceptional communication skills, these men create amazing friendships, yet they might also come across as bashful to other people.

Because he values his friendship more than dating, it could be difficult to recognize when an Aquarius man likes you. However, he will clearly show indicators that will reveal his true feelings for you.

We’ve got you covered if you’re wondering what an Aquarius man appreciates about you. You’ll rapidly learn his sentiments for you by noticing both the subtle and overt cues.

1. He communicates with your best friend

If you’re dating an Aquarius man, this is a terrific indication that he likes you or even loves you. Watch out for him talking to your best friend if he is around you and your friends. This indicates that he likes you since he thinks it’s crucial to value relationships with your closest friends and family members. He will also merely want to get to know them out of respect for your judgment; if you think highly enough of someone to call them your best friend, chances are good that he will feel the same way.

2. He gives you his time

A romantically attracted person will always have time for an Aquarius man. As a result, you won’t ever feel like you have to struggle to see him or that you are the one pursuing him. The likelihood that he actually likes you increases if things appear simple and you are seeing him frequently since he is making time for you in his own life.

3. He wants to ensure your safety.

An Aquarius man who is in love or who truly likes the person he is dating will constantly check on you. This may appear in a variety of ways. He might make sure you arrive home safely after a night out, for instance, or he might just want to make sure you’re emotionally stable at all times. He’ll want you to be as content as possible. In fact, an Aquarius man behaves as though your happiness is one of his top priorities.

4. He inquires about your interests.

When dating someone, an Aquarius man will always be interested in their hobbies as well. This is due to his intellectual tendencies, which drive him to desire to learn everything he can in life. He will want to learn about the topics that are significant to you so that he may have in-depth conversations with you about them, but also because he has the emotional maturity to recognize that partnerships with common ground are frequently successful and long-lasting.

5. He is aware of your line of work

Similar to interests, an Aquarius man recognizes that if he fully comprehends the profession of the woman he is dating, their relationship will have a far higher chance of enduring. This is so that the two of them can discuss what is happening in their day-to-day lives at work. Knowing what a partner works for a living is a good idea because we all spend a significant portion of our lives at work.

6. He works hard for your family.

Making an effort with someone’s family and relatives is maybe one of the sweetest ways an Aquarius guy can show he likes the person he is seeing. This makes your life so much simpler for you and may be one of the main causes for your rekindled love for them. Additionally, Aquarius guys have a reputation for being so endearing that they frequently get along well with family members.

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7. He invites you to go out with him on weekends.

If Aquarius men invite their potential love interest to go out with them on dates, it’s a sure sign that they’re into them. This is due to the fact that they not only want to spend as much time as they can getting to know you better, but they also want their loved ones to know you well.

8. He presents you with gifts

Giving gifts to a romantic interest is one of the sweetest ways an Aquarius man may express his affection for that person. However, for some people, especially those who lack the resources to reciprocate, this may be overwhelming. But try not to worry; the only thing that matters to an Aquarius man is that you are content. He won’t even consider wanting gifts returned to him.

9. He schedules dates.

When you have a crush on someone, having to set up your dates all the time might be quite annoying. An Aquarius guy will schedule dates with you in addition to constantly making time for you in his schedule. Additionally, he will make an effort to plan dates that you will particularly appreciate. He will want to plan dates like this that cater to your likes whether you enjoy going out to dine at a specific restaurant or a certain genre of movies.

10. He is quite affectionate

When he is truly into someone, an Aquarius man is one of the zodiac’s most passionate signs. This indicates that he will go above and beyond to plan extravagant love gestures. But he’ll go about it his own way. It won’t always imply romantic dinners with candles, for example. To make you as happy as possible, he will constantly make an effort to cater to your unique requirements and desires.

11. He touches you

If an Aquarius guy searches for any opportunity to touch you, that is a telltale indicator that he is into you. This is done unintentionally, but it’s crucial to be aware of it since it shows a want to be around you as much as possible, all the time. Additionally, he wants to signal to everyone that you two are dating by going to grasp your hand or wrap his arm around you.

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12. He develops envy

If you have not yet established exclusivity, it is a sure sign that an Aquarius man is interested in you if he exhibits extreme jealousy toward anyone else you are with. Even if his jealousy may be difficult to detect, if it is, you can be sure of his sincere feelings for you.

13. He tells his friends about you.

You can be certain that the Aquarius man you’re seeing has romantic feelings for you if you overhear him chatting with his buddies about you. He does it to express how happy he is to be with you and to give himself the chance to talk about someone who has made such an impact on his life.

8 Indices That A Man Is In Love With An Aquarius

1. He stops pursuing women.

The Aquarius man quits flirting with other potential partners when he falls in love and focuses only on his relationship with the woman of his desires. He no longer views flirting as a pleasurable past time since he wants to be with the person he loves.

2. He Approaches You With Kind Flirtation

The Aquarius man will still be interested in flirting with you even though he has stopped doing so with other people. He like the way that teasing piques his desire for sexual relations. So that you may benefit from all of his attention, make sure you are a skilled flirt.

3. He Pays More Attention to You

You’ll notice that an Aquarius man starts to pay more attention to you as he starts to fall in love with you. He’ll pay close attention to whatever you say and be curious to know more about you.

4. He’s Interested In Your Opinion

An Aquarius man is genuinely interested in what you have to say. He may not have asked you many questions earlier, but now that he is in love with you, he will seek your advice and consider your opinions while making decisions.

5. He Openly Expresses Love for You

A guy born under the sign of Aquarius will start to indicate how much he cherishes your friendship. He might even be so considerate as to prepare a special supper for you, remove your trash, and offer to walk your dog!

6. He Shows You Lots Of Love And Attention

In addition to his acts of kindness, an Aquarius man in love will display his affection for you by kissing and hugging you. Since people feel awkward expressing feelings in public, such touches in public are usually confined to a quick pat on the arm or a soft hand on the small of your back as you walk down the street.

7. He Discloses Personal Information

Aquarians have a propensity to reveal and exhibit more of their personality to their partners when they fall in love. They crave understanding from the partner and to connect with them.

8. He arranges to go on excursions with you

An Aquarian man who is in love wants to travel and explore with his partner. Any activity could qualify as this, including a visit to an antique shop, a meal at a stunning hilltop restaurant, or a weekend retreat to a warm location.

If they believe their spouse is either too invested in them or too distant from them, Aquarian males have a tendency to flee. So you should strive to maintain that air of mystery around you even as they reveal their darkest secrets to you. Continue reading the next section to learn more about how to keep an Aquarius guy.


It can be challenging to discern if your Aquarius man likes you because of his cold and distant demeanor, but there are a few signs that really reveal his true colors.

He will be challenging to pin down, so it will take time to get to know him.

The silent treatment from an Aquarius man is typically not a sign of disinterest. They might even experience jealousy if you show too much affection for someone else. On the other hand, he will suddenly grow aloof if you act overly dependent on him. For instance, he will immediately start to withdraw if you start to be overly loving. He might be acting in this way because he fears losing his freedom if he attaches himself to you.

An Aquarius man who is in love values having a companion who shares their viewpoints. They prefer a companion that would fit into their lifestyle because they enjoy doing things their way. They don’t like being with folks who are their complete opposite. If they feel like trying something new, they are allowed to make an exception. Otherwise, they typically have a clearly defined comfort zone where they warmly embrace those who share their views. Therefore, if you and your Aquarian man have a lot in common, you two will probably get along well.

But to be sure, watch out for these plain-to-see indications that an Aquarius man likes you.

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What do you think—are these signs that your Aquarius man likes you?

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