It’s always exciting and intimidating to go on a first date. You might only be interested in learning how the date went, whether you met your partner in person or online. What signals indicate a successful first date? Ask yourself how you felt around him and how you thought the date went before you start a discussion about it with your friends. If you are still 17 years old, you can tell by the signs if your first date went as planned. Read on.

First Date Is Going Very Well

17 Indices That Your First Date Is Going Very Well

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1. The meeting lasted longer than anticipated.

When a first date lasts longer than either of you had anticipated, that is one of the key indicators that everything went well. Nobody wants to drag out a bad date, so if you’re an hour in and your date is discussing which bar you two should visit for a nightcap, chances are good that they’re having fun. When the time they had together felt insufficient, according to relationship expert Marlena Cole, she knew it was one of her best first dates. She claims, “We didn’t want to part ways.” We talked for hours before deciding to go somewhere else that night because we were having so much fun.

2. Equally both of you contributed to the conversation.

All of us have been on that date. The one where the other person never lets you speak, much less asks you a question, and instead spends the entire conversation talking about themselves. On the other hand, you’ll feel like you each contributed equally after a successful first date. After a successful date, you’ll think that the other person showed genuine interest in what you were saying and that you discovered a few things in common.

3. You two shared the same laughter at the same things.

One of the ultimate expressions of connection is shared laughter. According to a study that was published in Evolutionary Psychology, laughing at someone else’s jokes could indicate that you have a crush on them. This was especially true if the person was a woman. And it’s even better if you’re both laughing at the same time. According to the study, two people who laugh simultaneously are more likely to be interested in one another romantically.

4. However, you two were intrigued by one another’s differences.

It’s a good sign if your date seemed to be your complete antithesis on paper—they might have a very different job, a very different family, or prefer cats to dogs—but you were never short on topics to discuss. Finding shared interests is crucial, but a connection goes deeper than just demographic compatibility.

5. You looked each other in the eyes.

Making eye contact with someone, as opposed to looking elsewhere, is not only polite, but it’s also one of the most subtly telling signs that a first date is going well. In one experiment, which was published in the journal Psychological Science, volunteers were asked to choose whether they were more attracted to a stranger in a romantic or sexual way after viewing their photo. The volunteers’ attention was drawn to someone’s face when they were interested romantically. When it was purely sexual, their attention was immediately drawn to the subject’s body.

6. Neither of you avoided making contact physically.

According to expert Celia Schweyer, having great non-verbal communication on a first date is just as crucial as having a conversation that flows. That implies that you and your date repeatedly touched each other, albeit subtly and not in an intimate manner, she explains. “Slightly touching their knee because you two were getting closer, or briefly holding his or her hand during a loud laugh.”

7. You realized you were imitating their behavior, or the other way around.

According to a widely cited 2008 study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people who are attracted to someone tend to imitate their movements and body language. There is definitely a spark there if you noticed that both of you repeatedly reached for your water glasses at the same time.

8. You didn’t once feel the urge to pick up your phone.

You are aware that it is impolite to check your phone while on a date, but it probably hasn’t deterred you in the past. In fact, a Deloitte study found that the majority of Americans look at their phones 52 times on average per day. When you realize you haven’t picked up your phone in the last hour and a half, you know it’s a great first date, according to Eric Resnick, owner of the online dating site It’s possible that the two of you aren’t the ideal match if you felt the urge to check your Instagram more than a few times (or saw that your date actually did check theirs).

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First Date Is Going Very Well

9. Throughout the date, you hardly ever felt anxious or tense.

Butterflies are one thing, but you shouldn’t experience any anxiety when you naturally connect with someone. According to Adina Mahalli, a certified mental health professional at Maple Holistics, “given the inevitable awkwardness of a first date, if you find that you’re somehow already comfortable with this person, it’s a sign that your first date went well.” “You find yourself laughing and conversing with them, and you can’t help but be who you really are around them. Although it’s a lot to ask, a great first date should feel like that.” Obviously, you should follow your instincts if you ever feel unsafe.

10. They recalled a small fact you had earlier shared with them.

Anyone can nod and smile. However, if someone brings up something you said at a later point in the conversation, you know they were paying attention and were interested in what you had to say.

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11. On social media, you added one another.

The likelihood that the person you went on a date with will delete your number or unmatch you on Tinder is much higher than the likelihood that they will follow you on Instagram if they thought your date wasn’t all that great. After the date, if someone sends you a friend request, it’s most likely a sign that they want to go on a second date.

12. Neither of you offered any justifications in advance.

If one of you feels the need to mention that you’ll be “really not looking for anything serious right now” or that you’ll be “really busy with work over the next couple of weeks,” that’s not a good sign. We can avoid an awkward rejection by planting those kinds of ideas early in the conversation.

One of the most obvious indicators that a first date went well is making plans for date number two. It’s even better, according to Boston-based Three Day Rule matchmaker Lora Bertoldi, if those plans relate to what you talked about on your date. She says, “Recently, I had a client who enjoyed hiking with her date. “The date suggested they go hiking together the following weekend, so they did. A third date has already been planned because they had a great time.”

14. You discussed your friend groups in your stories.

It’s obvious that your date is thinking about sharing that intimate aspect of their life with you if they are sharing stories about their friends with you or you are sharing stories about yours. If they imply that you’d get along with their friends or that their friends would like you, it’s even more telling. According to Schweyer, this can only indicate that the two of you really clicked right away and that they want to immediately include you in their social circle.

15. The discussion deviated from idle chatter.

A great first date requires thoughtful conversation. While it’s crucial to discuss all of a person’s basic information—such as where they’re from and what they do—having a deeper conversation is also essential. By doing this, you demonstrate that you are at ease enough to discuss a meaningful topic and that you may be able to connect on a more intellectual and spiritual level.

16. They escorted you to your next destination.

If your date is accompanying you, whether it’s to the train, your car, or the corner of your block, it’s likely because they aren’t prepared to part ways. If they continue to linger after you have reached the next location, that is an even more clear indication. It is obvious that they would rather stay with you than go on their own.

17. A timely and deliberate follow-up was made.

Within 24 hours of the date, did you get a text message or a phone call? That’s typically a positive sign. It’s a sure sign that your date enjoyed the outing and wants to start arranging a follow-up date if they start a conversation after the mandatory “did you make it home alright?” text.

The sole indicator required

No matter how carefully you prepare for it, first dates rarely go as planned. Your anxiety may increase on first dates, and you might not get the results you were hoping for. Even though they seem obvious, first date success indicators can be tricky to read. A great, enjoyable date for you might not be the same for the other person.

Nothing is actually more nerve-wracking than going on a first date. And when it’s over, you know you had a great time, so it makes sense to wonder if he had a similar experience. You wouldn’t want it to be solely one way!

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We constantly put pressure on ourselves to ask ourselves how the date went after a successful outing. You should have found an answer from the list of “signs a first date went well” above. Following a successful first date, the most typical reactions are those that are mentioned above. Naturally, your date might not have exhibited all of the aforementioned indicators. However, if you saw the majority of them during the date, it’s a sign that a follow-up is imminent. Don’t be afraid to text or call them if the response suggests a second date.

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