He definitely fits the stereotype of a man who constantly declares his love for you, but how can you be sure? If only getting the solution was as simple as removing a flower’s petal, then your worries would be over. I hope everyone is aware that words are just that—words—and that deeds continue to matter more. Some folks don’t mean it when they speak those three words and eight letters. Love is a complicated subject, so you should use caution as well.

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Words Are Louder Through Actions

“A little less conversation, a little more action, please,” crooned Elvis Presley. Elvis had a valid point when he said that love is all about action, even though we can all probably predict the type of activity he’s referring to. Therefore, regardless of whether your significant other is a verbally expressive man or a more reserved kind, actions communicate love, with or without the Hallmark cards.

This does not imply that you should always doubt a man’s words of love for you. Furthermore, it does not imply that you must wait for the “do you love me?” response to understand the guy’s feelings. Simply said, it makes it even more crucial if his behaviors demonstrate his love for you.

Even if the guy doesn’t express his love for you verbally, several of the following behaviors would do so. Keep in mind that it’s simple to believe that a guy declaring “I love you” is the sole way to be certain. And the opposite is definitely true!

23 Indices That Your Boyfriend Truly Loves You

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Check to see if your partner genuinely loves you as you read the indicators I set below.

1. He always puts out a lot of effort.

Since he constantly wants the best for you, a partner who truly loves you won’t be content with putting forth average effort. He will still do it even though it’s too much for him since he enjoys doing it.

2. He consistently finds a way to be with you.

No matter how busy his schedule is, a guy who truly loves you will make time for you. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between a person who makes time to speak with you and someone who does so in their leisure time.

3. He looks at you in awe as his fantasy comes true.

He appears to be in disbelief as he glances at you. This is the kind of guy that gives you a restrained look rather than one motivated by lust or desire. I must admit that I think this is cute, especially when my guy says things like, “I can’t believe someone like you is now mine.” Every time I hear this, I can’t help but shiver with ecstasy as I sense his love for me.

4. He can’t help but touch anything.

He enjoys being close to you, touching you, and holding your hand when he is in love with you. He expresses his love and gratitude for having you by touching you in many ways, such as brushing a stray hair from your face or holding your hands in public.

5. You find him funny.

If he makes an effort to make you laugh every day, that is the first sign of affection. He never misses a chance to crack a joke or pull a stupid face since, most likely, the sound of your laughing is like music to his ears. One way that guys can snuck into a girl’s heart is through humor, so you should hold him up and let him know that he’s already there.

There is no question that he is in love with you if he feels confident enough to be ridiculous for your amusement. A guy that is interested in you will go out of his way to make you smile, especially when you’re feeling depressed.

6. He holds you close and kisses you.

You’re lucky to have him if he enjoys giving you cuddles out of pure love and affection. Gentle love is demonstrated by a person who enjoys holding his girlfriend close to him like a baby. It can also mean that he views you as a priceless gem to guard and treat carefully.

7. If you are not together, he misses you.

Even if they just see each other for an hour, a guy who loves someone longs for her presence and misses her when she is gone. To talk to you and feel like you’re nearby even when you’re far away, he will phone or text you.

8. He keeps trying.

He puts up a strong fight before giving up. Whatever problems your relationship may have, he will do everything in his power to find a solution. He doesn’t give a damn what people think. He never gives up and he never loses hope.

9. He experiences jealousy, but he can manage it.

Because jealousy is a symptom of excessive love, it is very acceptable to have it in a relationship. It is a further indication that he fears losing you. A man who truly cares for you will not, however, act in an excessively jealous manner because he knows that it will harm both you and your relationship.

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10. To chat to you, he pauses his preferred video game.

We are all aware of the inherent connection between guys and gaming. But you can tell he values and loves you when he interrupts his video game or postpones his night out with friends so that you may talk and be with him.

11. He divulges his secrets to you.

Men typically keep to themselves and steer clear of sensitive topics. He loves and trusts you if he confides in you and isn’t scared to be emotionally open with you while sharing his deepest, darkest secrets. He has granted you access to his private world, a level of intimacy that you won’t reveal to anyone else.

It’s preferable to date a person who is open and honest rather than someone who tends to be highly enigmatic and dubious. If he confides in you about topics that he wouldn’t even dare to tell his closest friends, it shows that he loves and trusts you deeply.

12. He thinks of you when making plans.

A guy who makes plans for you indicates that he sees you as an important part of his future. Unless they view the women as their life mate, guys wouldn’t do that.

13. He prioritizes you in his life.

He will consider you special if he makes you his top priority since special people get special treatment, extra care, and top priority. Another plus is that he would never leave you feeling neglected if he goes above and above.

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14. He introduces his friends and family to you.

He flaunts you in front of his pals. You are aware that you are a member of his social circle because you frequently accompany him when he hangs out with his pals. You receive invitations to their parties, and he always brings a guest with him. Not only that, but he’s not ashamed to brag about you, tell his friends how happy you make him feel, and express his pride in you.

When he invites you to meet his family and friends, you’ll know if the guy is sincere. This raises the intimacy level, and unless a guy is madly in love with you, not all guys are ready for that.

15. Every morning and evening, he texts you.

When he texts you “good morning” as soon as he gets up and inquires about your day, you know he is in love with you. he checks on you just before he goes to bed. You can tell you have him when he does these things because they demonstrate his constant thought of you.

16. He supports you in both good and bad times.

Nothing will be more important to a guy who truly loves you than being there for you while you’re struggling. Whatever the circumstance, he will stand up and show up.

17. He pardons you

If he truly loves you, he won’t be able to hold onto his rage for too long before feeling guilty. Even though he is not at fault, he will initiate contact and apologize.

18. If he truly loves you, he respects you.

Respect is at the heart of love. If he appreciates your choice, your viewpoint, and everything about you, he is in love with you.

He encourages you in all you do. Support is one way to demonstrate love, therefore if he consistently acts as your biggest supporter, it’s very likely that he loves you. He would never want a loved one to think that he doesn’t care at all or that he doesn’t support their aspirations.

19. He desires that you be authentic.

Why does he want you to be who you are? He would never want you to change who you are because he truly loves you for who you are. If he allows you to be the most genuine and best version of yourself, then he truly loves you because he accepts both your strengths and your weaknesses.

20. He enjoys buying things for you.

If you become his top priority, he will make these sacrifices for you, whether it is time or money. He will like buying you gifts, covering the cost of your dinner, and making time for you when he should be working. How much he is willing to give up is more important than how expensive it is.

21. He constantly checks to make sure you’re secure.

Let’s say he always makes sure you are protected. When you’re both out strolling, he avoids clear of dangerous areas or calls you right away to see if you arrived safely. He also occasionally checks in on you to see how you’re doing. His top concern is for your safety, and it stands to reason that he wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to someone he cares about.

22. He surprises you with lovely gifts.

He surprises you with lovely things. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial; it might simply be a tiny box of chocolate, a cuddly teddy animal, or a few stems of roses. The time, thought, and effort that were put into it are what matter. Why should he take the effort to give you surprises if you aren’t someone special in his eyes?

23. He admires you.

No matter what you do, no matter what direction you go in or what choice you make, he will always let you know that he is happy of you. He wants you to live your life without apology. When you love someone, you rejoice in their successes and console them when they falter, and he is more than willing to do both of these things.

7 Clearly Indicate Your Partner Loves You

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They Take Your Happiness Into Account

When someone cares about you, they will want the best for you. Care for your needs—within reason—is an indication that your partner loves you, whether it’s arranging enjoyable date nights or offering assistance when you’re in need. Having said that, it’s crucial to keep in mind that adult relationships have conditions, and there are some things that a partner might not feel comfortable doing for their significant other. Caring about and placing a high priority on your happiness does not entail that your partner will comply with all of your requests, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

They Express Thanks

When a spouse goes out of their way to repeatedly express thanks for small or large acts, such as picking up dinner, dropping someone off at the airport, or being there for them when they need you, it is a show of love. An indication of how appreciative someone is to have you as a partner is when they openly express their gratitude for having you in their lives. Because their gratitude is a result of seeing how valuable these things are as they are being selflessly used for their own needs, it also shows that they value both your time and effort as well as you personally.

 They Show Respect

Take a deeper look at how your spouse treats you if you want to know their true feelings for you. Do they show warmth, kindness, and respect or are they cold, rude, and demeaning? Both words and actions might reveal a partner’s actual sentiments for you when you’re trying to determine if they’re in love with you.

 They Trust You More

Your lover will want to be completely honest with you about themselves if they are in love with you. Pay attention if your partner shares highly personal details about various elements of their life with you and isn’t scared to be completely vulnerable in your presence. They are demonstrating to you how significant you are and how much they want to get to know you by opening up to you about a less well-known aspect of themselves. Your partner is fostering the growth of your relationship by seeking out fresh ways to connect with you when they open up to you and feel comfortable sharing openly about their family, past, or other personal experiences. Whether trust is being developed or already exists, vulnerability is a sign of it.

They’re Optimistic About Your Joint Future

Have the two of you made any long-term plans? Do they express their aspirations for the future of your relationship in a frank and open manner? Making long-term plans with you is not a concern for someone who is in love with you, and they may even feel at ease discussing your future as a pair. Their excitement and passion for the future are truly evidence of their joy, passion, and love for you, regardless of whether you discuss where you picture yourself living in five years or discuss plans to attend a wedding together that is still months away.

They Fully Believe in You

Any loving, joyful, and healthy relationship is built on trust, so if you’re wondering if your significant other is truly in love with you, they have entire faith in you. According to Krauss Whitbourne, “A spouse who doesn’t ask you where you are if you arrive home late or doesn’t look through your cell phone bills is displaying the kind of trust that implies actual caring.” Over time, a deep love can develop when your partner has complete faith in you and thinks they can turn to you for advice, support, and encouragement.

They want to spend time with you in a meaningful way.

A person will prioritize spending time with you if they are in love with you. Krauss Whitbourne says that even though you both may be busy with work, family, and other obligations, a partner who genuinely cares about you will make the most of any free time to spend some quality time together. They prioritize connecting with you, no of the method they use, so you won’t have a low priority in their lives (or worse).


Since it ultimately comes down to your own instincts and intuition, there are no set procedures to determine whether the guy is truly in love with you. But I do hope that these indicators can serve as your guide so you will know what to watch out for in your partner beyond his constant declarations of love.

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