You would undoubtedly concur with me that dating in the present era is already difficult. I mean, so many of the girls I know have confided in me that they are in a dire situation because they are unable to make a guy pursue them.

Best 21 Strategies to Get Him To Chase You and Commit!

No matter what they do, he always finds someone else, thus they are unable to establish a solid and fulfilling relationship. And the majority of those females experience heartbreak, which leads them to believe that they are to blame for it and that they will never experience love again. Some of them experience toxic relationships and emerge as losers as a result.

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Perception Is Attraction

I’m referring to how we view other individuals. I’ll explain. When a guy tells you he likes you, do your sentiments for that person suddenly change? He hasn’t actually taken any action as of yet. He still has the same hairstyle, physique, and profession. But you have a different impression of him.

I’ll give you one more illustration. You have an aunt who is constantly critical of your appearance, work, and personal decisions. When you see her, how do you feel? Do you enjoy being around her? I doubt it, though. Additionally, it’s possible that you don’t genuinely like someone as a person if you don’t enjoy spending time with them.

Hence, returning to the draw. What draws us to someone? It’s how we experience them while we are with them. This is a crucial topic, to be sure. Since it implies that we have the ability to affect how someone feels while they are with us!

Naturally, I’m not referring to lying and cheating to win someone over. I refer to utilizing male psychology for your benefit. Additionally, you should learn how to make the guy like you rather than just how to acquire the guy you want.

Best 21 Strategies to Get Him To Chase You and Commit!

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Even males can utilize these fantastic practical techniques on ladies.

1) First, ignore him.

Most people have a strong desire for things that are difficult to obtain. Therefore, denying him in an effort to obtain his attention will make him mad.

Even if you do care, try to act as if you don’t. He’ll begin to consider you and get interested in you. He’ll start to question your lack of interest in him and your rejection of him.

He will take actions to ensure that you notice him because you are the only lady who doesn’t give a damn about him. This will dent his ego and allow him to establish himself as a man deserving of your attention.

2) Occasional busywork

Don’t let him become the center of your universe. Spend your time engaging in activities that bring you delight.

This entails making time for yourself so that you won’t have to wait all day for him to get in touch with you. And even if you’re already itching to hear from him, don’t reply right away when he texts or calls.

He needs to understand that you lead a fantastic life. And this will make him curious as to what is keeping you so busy. Don’t be readily available to him all the time, as well.

3) Exude assurance

People are drawn to those that exude confidence in their appearance, speech, and actions.

Men also desire these incredibly sexy qualities in their partners: intelligence, beauty, and tenacity. In order to get the guy you desire to chase you, make sure your personality stands out.

Show off the untouchable yet attractive confidence that comes naturally to you. A man will be more drawn to you if you are at ease in your own skin. Therefore, if there is anything you must possess, it is confidence.

No matter what occurs, if you think well of yourself, you will always be a better person than before. It is always worthwhile. This guy will be drawn to you because of the attractive atmosphere that your confidence provides.

4) Seek guidance tailored to your circumstances.

While the primary strategies for making a guy chase you are covered in this article, it can be beneficial to discuss your issue with a relationship coach.

With the help of a qualified relationship coach, you can receive guidance specific to your particular circumstance.

5) Display your charisma, women

Respect and embrace your femininity. Use the fact that men are drawn to feminine energy to your advantage. Your feminine aspect will entice him to you and increase his desire to pursue you.

A woman can get what she wants by being friendly and flirtatious, according to research that was published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin.

6) Get him to consider you

When we like someone, we want to spend as much time as possible with them. But if you want this guy to pursue you, you have to appear desperate and clinging. He won’t want this, so don’t even try.

It’s best to help him relish his time alone while keeping you on his thoughts. You can absolutely make him miss you and think about you often.

Be entirely present whenever you’re conversing with him or spending time with him. Perform an act that will be remembered or something wholly unexpected.

If you’re on a date, for instance, kiss him goodbye as you leave. After that, send a short text message during the day to follow up. The key is to give him the impression that you care about his life so he would want you more.

7) Let others know that you have choices.

Women make the error of letting the world know that they are fixated on one guy. A person you like will lose interest and stop pursuing you once he realizes that you are really drawn to him.

You don’t have to allow him to believe that he is the only one because of this. Make him aware of the other males you are drawing.

8) Inform him that he is in charge.

Make a guy feel like he has a large say in what you do if you want him to chase you.

His ego will grow by doing this. He’ll also understand that you are the lady he can depend on and that you can help him. They’ll feel needed and wanted when guys are in charge.

The hero instinct that exists in men needs to be awakened. Make this person aware of his importance in your life. He will experience a range of positive feelings as a result of what you do, making him want to be in a relationship with you.

9) Add a sense of intrigue

By manipulating events a little to achieve your goals, you can win a man’s heart. Never be a movie with a predetermined finish or an open book.

You don’t have to discuss every detail of your life or all of your private moments all at once. Be a little enigmatic without seeming aloof. Share interesting facts about yourself instead. Then abandon the remainder of your life’s wonderful developments.

To arouse interest and anticipation, save a few things for later and save some things for yourself.

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Best 21 Strategies to Get Him To Chase You and Commit!

10) Rather of being difficult to acquire, be fun to get.

Some women make the mistake of believing that “playing hard to get” will bring them what they want. This strategy frequently backfires and turns off guys.

According to what Dr. Gary Brown, a couple’s therapist, disclosed. Playing the hard to get can give off the impression that you are uninterested and overconfident.

This may make it more difficult for you to develop a satisfying connection. Be polite, intriguing, and welcome instead of distant and uninterested. Pay attention to him, but keep your distance from him at all times.

The key is to smile at him flirtatiously so he will enjoy convincing you. For instance, don’t constantly accept his invitations to hang out or make yourself available. You might pretend that you’d rather do something else, like have him bring you food.

11. Don’t constantly reach out to him

This tactic is a no-brainer if you want a simple way to get the guy to chase you.

I understand you want to message him or have a video chat with him, but hold off. Refrain from doing this because you want him to chase you. He’ll let you know whether he’s interested if he starts a discussion with you.

When you go on a date and it is very successful, kindly thank him. But even if you want to, refrain from setting up another date. I’ll let him do it.

A guy will make a move if he likes you, and nothing will stop him from staying in touch with you. Keep yourself occupied while you wait for that call or text, in the interim. Let him approach you while you relax.

Get your man back and make him fall in love

When he does, answer informally. But if he doesn’t, perhaps he doesn’t experience a powerful attraction.

12) Make your life meaningful and exciting.

Be self-assured and content with your existence. Aside from vying for his attention, take care of yourself more.

When you have your own objectives, aspirations, and hobbies, men will find you more appealing. They want to be in a relationship with a woman whose lifestyle they find attractive. Make sure he understands that you have a social life, a job, interests, and everything else.

13) Have fun together.

Make the connection and forge the emotional connection. If you share something, that’s ideal. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

Find out if you have similar interests, listen to the same music, or are anticipating the release of a new Netflix season of a show.

In this manner, the next time he does it, he’ll think of you or maybe reach out. He wants your company, so when he offers you to do something together, take it that way. It’s obvious that he’s beginning to pursue you and that both of you and he are thinking about each other.

Additionally, a relationship develops and lasts longer when there are shared interests and activities. The hero impulse is an intriguing idea, as I previously mentioned. When a man’s inner hero is awakened, he is more likely to realize how fortunate he is to have you in his life.

You’ll be able to connect with a side of him that no other woman has ever been able to by simply knowing the correct words to say to him.

14) Subtly flirt with someone.

Women who can make a chase interesting and thrilling are adored by men. You need to convey your interest in this guy even if you want him to pursue you. You don’t have to be a jerk or a mean person.

Enjoy the chase instead, and flirt with him. Furthermore, resist the need to give in to his demands or get physical straight away.

According to a study by evolutionary psychologist David Buss, “one of the most effective ways to get males to chase you is to imply that you are primed for sex.”

Show off your sensuality. Being seductive doesn’t need you to wear provocative clothing or put on an act.

This only means emphasizing and adoring the excellent qualities you were born with. It entails taking better care of oneself without becoming overly preoccupied with your beauty. And having the qualities of a fantastic woman is always beneficial

16) Don’t give him all of your resources at once.

You shouldn’t offer him free advantages as he isn’t yet your lover. You shouldn’t feel pressured to start making out with him right soon. He won’t bother trying to catch up to you once you do.

If you engage in sexual activity with a man on your first date or after a few dates, it’s possible that he will grow disinterested in you. And remember that having sex with a man you love is not the nicest gift you can give him.

Men desire emotional support, closeness, connection, trust, security, warmth, and understanding in addition to sex. If you’ve previously had sex with this man, however, don’t panic.

17) Get rid of the drama

Men steer clear of excessive drama because they can’t handle the associated emotions.

They will therefore flee from you if they think that you frequently attract drama.

According to a piece Natalie Maximets, a professional life transformation coach, shared, constant disagreement, negativity, and bickering can be harmful to a partnership.

Men would prefer to be in a loving, tranquil relationship with you than a combative one. They won’t choose someone who constantly complains, fights, orargues over nothing.

Therefore, leave the drama at home or with your girls if you want the guy to pursue you. It doesn’t imply that you have to be dispassionate or lead a life devoid of strife. Emotions are something else entirely.

18. End the pursuit

When a women is eager to give herself readily, guys lose interest. Most people are drawn to and seek those who can provide them with a thrilling and exciting chase. Reverse male psychology can be used efficiently for your benefit.

Stop doing the chasing because you want him to do it and then he’ll commit to you. This does not need you to fully disregard him.

19) Be authentically you

You must be true to yourself even if we all want to put our best foot forward and make a good impression. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not to win his favor.

Being entirely honest with your identity, emotions, values, and desires is the best policy. Simply being yourself will make you feel more at ease when you are being your real self.

Despite the fakeness that permeates society and social media, always try to be your authentic self.

20) Be a strong, valuable lady.

Men are attracted to physical beauty, as we all know. They also want women who are independent, knowledgeable, and strong-willed.

Enjoy your life and pay attention to how much he wants to be a part of it. Be appealing to him in addition to being a pleasure for his eyes. Men are drawn to women who lead independent lives. They are not interested in women who are continuously needy and clinging.

21) Allow him to view you as a possible partner.

As near as you can be. Become familiar with his buddies and invite them over. When he senses that your buddies are also hooked on you, he will pursue you more.

Be there for him if you notice he’s going through a difficult period. Encourage and support him. He’ll no doubt value your presence and the assistance you’re providing.

Tell him he can depend on you. Demonstrate your concern for him. He will understand that you will be there for him during good times and bad.

And bring him a breath of fresh air. When he’s not expecting anything, try surprising him. Since your spontaneity will make his life more fascinating when it grows monotonous.

Showing off your innate sense of humor will inject some spice into his life. Laugh with him because a relationship’s foundation is built on laughing.

What Qualifies Someone As Attractive?

I have a question for you. Two outfits are offered. There are thousands of gowns in one style that can be purchased, but there is only one left in the other. Which outfit do you desire? According to research, we prefer the uncommon item over the readily available one.

The same is true of our alliance partners. There is a supply and demand situation. It explains why there is such a long waiting list for La Mer facial cream or Hermes purses.

However, fascination isn’t limited to the elusive reward at the end of a chase. I had had the pleasure of working with a man who was really stunning. Every female coveted him to death. He looked like a vintage movie star. He was also single!

There was a competition to see who could catch him earliest. The office girls all posed for pictures. Although I was already in a relationship, he dated a couple other women but not me. I did converse with him, though.

 He would drone on in monosyllabic sentences. He never inquired about your personal life. He never said anything interesting. He had evidently depended on his attractiveness his entire life.

I’m trying to say that it’s not all about looking good or being gorgeous. The key to attraction is personality. Before you respond, “Oh come on, that’s a cop out,” let me explain. When a person isn’t exceptionally gorgeous, we remark they have a wonderful personality. Wait a second.

Give the chase a free flow.

Women want to be desired. Being pursued gives us an adrenaline rush and makes us feel unique.

There is nothing absurd or incorrect about it. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

Observe the following: When you are certain that you want this guy, let him pursue you. Never manipulate a man’s emotions only to make yourself feel better.

Choose the person you are sure is ideal for you. Love yourself is the most important thing. Do wish for the return of a lost lover? Imagine the joy of holding your lover’s hand once again, feeling their warmth, and hearing their laughter. Picture the renewed passion, the deeper connection, and the stronger bond that this book can help you build. This book is for those who have tried all methods and nothing works. It will also help to keep that special someone around. Reconcile with an ex and find happiness together once again. Click here to get started, save your relationship!

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