If you’re dating an Aries man and want to know what to say to get him excited, there are some things you can do that will make him like you.

Aries men are known to be overly emotional, yet they can be firecrackers when it comes to meeting them.

Aries Man Wants to Hear

What an Aries Man Wants to Hear from you?

If you are in a serious relationship with an Aries man, you have to put more effort into the usual ways to make the relationship last longer. This article tells you some cool things you can do to get your Aries man excited.

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1. “Our Relationship Is Going Great”

Aries men like to have fun and do best in relationships that move quickly, so taking things slowly won’t help you keep your relationship going. Since Aries guys are known to be spontaneous and quick to act, you should use this to your advantage.

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Be more outgoing with your partner and develop more outgoing traits. When you get the chance, tell him how much you value your friendship with him and how well you and your partner are getting along. This will help your Aries man understand what’s going on.

2. “I Love You”

Well, this may sound like a bit of a corny piece of advice, but you will be shocked to know that many people forget to say “I love you” to their partners.

Since Aries men are very moody and emotional, you need to say this amazing three-word line to them every now and then. This will make him happy, and if you time it right, it might even turn him on.

3. “You Look So Attractive”

Don’t be shy to express your feelings to your partner. Aries men don’t like it when women keep them waiting. Tell him he looks good to make him smile and want to touch you.

Bring out his romantic side by telling him how good he looks. Men also earn compliments. They shouldn’t just be given to women.

4. “I’m Sorry This Happened”

Aries men don’t like getting the blame for things that aren’t their fault. If you mess up in your relationship, be the better woman and choose to do the right thing. Admitting your flaws doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

If you apologize when you were wrong, your Aries man will respect you even more. When you admit your mistakes, say “I’m sorry” with confidence, because that’s exactly what an Aries man wants to hear.

5. “I Am So Lucky To Have You in My Life”

Men who are Aries can be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. If you really feel this way, say it to their face and see how it makes them feel better. Make him your story’s hero.

Aries men are not fond of stale relationships, and that’s why they seek wild women who have an exciting side to them. When you make him understand how lucky you are to have him as your partner, it brings their passionate side out.

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6. Show him you trust him

Aries men are turned on by intelligence. When you are confident about a topic, don’t be shy to share your thoughts vocally. You will be surprised by how positively your partner takes your opinion.

You might be interested in science, or you might have a geeky side. All of that will help you if you don’t hide who you are and tell your partner who you really are.

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Aries Man Wants to Hear

Aries men like intellectual and deep conversations, so show your partner your geeky side to turn them on.

7. ” You’re Strong”

Aries men like to be the good guy. Aries men like to hear that their partners think they are strong.

Aries guys try so hard to show that they are tough. Even though many of them are strong, it’s always nice to hear that someone else agrees.

Your Aries man probably doesn’t feel strong all the time. If he’s having a hard time or nothing has been going his way lately, he might need you to tell him that he’s strong enough to get through anything.

8. “Ask For His Help”

An Aries man needs to know that other people need him. He likes that you’re independent and doesn’t want you to always depend on him, but he’ll still be happy to help when you ask!

Your Aries man won’t always offer to help you if you don’t ask him to. This is especially true if he knows you can handle things on your own. He will be glad to help you, though, if you ask!

9. “Talk about what you care about.”

It can be hard to talk to an Aries man because most of them don’t like to talk much. They usually listen well, though! When an Aries man likes you, he wants to know what you’re passionate about.

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Aries Men can sometimes seem self-centered, but they are always happy to hear what the people they care about have to say. When he hears about your interests and sees how excited you are about them, he will feel the same way.

10. “Always tell the truth”

Most of the time, an Aries man will be honest and straight-forward when he talks. He’ll want you to be as honest as possible too! If you lie to him, he will find out the truth at some point. It’s best to always tell the truth.

When your Aries man asks you what you think, he wants to hear the truth. He’s probably not trying to get compliments or reassurance. Even if it’s something he doesn’t want to hear, he wants your honest opinion.

11. “Tell him you like what he’s done”

If an Aries man likes you, he will want to show you how much he likes you. He will be more than happy to hear that he’s succeeded!

If your Aries man does something that you think is great, tell him. Tell him how talented he is or how much you like a project he just finished.

12. “Tell him that you feel safe with him.”

People tend to think that Aries guys are scary and aggressive. Some of them can be, but when it comes to the people they love, they tend to be very soft.

Your Aries guy wants to know that he makes you feel safe. This is especially true if he’s used to others being scared off by his stern attitude.

13. “Discuss Your Goals”

If he cares about you, an Aries man will care about your goals. Aries men also like knowing that the people in their lives have goals in the first place!

Aries guys are incredibly ambitious and driven. They have big ideas for their lives and know how to make them come true.

14. “Express Gratitude”

Aries men don’t do nice things to get attention, but it’s always nice to know that what they do is appreciated.

Thank your Aries man for anything he does for you, no matter how small. Tell him how much you appreciate having him in your life.

When your Aries man offers support, let him know how much you appreciate it. Be sure to thank him, even if all he does is sit there and listen to you rant.

15. “Acknowledge his talents”

As I said before, this kind of action will work for anyone; everyone wants to be noticed from time to time. An Aries man is the same way because he knows how good he is at what he does.

In reality, an Aries man is very proud of himself, but if you acknowledge his skills or talents, it will show that you’ve been paying attention, which is very important. One method to successfully flirt with him is by doing this and he’ll be so engrossed at the moment that he might instantly grab you in his arms and start to seduce you.

16. “Be sincere”

If you want to know how to compliment an Aries man, you should be honest and tell him what you really like about him. When an Aries man tells you he likes something about you, he means it. He won’t say he likes something about you if it’s not true.

Give him real compliments and treat him with respect. Make sure all of your compliments are real. Aries men would rather hear the truth, even if it hurts, than be told lies to make them feel better.

17. “Appreciate his ability”

An Aries man appreciates praises that highlight their strengths alone. Your Aries man doesn’t like it when you show him praise while also being critical. There are times when it is okay to criticize or call attention to his flaws.

18. “Encourage him”

If your Aries man gets a promotion at work or finishes a hard task, tell him how proud you are of him. Tell him you appreciate all of his hard work and that you’ve seen it, or congratulate him on his small achievements.

19. “Show your love”

Be nice when praising an Aries man; be soft, kind, and affectionate. If you seem distant or cold to your Aries man when you give him a compliment, he might think you’re not being honest. When you tell your Aries man that he is a great lover or listener, be nice and compliment him. Give him some physical attention.

20. “Independent women”

Aries enjoys doing what he wants. He doesn’t want to have to check in often or deal with a girlfriend who is too attached. Aries often thinks of himself as the boss, so he’ll want to make sure that his girlfriend has her own life, too.

21. “Intelligent conversation”

Aries is often a smart person. They are often considered one of the smartest signs of the zodiac. Make sure you have interesting things to say to show him that you are the woman he wants. You need to be able to talk about more than just the latest reality television show or beauty trends. Check out the news. You can learn about history by watching a few documentaries.


It is important to express your thoughts when you are around your Aries partner. If you don’t tell him what you want, he might lose interest in you because you seem shy.

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Let your personality show through in every compliment, and if you don’t know what to say, you can always tell an Aries man that you admire something about him. Even though Aries men don’t usually look for praise, it’s nice to hear it every once in a while.

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