Fearing that your Aquarius man will grow distant from you? How well you comprehend him will determine everything. We cannot stress how highly we regard Anna Kovach’s Aquarius Man Secrets as a route map for the Aquarius man’s mind.

Only one other zodiac sign, Aquarius, is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, respectively, according to Vedic and modern astrology. Naturally, a man born under the sign of Aquarius has a complicated personality that can be seductive and brutal. Getting this man’s attention is like climbing Everest: the journey is challenging, but the reward is ultimately worthwhile. Want to learn more about this mysterious man and discover why giving up on him would be a grave error? If so, we have created a whole cheat manual to walk you through the hidden characteristics of an Aquarius man. Jump in!

1. Use mystery to pique an Aquarius man’s interest and get him to pursue you nonstop.

The Aquarius man is an air sign who enjoys a good mystery. He has a natural interest in people and enjoys probing their thoughts to learn more about them on a deeper level. Unless you can keep him guessing, he usually moves on after receiving his response. Give him some room to ponder about you.

Every time he spends time with you, give him new layers to peel back. He will be incredibly curious as he seeks to understand you because of his inquisitive intellect.

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2. Possess the X-factor

If you ask an Aquarius man, he probably won’t be able to explain what it is about a woman that genuinely drives him mad. He will, however, claim that she is unique in some way.

All women who appeal to Aquarius men possess that “x factor,” or something distinctive and exceptional about them. Play up whatever makes you different from other women if you want an Aquarius man to chase you.

Don’t hide it if it’s part of your personality or your sense of style. The Aquarius will devour it and demand more.

3. Permit your friendship to develop

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Men born under the sign of Aquarius would rather start off as friends before moving on to a romantic relationship. You’ll have to follow them there because that’s where they feel most at ease if you want an Aquarius man to pursue you.

He won’t unfriend you, so don’t be concerned. On the contrary, his affections for you intensify the more he enjoys spending time with you as one of his closest friends.

4. Avoid drama at all costs.

Do you enjoy stirring the pot to pique a man’s interest? Drama queens are off limits to Aquarians with a 10-foot pole.

In fact, they’ll withdraw from any dramatic situation. Therefore, be careful not to intentionally stir up his envy.

In general, trying to keep him interested by utilizing emotional methods will backfire. He will stop calling you if there is too much drama.

5. Show affection

Men in the sign of Aquarius are not attracted to women who treat them poorly. An Aquarius man only attracts nice women. Men of this sign prefer a lady who is real and sweet to one who is unkind, critical, or rude.

He won’t pursue you any further if you treat him a little harshly. Simply put, show kindness and lack of judgment. not only to him, but to everyone you come across. You won’t need to use any reverse psychology techniques to win him over; your kindness will make him melt.

6. Shock and delight him

Want to keep an Aquarius man interested in you after the first couple of weeks? Continue to astound him. Obtain a hip new haircut. Get intentionally caught in the rain with someone. Visit a petting zoo instead of your planned date instead. Alternately, take a creepy ghost tour. Discover his interests and surprise him.

7. Maintain a distance

An Aquarius man is not someone you want to be all over. If he flirts with you occasionally, it’s only that the Aquarian man, who values freedom, is out and about living his life. He has a lot going on, so it only makes sense that he will come out as aloof.

How can you effectively get an Aquarius man to pursue you?  Adopt a similar strategy. Live your own life and give him some space, in other words. Put yourself first and maintain a fair level of separation from one another.

You’ll be astounded at how such a straightforward strategy might cause an Aquarius man to break his silence and call your number.

8. Choose a cause.

Aquarius is a very altruistic sign. All Aquarians have compassion for people and desire to contribute to reducing suffering and improving the planet. So demonstrating your own compassion to an Aquarius man is a really effective approach to entice him to chase you.

For instance, you may donate money to help stop child hunger. Join a demonstration in the open; Aquarian men adore a renegade like themselves. Even better, consider helping the animals at a nearby shelter. Invite him along, and you two might wind up getting along better for it. He will then be even more smitten with you.

9. Avoid becoming physical too soon.

Although many men have this problem, the Aquarius guy does not since sleeping with him too soon may cause him to leave you.

It’s more likely that you’ll develop a close friendship with him rather than a romantic engagement with him where he chases you around.

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You should think about setting clear boundaries if you prefer to have him stooping to your level to gain a date with you.

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When you maintain boundaries and demonstrate to the Aquarius that you are not desperate to be with him, you are displaying excellent self-esteem.

10. Offer him a reward

An incentive is required for an Aquarius man to pursue you. He has to understand that you are equally interested in him and that you don’t think he is barking up the wrong tree. Modern Aquarian men prefer a 50/50 split between a man and a woman, therefore they look to you to meet them halfway.

Making it clear that you are interested in the first place is a key component of this. Make an effort to be open about your desire to him. Honesty and a no-bull approach are important to Aquarians. Whatever you do, make sure you’re letting him know that he has your permission to pursue you.

11. Impress him with your knowledge

The bright, intelligent woman is his favorite because of his sharp mind. He’ll be all over you in no time if you can hold your own in a thoughtful conversation with him. He enjoys both academic stimulation and feisty banter.

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Whether or if you are knowledgeable about a lot of things is unimportant. Show the Aquarius guy that you have an in-depth understanding of the issues at hand. Intelligence is about being analytical, questioning, and open-minded. He requires a lot of cerebral stimulation, and when you give it to him, he becomes ravenous.

12. Don’t express your emotions just yet.

Not that you want to appear chilly, but you actually want to keep your emotions to yourself when dating an Aquarius man, at least initially.

Although he has a big heart and cares deeply about humanity as a whole, he often finds it difficult to deal with people’s feelings directly. He needs some time to decide how he feels about you, and it helps him feel better if you don’t put him under pressure by being completely honest with him.

It will be a different thing once he starts to like you.

13. Don’t be a phony

Being authentic is one of the most important things you can do to attract an Aquarius man to you. No matter what you believe the Aquarius man desires, you should always be yourself. He will detect any degree of fakery from you and move on.

Additionally, Aquarius men won’t pursue you if you don’t meet their narrow idea of a desirable woman. In fact, when it comes to their “type,” Aquarians are among the most receptive individuals.

14. Adopt a positive outlook

Even in the most dire circumstances, Aquarians have an amazing capacity for optimism. They are full of hope and prefer to have an optimistic view, despite the fact that they might occasionally be a little pessimistic about the status of the world.

He will be considerably more drawn to you if you can help an Aquarius man share your cheerful outlook. He will lose interest if you’re a Debbie Downer. On the other side, if you can maintain things positive and upbeat, the Aquarius man will be in the appropriate state of mind to pursue you.

15. Avoid being a pushover

Playing the hard to get with Aquarius men requires caution.

While occasionally having a lively cat-and-mouse atmosphere is fine, you generally don’t want to come across as dangling an impossible carrot in front of him.

A lady who appears “unavailable” will be seen by Aquarius men as being fruitless to pursue because of their intense logical nature. Consider his perspective and ensure that you are not too far away.

Their excellent cerebral compatibility is what the Aquarius man and woman like most about being together.

Two brilliant minds come together because of this relationship. This sign’s inhabitants have some of the most unusual minds in the entire zodiac and are able to understand one another in a manner that no one else can. They’ll enjoy talking a lot and never run out of interesting subjects to enthuse about. Their same intellectual interests may have played a significant role in their first infatuation.

their simple kinship. Aquarians place a high value on friendships and have a natural talent for making new ones. They take pleasure in establishing acquaintances from diverse backgrounds. Even love itself ends up seeming more like a friendship to an Aquarian than the typical notion of romance. If chemistry starts to grow between two compatible Aquarians, things should naturally progress from platonic friendship to more committed feelings. If their connection develops further, they might anticipate that sharing a home and a life together will be simple because they are actually related.

There was enormous room for growth between them. Aquarians are expansive and visionary. They enjoy expanding, improving, and growing. Being Fixed signs, they could get set in their ways, but when they work together, they have immense potential. The alchemical power of one Aquarian is enough to transform the entire universe. Be careful when you combine two of these.

That neither is possessive or jealous. Few things stifle an Aquarian’s style more than a spouse who is clingy or possessive. They experience any restriction in a relationship—romantic, familial, or platonic—as agonizingly painful. They will be content to be with each other because there is an initial sensation that neither will constrain the other. They are particularly sensitive to constrictive energy in partners.

How distinctive and genuine each is. Individualistic and distinct persons appeal to Aquarians. So who better to hang out with than a fellow Aquarian who is sure to have their own quirky personality? While interactions between people of the same sign can get uninteresting because they are too similar, Aquarians are lucky in that every single one of them is like a completely distinct snowflake. Although they could have some things in common, their interests are all wholly different from one another.

Water Bearer and Water Bearer: Sexual Chemistry

They probably won’t prioritize their relationship’s sexual dynamics. Both are readily seduced into leaving the bedroom. Neither is very sexual because an Aquarian is more likely to prioritize mental activities over physical ones.

They can have a lot of enjoyable and fascinating sexual adventures if they are sexually compatible. There won’t be any taboos and a lot of freedom to express oneself. They can anticipate having sexual experiences that are novel and exclusive to them.

If they want to prevent the genuine chance that their sexual union cools off and becomes less important in their relationship, they’ll probably need to work on keeping warmth, tenderness, and consistency between the sheets.

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Heartbreakers are a well-known stereotype of Aquarians. They rarely allow enough emotional chemistry to grow in their relationships for the union to last over time because they are independent and detachable. However, when they do make a commitment to someone, they are loyal, loving lovers.

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