The biggest error most women make is thinking they should treat an Aquarius man the way they were taught to: play hard to get, tease him, and he’ll run.

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You could say that the normal Aquarius man is a unique individual, thus you will require a unique collection of traits.

In fact, he is so enigmatic that it is simple to become lost when attempting to pique an Aquarius man’s interest in you. It is not surprising that you want to date an Aquarius man given their distinctive personality and endearing eccentricities.

Methods For Attracting An Aquarius Guy

1. Start by making friends.

Do you recall the proverb, “First comes love, then marriage”? Its creator most likely meant the Aquarius zodiac sign when they said it.

The first step in attracting an Aquarius man is to become his friend. He doesn’t transform overnight from seeing you as a prisoner to the girl of his fantasies. Overall, Aquarius men are sluggish to fall in love, thus the ideal approach if you want to catch his interest is to go slow and easy.

2. Avoid becoming gullible

You must project some sort of intellectual prowess if you want an Aquarius man to pay attention to you. You can’t rely on your “banging body” to keep your relationship with an Aquarius man strong; eventually, you’ll need to take a break. Given that the majority of Aquarius men are intellectuals, the easiest method to impress them is to demonstrate your own intelligence.

3. Avoid drawing too much attention to him

If you want an Aquarius man to pay attention to you, you have to present yourself in this way, which may seem like a conundrum. Do not continuously invade his personal space and treat every word he says as though it were gold. Make sure you stay his friend without restricting his independence if you want to win over an Aquarius man.

That simply means you can’t bug him whenever he goes out with pals or frequently drop by his apartment without warning. Although he will certainly have other connections in addition to yours, you are most likely his only romantic interest.

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4. Avoid showing jealousy.

Men born under the sign of Aquarius don’t typically chase after women, so if you do, you’ll need to keep your cool. You may not necessarily be a jealous person, but once you start dating Aquarius men, you can’t help but be drawn to their nature. Making sure you don’t come on too strong is one of the finest methods to capture this guy’s attention.

5. Take a self-supporting stance.

Think of this as a continuation of the last statement: if you want to attract an Aquarius man, you should project a sense of independence. He is not attracted to clinginess, as was already noted, and generally speaking, he can come across as distant and aloof.

6. Maintain him alert

If you can’t occasionally come up with surprises, the normal Aquarius man may not pay attention to you. This is because Aquarius men have a tendency to get bored rather rapidly. Because of this, Aquarius men tend to be quite enamored with their partners at the beginning of partnerships.

7. Show tolerance

All relationships require knowledge in order to progress, but let me warn you: Aquarius men are equally mysterious and unpredictable. As a result, he occasionally exhibits atypical behavior.

8. Allow your impulsive side to come through

Remember that Aquarius men are pretty quickly bored, therefore it is a good idea to show him your impulsive side if you want to attract people with this sign of the zodiac. Do you think he might be taking you for granted a little bit?

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Unfortunately, this is one of the most common concerns we hear from our readers—that they don’t feel like their partner or husband is paying attention to them. They always appear to have an explanation for why they can’t give you the kind of time they used to.

9. Avoid criticizing his ideas.

Aquarius guys have a tendency to be dreamers, and as dreamers do, they occasionally come up with original ideas. It is best to avoid putting down an Aquarius man’s ideas if you want to get his attention.

Before you can move on with him, you must believe that he will write you out as being narrow-minded. Undoubtedly, some of the ideas he generates may seem absurd or hilarious.

10. Don’t betray his confidence.

In every relationship, this goes without saying, but let me explain why it is a little different with Aquarius men, especially one whose attention you want. They are not the most forthcoming people you will meet, as was previously noted. Furthermore, they respect their freedom and will let you to live your own life in relative comfort.

11. Take into account his kindness

Even though Aquarius men like their independence, others are drawn to them. Don’t think you can keep him to yourself when you have his attention because it is plainly the same thing that drew you to him in the first place. It would be pointless to try and modify an Aquarius or prevent others from enjoying his company because they are typically amiable and enjoyable to be around.

12. Avoid passing judgment.

Showing an Aquarius man that you are judgmental would make you the misery of his existence. Typically, judgmental individuals and Aquarius guys are as different as day and night. They all emphasize having an open mind and accepting others as they are. So, if you give off the impression that you have an opinion about everything and everyone, he will immediately find you repulsive.

13. Talk instead of arguing

When your feelings are injured, it’s normal to desire to use every legal tactic at your disposal to protect yourself or to erupt. The truth is that an Aquarius man does not approach conflict in that manner. You must learn to prefer communication over argumentation if you want to keep his attention. When you disagree, you can be sure that he is willing to sit down and talk to you in a responsible manner until you come to an understanding.

14. Put forth your best effort

Make sure to present your best self, even when you are still in the friendship stage. When Aquarius guys start paying attention to you, there is no doubt that you will love being around them.

15. Recognize what you need from him.

Until you eventually have his attention and are unsure of what to do with it, everything is amusing. An Aquarius man will only let you in if he has done his research and has determined that you are not just a chance catch. He actively checks his intentions before falling in love to make sure she is the kind of woman he wants in his life.

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In light of that, you must also be certain of him. Don’t just let your charm get the better of you and swoop in for the kill. He will quickly withdraw that attention once he sees that you are not really sure what you want from him.

16. Be willing to develop oneself

Nobody is more aware of the fact that life is all about development and improvement than an Aquarius. They are regarded as one of the most tolerant zodiacs, and as a result, they do not hesitate to pursue personal growth.

If you really want to attract the guy, show him that you’re always trying to improve yourself because Aquarius men also want their partners to reflect them in this area.

17. Be sympathetic

The Aquarius male is undoubtedly a loving and compassionate person. These are undoubtedly some of the factors that initially drew you to him. In light of this, if you approach him with a negative attitude, nothing will happen. When it comes to dating an Aquarius man, this situation is once again like night and day.

Sure, if you have a bad attitude you’ll gain his attention, but it won’t be the sort you desire. It won’t harm you to sincerely attempt to be a kind person whether he is present or not.

18. pique his interest

A typical Aquarius man is drawn to unorthodox and eccentric personalities. As a result, all you have to do to win him over is to wave your freak flag. Not only will this increase his interest in you, but it will also pique his curiosity. He will want to spend more time with you when he is unable to specifically identify what makes you tick.

19. Avoid getting overly emotional

Despite how amazing Aquarius is, he is not the type to show emotion or become sentimental. He will undoubtedly make an effort to show you that he cares, but he is not prone to emotional outbursts. Please don’t take offense at the fact that PDA and crying alongside you when you watch Titanic are off limits.

20. Do not attempt to pressure him into committing.

An Aquarius man won’t budge until he is ready to date, at which point he will move. You can employ every trick in the book, but there is nothing you can do to force him to pay you that much attention until he is ready to do so. Talking about commitment in conversation would simply give him the impression that you are trying to contain him.

21. Never provide unwelcome counsel

When you tell someone what to do out of the blue, some individuals don’t mind, but an Aquarius man doesn’t. He thinks in a unique way that is essentially a combination of logic and dreams.

22. Show patience

Let me begin by noting that an Aquarius guy is not for everyone. Sure, he may attract anyone, but few people have the patience to wait for him to notice them. An Aquarius takes their time when it comes to romance. Along with carefully scrutinizing the people he chooses as a companion, he also has a careless attitude toward matters of the heart.

23. Avoid being a fusspot.

You might think that high-maintenance people are unpopular, but you might be surprised to learn that some people actually thrive in the midst of all the drama. An Aquarius man is obviously not one of them. He avoids conflict and places a high importance on peace. Therefore, if you are a high-maintenance person, he will be pushed away from you.

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24. Avoid attempting to exploit him.

As I just indicated, Aquarius men are unselfish and willing to sacrifice everything for others, even if they are total strangers. However, if they suspect that you are abusing his kind nature, he will immediately withdraw. I’m not referring to a progressive backoff; instead, he will turn right on to you, so you may bid farewell to all the attention you were hoping for.

How to make an Aquarius Man Miss you

1. Break up communication temporarily

If you want to make an Aquarius man miss you, don’t contact him at first, regardless of whether you split up or he grew distant. To put it simply, he needs time alone to miss you. You might only require a few days or a week, so don’t make it last forever.

2. Steer clear of your shared hangouts for a bit.

It’s a good idea to avoid areas where you know you’ll run into your Aquarius man at first. It may come across as desperate to him. He’ll feel crowded if he believes you’re trying to intentionally run into him, which is a risk you run.

3. Befriend him but only on a platonic basis.

After a breakup or after he has been drawn away from you, try your best to maintain your friendship with an Aquarius man. He prioritizes friendship over romantic relationships.

Being the non-romantic extraterrestrial he is, he will feel more at ease around you thanks to your friendship because he won’t feel any pressure.

4. Demonstrate your independence to the Aquarius man.

A lady who doesn’t require an Aquarius man will be missed by her. She needs to be a strong, self-assured lady. Make it evident that you aren’t depending on your ex-Aquarius boyfriend for anything if you want him to reconsider breaking up with you.

5. Don’t show too much emotion

Male Aquarius are not emotional people. Unlike many of the other zodiac signs, not in the same way. You alienate an Aquarius man when you approach him emotionally because he won’t know how to respond.

6. Define your limits.

An Aquarius man can simultaneously regard you as his buddy, lover, and confidante.

He doesn’t have to distinguish between different types of relationships, which makes it simple for him to pose as your boyfriend even when he has no interest in reuniting with you.

7. Steer clear of gaming

Aquarians dislike being dependent on others. He will most likely feel out of control if you play games with him, in which case he will back away from you. Only if you’re true and being yourself with him will an Aquarian man miss you.

As a result,

You must first get an Aquarius man’s attention if you want to begin a relationship with him. That ought to be crystal clear by this point. The goal is to show off your charming personality, and if it works, your Aquarius man will offer you the attention you require.

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I hope the few points I’ve made above have helped you gain some understanding of how to become the girl of his dreams. Please share this article with your fellow soul sisters so they can find their own Aquarius men. I would love to hear from you about how you met your Aquarius partner.

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