You’ve been with a Taurus man for a long time, but now you’re ready to get married. You might have been dropping hints for years, but he might not have asked you to marry him yet. What can you do? Read on to find out how to get a Taurus man to say “I do.”

If you’ve talked about getting married before and he’s ignored you, it’s time to do things that will get his attention more. Leaving things around like wedding magazines should get his attention.

You can put them on top of the papers he usually reads, or you can even leave one in the bathroom. Most guys like to read in the bathroom, so give him something to read that will help you.

Will Your Taurus Guy Pop the Question?

If you’ve been in a loving relationship with a Taurus man for a while, he might ask you to marry him right away. This sign isn’t afraid of commitment and will do anything to make his woman happy. But he should do everything at his own speed, so don’t give up right away.

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You have to realize that this sign doesn’t want to leave his safety zone because he’s afraid of what’s out there. So, take it one step at a time and show him that the things he likes won’t change when you get married. Show him through your acts that you won’t stop him from doing or going places he wants to.

Let him know that you will be a well-known person who will improve his life. So, think about being patient and letting him see how valuable you are by taking care of and helping him. This way, he’s more likely to see how great you are, which could lead the Bull of the Zodiac to pop the question.

How to tell if a Taurus man will marry you

1. He moves slowly—too slowly

If a Taurus man seems to move slowly in a relationship, it’s a sign that he likes you. This sign of the zodiac is known for being very slow and steady. This sign is a bit careful, but that’s just because a Taurus guy wants things to be right. When he finds someone he likes, he will put off the chase so he can enjoy every moment.

2. He acts shy and awkward around you all of a sudden.

When he’s not really interested in you, a Taurus man will act loud and flirty. But when he likes you, he will act shy and try not to look at you. He will act as if he is talking to someone else while you are talking. This is just his way of finding out if you like him and if he can make a move on you without hurting you. You should give him a break, though. When a Taurus man tries to win a woman’s love, he is nothing but sweet. You will notice that when he talks to you, he stutters or makes jokes that don’t work.

3. He remembers what you do and when.

A Taurus man will show interest in you by learning about your daily habits and plan. Taurus guys prefer to show their love in small ways instead of big ones. To get your attention, he will try to surprise you.

4. He’s worried about how your money is doing.

When he starts dating you, a Taurus guy will think about how your money is doing. He will be happy to help you get your bills in order and pay your taxes. It may not seem like the most beautiful thing to do, but if it comes from a real Taurus man, it is a sign of love. This sign of the zodiac is linked to resources, money, and ideals.

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5. He might choose to ignore you

A Taurus guy will do everything he can to avoid talking to you straight up. If you are with other people, he may look at someone else and try to avoid making eye contact with you at all costs. If you try to start a conversation with him, he might become very focused on looking out the window or reading the menu.

6. He spends more time with you than with anyone else.

Most Taurus signs are easy to understand. They find it hard to keep their love a secret. When a Taurus man falls in love, he wants to be with the person he loves all the time. He always wants to be with the person who makes him feel more confident and with this new feeling of love.

7. His eyes will betray him.

If you want to know if a Taurus man really cares about you, all you have to do is look into his eyes. Because he can’t hide how he feels, he doesn’t want to look you in the eyes. He might even pretend not to know you. Stay open to him and be patient, and he will find the courage to tell you he loves you when the time is right.

8. He wants you to join his group.

A guy who is a Taurus is very reliable. Because of this, he sticks close to his family and friends and doesn’t let just anyone into his close group. He also keeps his feelings safe this way.

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9. He says nice things about you.

A Taurus man will try to win you over by complimenting you in a careful way. He will go the extra mile to stand out in his own way.  He will try to win your love by showing you that he is interested in you. When a Taurus guy is in love, he will show his love partner nothing but praise.

10. He cares about your safety.

Taurus men are protective and obsessed with safety, so one way they show they love you is by making sure you are always safe and sound. He will often look out for you and sometimes even try to tell you what to do.

11. He brags about you or uses you as an example. When He Talks

A Taurus guy who is in love with you might act like he doesn’t care about you at all, but he won’t be able to stop himself from quoting things you say or bringing up your name every once in a while. Pay attention, because his words will show you how much he loves you.

12. He tries harder to talk to people.

A Taurus man doesn’t talk much. When he falls in love with someone, though, he will try to talk to that person more. He wants you to know him better and wants to get to know you, so he will try his best and make an effort, even if it goes against his nature.

13. He starts to include you in decisions about money.

The Taurus guy likes to keep to himself. He keeps his thoughts to himself most of the time and makes choices with a lot of thought. This may seem rude or stubborn at times, but to them, it’s just being responsible. When a Taurus guy talks to the girl he is meeting about money, that is a very good sign. If he talks to you about how he spends his own money, it’s a sign that he will include you in all other big choices.

14. He tries to make things better between them.

The Taurus man will do whatever it takes to keep the woman he likes. He will go out of his way to show that he cares about the connection and help it grow. The Taurus man will be willing to do anything for the woman he loves, even if it means getting out of his comfort zone or changing the way he acts.

15. He gets more sure of himself

When a Taurus man falls in love, his behavior will change. You will notice that he is getting more sure of himself and bold. He might even start to risk more. You are a good impact on him, and you can tell by the way he acts. This isn’t a clear sign, but you’ll start to notice changes as his feelings for you grow.

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16. He Takes You With Him Seriously

Taurus guys are very realistic and down-to-earth about life. If he likes you, he will surely do the same thing with you. A Taurus guy will go the extra mile to show that he really cares about your goals, views, and likes and is paying attention to what you say. Your Taurus man will listen to every word you say because it sounds like art to him.

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17. He’s getting better at making love.

When a Taurus guy likes you, he’ll want to hug and kiss you more, and he’ll become much more soft and vulnerable. Enjoy the feeling, because this is just a taste of what he is like when he falls in love. He will be very loving and erotic with his body. This sun sign is known for enjoying physical and sexual pleasures to the fullest. He will even find reasons to show you lots of physical love. He will always hold your hand and rub your back in public. He is shy, so it may take him a few tries before he gets the courage to make the first move.

18. He Does Things That Cost Money

A Taurus man likes to have nice things, and when he falls in love with someone, he does things that show how important she is to him. These actions may not always cost a lot in terms of money. He might want you to meet his bedridden grandma, which is a big deal to him. He will also send you flowers and candies, like a secret admirer.

19. You’ll see how romantic he is.

People say that Taurus guys are romantic. They are very quiet, but they show they care for each other in many subtle ways. As your friendship grows, your man will become more romantic. Look closely at these little clues. But don’t take it for granted that he is loving. Show him how much you appreciate it and how much he means to you.

20. He starts to show that he is jealous

As we’ve already said, a Taurus guy might be a little bit cold or shy. Even if you are talking to another man at the bar, he probably won’t care. But as his feelings for her grow stronger, the Taurus guy starts to feel jealous. He might go out of his way to make sure people know that you belong to him. He will put himself out there in quiet ways to let people know that you are no longer single. This is where his manliness really shines through. He won’t be rude or bossy, but if he’s jealous of you, it’s clear that he loves you.

21. He will touch your skin often.

Another thing to watch out for is that he will always find a reason to touch you. When a Taurus guy loves someone, he shows it through his steady, gentle touch. Even if it’s not obvious, you’ll get the sense that he thinks of you as more than just a friend. When a Taurus man touches the woman he loves, it will be soft and gentle. It will make you feel safe and give you peace of mind. This kind of touch says a lot more than words, and that’s how he talks to people.


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