Acting as though you DON’T want your ex back in your life is the greatest course of action if you want him back. You need to understand that love—especially when it involves ex-spouses—is a seduction game, even if it may seem counterproductive.

Before you even make a move in the game of love, exes edition, you need to make sure you’ll play it correctly. Here are some psychologically supported emotional triggers your ex needs to experience in order to come running back to you so that you can make the proper decisions.

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1) Give the impression that you’re living your best life to your ex.

It’s possible that you broke up when your life was at its lowest point and you had no job, no true hobbies, and were depressed.

So, if you genuinely want your ex to miss you, you must demonstrate your growth. You only need a tiny bit of improvement, I assure you.

2) Encourage your ex to be interested in you.

I know I said to share information about your major and small accomplishments, but don’t go overboard! Anyone who divulges too much loses their appeal. So that he wonders what you’re up to, keep a little mystery.

A better tactic would be to mention something vague, such as that you’re traveling to Japan, without going into detail about who else is going with you or why. Simply respond, “Well, you know, because I’ve always loved Japan,” and then steer the conversation elsewhere.

3) Make your ex physically miss you.

Dress sexily while you’re near your ex! Naturally, make sure to give him the same look you typically do when you want to have sex.

But make sure it’s not too evident. Make him believe that he is merely dreaming. To pull this off, some grace is needed. Don’t try flirting if you don’t think you’re naturally flirtatious. Instead, concentrate on other nonverbal cues, such as lightly caressing his arm when you want him to pass the salt.

4) Give your ex the impression that getting you is difficult.

You can’t resist what you can’t have. This holds true for those we already “had,” such as our ex-lovers. They become more valuable to us when we realize there is no chance of getting them back.

How specifically do you do this? Keep your interactions brief, to start with. Additionally, if you are the one who has been dumped, you ought to be the first to depart.

Your ex will long for the times when you were still completely smitten.

5) When you’re together, make your ex feel good.

Positive energy is sometimes mistaken for fondness and love when we are around someone, whether they are an ex or not. Try to make him laugh, pay attention to him while he talks about uninteresting topics, and smile while looking him in the eye.

In fact, even consuming some foods that make you feel good or listening to upbeat music can strengthen your relationship. Do more of such things, and he’ll start to think well of you.

6) Give your ex the impression that you are not desperate for him to come back.

So perhaps on the day (or week, or month) that you split up, you begged him not to leave you. Put an end to your relationship with that female. You’ve undergone a transformation!

Show your ex that you are now oh so chill. This will give him the impression that you’ve genuinely discovered your worth, which is quite alluring. People want it when someone is crazy about them in general. He would think to himself, “wait, I’m not so special anymore? ” when you cease being that. ”

7) Rekindle his enthusiasm for you.

Sometimes, when things get monotonous or the new relationship energy has passed, guys end relationships. Most of these men have no idea that true love emerges when a relationship becomes “boring”; this is how relationships are intended to progress.

Or perhaps you and your partner had numerous arguments that strained your bond.

In any event, situations like these are simply fixable. How then do you win your ex back? There is just one thing you can do in this circumstance: reignite their romantic interest in you.

8) Give your ex the impression that you are a wonderful buddy.

He must have believed you were still anxious for him to return when you texted him while intoxicated months after your breakup.

But not any longer (or at least we want him to think that). Reset your relationship by demonstrating to him that you are friends.

His remorse and perhaps disdain for you would all vanish in a moment. And perhaps all of your resentment toward him as well. And because there was a reset, it might mark the beginning of something fresh, like a true friendship or something more.

9) Make your ex believe that you were the one who fled.

What qualities did your ex find admirable about you? Your blunt candor? Your sense of direction? Your childish actions? Your originality? So go ahead and keep being this person! And when he needs help, help him like no one else would.

Your ex will feel that you two have a deeper connection as a result, and he might even start to believe that you are the one for him.

10) Make your ex long for the past.

Love is difficult. When our feelings for our spouse begin to fade, we forget those happy times that we were having at the time. Make him miss the good old days to serve as a reminder that things weren’t all bad—in fact, they were fantastic!

You can share pictures of the places you’ve been together on social media. When you’re among pals you have in common, you might also find a way to bring up the things you did together. You are not need to claim that you were together when those events occurred. Just say it lightly, as if you’re not attempting to stir up any strong feelings in him.

11) Give your ex a sense of respect.

You can respect your ex even if you still have some feelings for him. Do that, and however you can, do it. If you’re at a meeting and he sends you a message, don’t just ignore him. I will respond after my meeting, you say.

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Be on his side if you’re with those that bully him a little and you notice that he feels uncomfortable. You are an adult already. Even though you occasionally feel that he doesn’t deserve it, you know how to treat people with respect, so do that for him.

12) Encourage your ex to feel heroic.

Do you understand what a hero instinct is? Men aspire to take on the role of the Savior. This fascinating idea, which was developed by relationship specialist James Bauer, talks about what really motivates men in relationships and is embedded in their DNA.

Get your man back and make him fall in love

And most ladies don’t have any knowledge of it. This instinct is applicable to ex-partners as well as potential dates and new partnerships.

So how do you use it to get your ex to call you? Ask him to assist you!

13) Give your ex a sense of security.

Even if you’re already ex-partners, prove to him that you’re a valuable lady by remaining dependable even after your breakup. Despite this, you shouldn’t act like a doormat. You shouldn’t make an extra effort only to assist your ex!

However, show up when he needs your assistance since nobody else can. You two have supported one another in the past, and you still have the ability to do so occasionally.

Your ex will begin to question why he even left you once he realizes that you are a genuine person with a kind heart. Do you desire the type of relentless devotion that you only see in romance novels and Hollywood movies? Now you can, by learning this system and guide from our friend and relationship expert Amy North! Do this, and the thought of leaving you for another woman will be completely unimaginable to your man.

14. Make your ex believe that your relationship was truly wonderful. 

Even when a couple is right for one another, it still happens. However, the majority of them end the relationship because they believe it is no longer beneficial to them.

You must take matters into your own hands if you have a strong suspicion that your ex is merely going through something and that it isn’t truly about your relationship because you are actually good together (such as depression or a midlife crisis).

It’s perfectly workable. Yet you shouldn’t be by yourself. You can consult relationship experts for advice.

15) Encourage jealousy in your ex.

Our is the action on this list that will work the best if your ex still harbors affection for you. He will get an electric charge when he sees you with someone else, especially if that person is attractive.

Now, you don’t want to entirely put your ex off. If you genuinely want him back, you should just gently tease him. It follows that you shouldn’t go overboard. Don’t hold this new guy’s hands. Do not publish pictures that suggest you are already a couple. If you do, he might just pout and leave without a word.

You must maintain simplicity. Just be “a bit too cordial” with this new person to give your ex the impression that he still has a chance to win you over.

16) Give your ex the impression that you sincerely absolve him.

Let’s assume that, whether you broke up with your ex or he did, it was because you discovered his infidelity. So then, sincerely forgive him and set yourselves free.

You need to go past the breakup and realize that we’re all just people trying to find happiness, so you must view the world with more compassion. And we err the majority of the time.

You don’t yell forgiveness out loud for everyone to hear. The warmth in your smile, the sensitivity in your voice when you speak, and your intents to keep him in your life all just show.

17) Show your ex that you value them.

Being ex-partners shouldn’t prevent you from loving one another. Especially if he is the one who dumped you, you don’t have to kiss the ground he walked on! You can, however, express your gratitude for what he does.

You don’t have to make an extra effort. Just don’t be reluctant to express gratitude when he does something kind for you. If he comes by your house with a package of cookies he baked for you, say thanks and how much you enjoy the cookies.

Send him a brief note to compliment his new haircut if he publishes a picture of himself sporting it.

18) Remind your ex of your compatibility.

You were together because you have a lot in common, including similar interests, worldviews, and musical preferences. Remind your ex of these things by talking to him about them directly, whether in person, by text, or by posting about them online.

Post your highest score if you and your partner are both chess maniacs! Tell him about a new restaurant down the street that serves the tastiest masala dosa if you and your partner enjoy Indian food.

You see what I mean.

19) Give your ex the impression that you are resolving the issues in your relationship.

Show him that you’re more active today if he lost interest in you since you used to be a couch potato.Do it because you ought to have done it years ago, not just because it will make him happy.

This holds true for all bad behaviors you’ve previously vowed to kick. But this excludes the harmless eccentricities that make you who you are. He does not deserve you if he expects you to alter those.

20) Let your ex know that you are not involved in any FWB relationships.

Most ex-partners miss you and want to try a Friends with Benefits scenario. It’s tempting to give in since, after all, you miss them just as much.

Stop it, now. Under no circumstances should you switch to an FWB.

I know you believe it’s a chance for you to rekindle the romance, but in reality, all it does is make him feel comfortable. Additionally, he would decide that you are too “easy” and move on to locate women who are a little more difficult to woo.

You need to learn to say, “If you want me, you have to want all of me,” so that you may get his respect. I know males can be annoying in this way.

21) Give your ex the impression that you won’t hang around indefinitely.

When executed properly, this is quite powerful. We won’t take action since there is no threat if something or someone is always present. But the moment it becomes evident that they might be gone someday, then we start to do something to retain them in our lives.

Do something to remind your ex that you can’t have your cake and eat it too if he has become your friend and appears to be at ease with your arrangement.

This can be done in a variety of ways. One is by being open about your other romantic interests with him. Another is to step back a little as soon as he begins to feel at ease around you.

The best solution, of course, is to tell him that you still like him but that you have to move on without him until he’s ready to commit once more when he acts like a boyfriend again.


These are rather simple techniques that, when used effectively, could completely change the course of your relationship. However, you’re going to need some assistance if you’re serious about winning your ex back. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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