Are you looking for indicators that he’s struggling since the breakup? You’ve arrived to the correct location. While men can disguise their sadness rather effectively and don’t cry nearly as much as women, there are still some telltale signals that he is grieving after you’ve broken up. He may be able to disguise his sorrow, but it’s difficult to hide a man’s anger after a breakup!

Has he been harassing you on the phone since your terrible breakup? It’s one of the telltale signals he’s still hurting from the breakup. Here are a few more things you should be aware of.

How can I tell if my ex is in pain?

Okay, so there are a few simple symptoms you may look for if you want to know how to detect whether your ex is in pain rapidly. If your ex appears distant or preoccupied, this is one of the most telling signals. He might be quieter than usual, or he might appear to be withdrawing from social events. Another indicator that your ex is struggling is if he is generally highly communicative but suddenly becomes guarded and secretive. Finally, pay attention to his body language; if he appears depressed or melancholy, it’s a sign that he’s not doing well following the split.

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After a breakup, why do guys act as if they don’t care?

You can anticipate a guy to act as if he doesn’t care after you break up with him. That’s exactly what occurs a lot of the time. The truth is that it can be tough for a man to express his sentiments and emotions; they often keep them hidden, making it impossible to know how they are feeling following a breakup.

Guys may appear to be alright while, in reality, they are in excruciating pain as a result of the break-up. They may not express their genuine sentiments as openly as girls do, but this does not rule out the possibility that something is going on in their heads or hearts, and you should never think that just because he acts unconcerned that everything is well between you two.

Even if they don’t show it, most males care about what happens to them following a breakup. It’s just that expressing their feelings and emotions is more difficult for them. Look for subtle signals that your ex is struggling if you’re attempting to figure out if he’s hurting following the breakup.

What should you do if he’s in pain following the breakup?

If your ex is suffering as a result of the breakup, there are some things you may do to assist him.

First and foremost, be encouraging and understanding. Allow him to express his emotions in any manner he prefers. Don’t try to persuade him to do something or tell him what he should do. Simply listen and provide your assistance.

Second, give him some breathing room. He could require some time to comprehend everything that has occurred. Don’t try to persuade him to talk by bombarding him with calls and texts. Allow him to approach you when he is ready.

Finally, reassure him that you are still concerned about him. He’s still a part of your life, even though the relationship is finished. Let him know you’ll be there for him whenever he needs you.

(Of course, all of this assumes that you and your partner parted on friendly terms.)

After the breakup, these are the signs he’s hurting.

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He keeps calling or texting you on a regular basis:

After a breakup, a guy who is hurting may continue to contact or text you on a regular basis. Even if you hurt him, he’s used to coming to you for advice on how to deal with his difficulties.

He’s also probably attempting to persuade you to give him another chance. If he’s still phoning or messaging as much as he was while you were together, he’s probably hurt and trying to find out how to get back into your good graces.

He unfollows you on social media:

If you and he are no longer together and he is upset, he may opt to block you from all of his social media accounts.

It’s possible he doesn’t want to be reminded of you and has to watch you move on with your life. Or he could be trying to hide his pain by erasing you and pretending you didn’t exist. If he deletes you from all of his social media accounts for any reason, it’s probably because he’s hurt.

He won’t even look at you:

In most cases, if things went well after a breakup, there are no bitter feelings, and the two of you would have no difficulty meeting up as friends on occasion.

If you want to see him and keep a friendly contact after the split, but he refuses, he’s probably hurt. Seeing you will only serve as a painful reminder that you are no longer together, and he will not want that. It’s simply easier for him to avoid the pain he’s experiencing by refusing to see you.

He goes to great lengths to avoid seeing you:

This goes hand in hand with refusing to see you, but if he’s hurt, he might even go out of his way to avoid you. While out and about, you happen to notice him just down the street, and as soon as he sees you, he swiftly flees in the opposite direction.

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If he’s distraught about your breakup, he could go out of his way to avoid simply stumbling into you to avoid aggravating his emotions of betrayal. He won’t want to interact with you if he runs into you since it will remind him of what he’s missing.

After the split, he doesn’t want to be friends:

You started the breakup and want to keep in touch with him. After all, he’s been a big part of your life for a long time, and you don’t want to just throw him out. On the other hand, he is fiercely opposed. He doesn’t want to be friends with you if he can’t be with you.

Being friendzoned after a breakup can add insult to injury for a man who is already suffering. He may believe that the only way he can truly get over you is to cut you out of his life. Which suggests he won’t want to keep you as a buddy.

He makes disparaging remarks about you:

Your pal calls to tell she saw your ex out with some friends the previous night and couldn’t believe what he said about you.

He spent the remainder of the night telling everyone he could that you were a bad person. You may be surprised. After all, he is a man who claimed to care for you in the past. If he’s hurting from the breakup, however, all bets are off, and he may turn his grief into wrath. That could come out in a negative way, and he might try to vent his frustrations on you (or at least your name).

He swiftly moves on to another woman:

You’re surprised to find that he’s already found a new girlfriend barely two weeks after the breakup. Perhaps he is interested in her and is attempting to move on.

But it’s likely that he’s hurting since the two of you broke up, and he’s searching for a quick fix. He doesn’t know how to deal with the loss of you, so instead of working through it, he looks for someone new to fill the vacuum. It won’t last long since she isn’t you, and he will shortly recognize that.

He falls back into old habits:

He might have had a few bad habits before the two of you met, which you helped him overcome. Maybe he was addicted to coffee and you were able to persuade him to drink more water instead of soda.

Maybe he was a smoker, and you were able to help him quit. But now that you’ve broken up, he’s reverted to his old behaviors.

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Reverting to previous habits is a sure sign that he’s still hurting after your split. He doesn’t know how to deal with his grief, so he falls back into his old bad habits.

For a long period, he hasn’t dated anyone else:

If you’ve been broken up for a long time and he hasn’t started dating anyone else, it could be a symptom of his ongoing heartbreak. He may still have feelings for you, or he may be afraid of being hurt if he tries dating again.

Whatever the reason for his reluctance to start dating again, if he’s been putting it off, he’s probably still grieving from the break-up.

Friends or family members of his reach out to you:

Have you recently received more communications from his friends or family? They’re worried about him and want to know what’s going on with you two. He might have cut off communication with family or friends since he’s not sure how to talk about your split and how he’s feeling right now.

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If his friends or family have begun to contact you more regularly with their concerns, he is most likely suffering from heartache as a result of the split.

He makes an attempt to harm your feelings:

He brings up old hurtful things from the past, or his text or phone responses have been cold and unkind. If he appears to be trying to hurt your feelings, he most likely is.

When a man is hurt, he may lash out at you in order to cope with the pain. If he acts exceptionally rude or angry toward you after the breakup, it’s a sign he’s hurting. Why is he unhappy because he dumped me?!?

His social media posts appear to be depressing:

On his Instagram story, he’s been posting a lot of statements about heartbreak. Or he’s been posting Facebook statuses that imply he’s depressed in general.

This is another obvious clue, but if he’s posting about how heartbroken and sad he is on social media, he’s probably still hurting from the two of you breaking up.

He eliminates all traces of you from his life:

He deletes all of your photos from social media before deleting your accounts from his. He returns everything you’ve ever left at his house and deletes your phone number.

He’s going to great lengths to make it appear as if you never were in the first place. After your breakup, a guy who goes to such lengths to erase you from his life is most certainly hurting. He’s chosen to cope with his heartbreak by attempting to eliminate you from his life and pretend you’ve never met.

He loses his work for the following reasons:

Through mutual friends, you learn that he has lately lost his job. What occurred to make you so worried?! This is a clear indication that he’s still hurting over the split.

A job loss is frequently the result of poor performance, and if he was angry after the two of you called it quits, he may have struggled to concentrate at work.

He may have been absent for several days, arrived late, or failed to complete his assignment as expected. Even the finest workers can become distracted by heartbreak, and if he was seriously upset, that’s likely what led to his dismissal.

He makes a drastic adjustment in his life:

It’s a significant clue he’s hurting following your breakup if he gets a new job out of nowhere or up and moves to another city. He might try to create some distance between you and himself so that he isn’t reminded of you everywhere he goes.

Taking a new job could feel like a “new beginning” for him as he attempts to move on with his life. Any time a man makes a major life shift soon after a difficult breakup, it’s a sign he’s still hurting.

He spends a lot of time partying:

You’ve observed that since the two of you broke up, every photo he’s tagged in on social media is of him out on the town. He’s hanging out with some new folks you’ve never met before, and he’s always partying with them.

If he wasn’t much of a party animal before or during your relationship, this is a clue he’s hurt. He doesn’t know how to deal with his heartbreak, so he’s turned to partying to take his mind off the hurt of missing you.

He appears to be seeking vengeance:

When we’re in pain, we frequently turn to rage as a means of coping. Perhaps he is aware that you have multiple unpaid parking tickets and decides to direct a police officer to your location in order to collect the fees.

Or perhaps he knows something about you that you’ve been trying to keep hidden from a friend or family member, and he’s joyfully spilt the beans. It’s a sure sign he’s hurting after the break-up if he’s doing things out of spite or rage.

He goes out of his way to appear unaffected:

Every time the two of you talk, he makes it a point to mention how well he’s doing. His social media messages are full of optimism and references to all of the “interesting new things” he’s up to. He’d like you to believe he’s fine without you.

But if he’s suddenly Mr. Positivity and his actions are out of character, he’s probably still hurting from the breakup. But he’s hell-bent on persuading you and the rest of the world that he’s just fine.

With erratic emotions, he calls or texts you:

The next minute, he’s texting you, wishing you a happy day and expressing his desire that you and he can stay friends. Then he sent you a long text in which he expressed his entire range of emotions and asked for your help.

His emotions are all over the place, but he still looks to you for comfort. He’s probably heartbroken following the break-up and doesn’t know who to turn to for emotional support.

He is clearly not in good health:

You happened to see him in the supermarket and were taken aback by his unkempt appearance. His clothing were disheveled and didn’t match at all. His hair didn’t appear to have been brushed in days. And had he shaved since the two of you had broken up?

You could see that he hadn’t been looking after himself. You could tell he wasn’t in a good place just by chatting to him. This is a clear indication that he is still hurting over the breakup.

On social media, he shares old photos of you:

Facebook notifications are flooding your inbox. When you log on, you notice that he’s tagged you in a number of old images of the two of you, which has sparked a lot of speculation among your friends and family.

It may be aggravating if you’re trying to move on with your life, but it’s a very good indication that he’s still hurting from your split. He’s using social media to reminisce about the good moments you two had together, and he hopes you remember as well.

You seem to run into him on a regular basis:

You see him at the gym every other day, he shows up at your favorite neighborhood hangouts, and he even picked up takeout from your favorite restaurant last night. Is it possible that this is too much of a coincidence to be true? It most likely is.

If he’s hurt from your split and is looking for a way to see you again, he might start showing up at areas you frequent. He’s hoping to bump into you and see if your mind has changed. This is a good thing if you still have feelings for him. If that isn’t the case, you might want to ask him to give you some space.

His feelings have shifted:

He may not be an overly emotional person in general, but he suddenly appears to cry every time you speak with him. Maybe it’s the other way around; he’s usually rather expressive and willing to display emotion, but all of a sudden he seems to have shut down.

If he’s hurting after the two of you have broken up, he might not know how to deal with his feelings. Until he can gain a grasp on his pain and start dealing with the hurt he’s feeling, he may shut off or get overly emotional. One of the most telling signals that he’s hurting since the breakup.

He doesn’t let on that you’ve broken up with him:

You run into his mother at the grocery store, and she inquires about your whereabouts, as she hasn’t seen you with your ex in quite some time. You’re perplexed (you broke up over a month ago?!) and inquire if she is aware that the two of you are no longer together.

She’s taken aback! She had no idea what was going on. He most likely kept the breakup from his family since he’s upset about you two breaking up. He might be hoping you’ll figure it out, or he might be too upset to tell you yet. In any case, this is a clear indication that he’s still hurting from the separation.

He makes an attempt to make you envious:

He’s out with another female and posts images with her on social media, or he “runs into you” while out with another girl and uploads shots of him surrounded by girls to his snapchat story. All of this could be a sign that he’s still hurting from the split.

He’s angry over the two of you breaking up, and he’s trying to retaliate by making you jealous. It may be difficult to see him out with another female if you still have feelings for him. Understand that, while it doesn’t make it right, the reason he’s doing it is most likely because he’s heartbroken over your breakup.

This is a no-brainer because he’s telling you exactly how he feels. It can be difficult to hear if you no longer share those feelings with him. Especially since none of us wants to damage someone we cared about in the past. It is not your responsibility to repair this for him, but you should acknowledge that he is sharing his sentiments with you because he is still in pain.

Every breakup is a dreadful (but unavoidable) event.

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Breakups are the end of a relationship that affects both parties. Breakups may be difficult for males, contrary to popular belief, and not in the ways we might think. When a military relationship ends, you may be separated from your regular support network of family and friends, or you may feel compelled to “tough it out.”

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