How to make a man feel loved or wanted is only one of the many questions in a relationship. Why is it vital to make your man feel needed and why are these questions necessary?

Everybody wants to feel important to their mate. When you don’t let your man feel valued, he could feel abandoned or unimportant in the relationship. Therefore, understanding how to make a man feel needed in a relationship is crucial.

So, how can you elicit a sense of need in your man? How can you help your boyfriend feel desired? For the solutions, continue reading this article.

Men are typically thought of as powerful individuals with limited capacity for emotional expression, but this isn’t always the case. The desire to be needed, valued, cared for, and valued is ingrained in every man’s identity.

the desire to feel necessary According to psychology, everyone desires to feel important in the eyes of others. It entails having a strong desire to help others, even if it’s just one person. If this requirement is not met, you could feel purposeless or useless.

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You must therefore learn how to make a man feel needed or possess the skill of doing so. A man feels like a king when he is needed and wanted, and he will do anything to maintain that status and keep you pleased.

How do you convince a man that he is needed?

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The phrase “I just want to feel loved and wanted” is a common one. Doesn’t everyone desire that? Understanding that your partner wants to feel wanted and required in your life and the relationship is important because no matter how strong and independent he may seem.

Going above and beyond is not necessary to make your man feel needed. Start with telling a man that you need him if you want to learn how to make a man feel needed.

You need to learn how to convey to a man that you need him in addition to using words that make him feel heroic. To make a man feel unique, you must know what to say.

The Hero instinct, according to psychologist James Bauer, is a man’s desire to feel needed by you. It implies that your man must always feel as though he is supporting your queen. He will make you happier and more content if you can make him feel like a hero and let him take care of you.

Does a man enjoy feeling necessary?

Do men enjoy feeling necessary? Yes! Every man enjoys the feeling of being needed in a relationship. Blame society, but most men were raised with the idea that they should be the ones who provide for and guard their families.

You are stealing their sense of identity if you deny them that privilege. Every man has a strong psychological need to feel needed, so if you don’t let them, they’ll feel lost.

How critical is it that a man in a relationship feel needed?

Because it makes him feel heroic, a guy needs to feel needed in a relationship. It clarifies your partner’s place in the union and gives him a sense of fulfillment.

Again, men thought they were the ones who provided for and protected their families. When they fulfill their deeply ingrained purpose, it increases their sense of fulfillment and self-worth.

15 techniques for making a man feel needed

Here are some suggestions for making the man in your life feel needed.

1. Request his aid.

Telling a man you need him is one of the best ways to make him feel needed. As soon as he hears this, he is satisfied. It is the quickest way to awaken his inner hero. Never presume that your partner won’t be able to assist. Watch him go over the board to satisfy you as you inquire.

2. Utilize him as a safety net.

You let your man know you find peace around him when you turn to him for comfort. That entails making him your home and ears for listening. Whenever you have a problem, try to talk to your man about it, even if he can’t fix it. That will help him feel appreciated.

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3. Seek close physical contact

Men need physical intimacy because it makes them feel attractive, so it is important. Your man wants to know that you have feelings for him that aren’t motivated by anything else he does for you. He feels honored by it in front of his friends and the general public. He will then move mountains to make you happy in return.

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4. Recognize his involvement in the partnership.

Even though you’ve likely thanked him a number of times, affirming his good behavior is one way to cheer up a man. Tell him you value everything he does to maintain the connection. Most importantly, you should give him credit for the little things he does so he knows you notice. He will be inspired to perform more by this action.

5. Allow him to play to his strengths

Use of a man’s strength is another way to make him feel needed. Start by requesting specific actions from him, such as changing the lightbulb, mending the pipes, or moving furniture around the house. Even though these tasks seem simple, asking for his assistance makes him feel successful.

6. Be there for him when he’s struggling.

When your man is experiencing emotional difficulty is the ideal time to make him feel needed. He may want to conceal this from you because he feels vulnerable as a result of this feeling. Therefore, show him you understand how he feels rather than passing judgment. Reassure him that everything will be okay by encouraging him.

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7. Show affection

You can make your partner feel desired if you can be loving and intimate with him. Be spontaneous and affectionate whenever you are with your partner.

Behave like a baby and allow him to love you. Let him know how you like to be loved while remaining open-minded. When you get the chance, give him a kiss, a hug, or all three. These behaviors convey to your man that “You Matter to Me.”

8. Share with him the things that bring you joy.

Keep in mind that most men want to protect and support their families. Telling your man what makes you happy is one of the ways to activate this hero instinct. He receives hints about his roles in the relationship and in your life from this. Your man will feel as though he just hit the jackpot and get to work right away.

9. Avoid nagging

Women tend to engage in nagging more often than men. To nag is to constantly complain about unimportant issues. Don’t nag too much if you want to know how to make your man feel needed. If not, he will be pushed away.

Of course, there are behaviors in your partner that you find objectionable. Therefore, instead of whining about trivial things, tell him in a soothing tone what makes you sad.

10. Give your partner praise.

Although it seems like women always get compliments, your man also needs them. Even if you don’t like the way he dressed, try to find something to like about it.

For instance, inquire about the source of his magnificent-looking cufflinks. Despite his appearance, he is passionate about it. When you see him wearing a particular shirt from his wardrobe, let him know you like it.

11. Honor him

Nobody dislikes respect, right? No one! Men value respect more than other people do, though.

Respect is yet another way to let your man know that you value and appreciate him. Make fun of and yell at a man in front of his friends, kids, or family if you want to deprive him of his dignity. That makes him feel outcast and ashamed right away.

12. Be who you are

You shouldn’t let the desire to please your man cause you to lose sight of who you are. When a man knows you are not acting, he will feel more loved. Don’t forget about your other interests just because he can be your comforter or listening ear. He will be more driven to prove himself once he realizes that you have a unique sense of self.

13. Give him some room

You shouldn’t overpower your partner with your presence just because you feel needed. Recognize that everyone requires some alone time to reflect on their lives and organize their affairs. But that does not imply that you should disregard one another.

You can enjoy other activities and spend time with your partner without making him feel confined if you give him some space. This helps him feel more in control and affirms his manly nature.

14. Show enthusiasm for the things he enjoys.

Showing genuine interest in a man’s activities is another way to make him feel loved. One activity that many men are passionate about is football. Try posing a few queries like, “Who is this player?” even if you have no interest in it. What is his function? “Why was he given a red card?” and so on.

Such inquiries demonstrate to your man that you are interested in his concerns. He’ll take his time to explain to you as a result. You’ll be analyzing football games in a few weeks before you know it.

15. Inquire as to what makes him happy.

Since it boosts their self-esteem, men need to feel needed. Asking him about his favorite things or his love language is one way to help with this. Your man will understand that you care about him enough to inquire about those details, even if you don’t do anything further.


You must figure out how to make your man feel needed or loved if you want to strengthen your relationship. Because they are innate protectors of their loved ones, men need to feel needed. They experience pride and value as a result.

It particularly exhorts them to make their partner happy. Implementing the tactics mentioned in this article will guarantee that your man will worship you. Do you want your man to become spellbound by the very sight of You! For more in-depth training and solution to get your man be devoted and committed to you and only you, we recommend Amy North’s Devotion system, check it out by clicking on the link.

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